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The Wolf of Wall Street – Official Trailer (2013) Leonardo DiCaprio [HD]

00:00:08my name is Jordan Belfort the year I

00:00:10turned 26

00:00:12I made forty nine million dollars which

00:00:14really pissed me off because it was

00:00:15three shy of a million a week I’m making

00:00:19a name for ourselves nobody knows if the

00:00:25stock is gonna go up down sideways or in

00:00:28circles you know what for Godsey is well

00:00:30poke a Z it’s a fake

00:00:32every AZ for gauzy it’s a y’see it’s a

00:00:34woozy – fairy dust was all this legal

00:00:39absolutely not and we were making more

00:00:41money more knew what to do with we don’t

00:00:43work for you man yeah my money take care


00:00:45Henry their work for me swoon to me mark

00:00:49but watch you bring my god

00:00:53FBI they didn’t kind of booze you might

00:00:55want the bureau forbids us from drinking

00:00:57good follow me I’m doing but there’s no

00:01:07way to go and there’s no way to slow

00:01:09what I knew on the plan I would have

00:01:12been like

00:01:14how does this actually work is a big

00:01:16money sign they get launched athetoid

00:01:18they stick this is their gift okay

00:01:20they’re built to be thrown like a lawn

00:01:22dart stop

00:01:26thank you for safety safety is first I

00:01:28don’t want to get a bad reputation is

00:01:32the only not keep it three honey

00:01:34like the Roman