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JOBS Official Trailer (2013) Ashton Kutcher [HD]


00:00:07Steve it takes guts to drop

00:00:12at the expense of experience wha-what

00:00:17are you workout it’s computer terminal

00:00:19except a TV hit the spring




00:00:30these are state-of-the-art nobody’s

00:00:32making anything like this welcoming that

00:00:38helpful computer this is everything

00:00:43start up I think we should start with

00:00:45around 90 grand could you repeat that if

00:00:48you’ll have me board

00:00:57we gotta make the small things

00:01:00unforgettable typeface it isn’t a

00:01:02pressing issue get up

00:01:04he’s trying to start a war with IBM

00:01:08Steve’s been doing the impossible ever

00:01:11since it was in a garage I’m trying to

00:01:13build an apple and they’re taking it

00:01:14away from me if you keep heading down

00:01:16this path I will not protect you it’s a

00:01:19blatant ripoffs I’m gonna sue you for

00:01:21everything you are your own worst enemy


00:01:26the board is unanimous Steve will no

00:01:29longer be involved in this company

00:01:35ten years after Steve Jobs departure the

00:01:37future of Apple Computer is in jeopardy

00:01:39in life you only get to do so many



00:01:44we’re making apple cool again here’s to

00:01:50the crazy ones The Misfits the rebels

00:01:57because the people who are crazy enough

00:01:59to think they can change the world

00:02:02one suit

00:02:07we’re gonna do this thing we need to

00:02:09come up with a Apple that is so much

00:02:13better than phaser beam computers