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The Butler – Official Trailer #2 (2013) Forest Whitaker, Robin Williams [HD]

00:00:07are you political mr. Gaines no sir good

00:00:10we have no tolerance for politics at the

00:00:13White House I’m Cecil Gaines I’m new but

00:00:18you hear nothing you see nothing you

00:00:21only sir you know he got that job itself

00:00:23the White House call him he didn’t

00:00:25called White House

00:00:26I don’t want it yet story I don’t know

00:00:28how many stores you go here cuz they

00:00:30don’t swore him to some kind of secret

00:00:32code so you go to an all colored school

00:00:37Cecil I didn’t go to school mr.


00:00:40I grew up on a cotton ball get back to

00:00:43work don’t you lose your temper whatever

00:00:44it’s his war we just live in it about

00:00:50time you go hit up prom


00:00:54you’re looking for some help you done

00:00:57broke our window in on stole our food

00:00:59and now us for a job I know how to serve

00:01:08they say this new white boys smooth I’m

00:01:10thrilled to be working with all of you

00:01:12over the next four years dr. king what

00:01:16do your daddy do Isabella

00:01:17young brother the black domestic play an

00:01:19important role in our history

00:01:21something special is going on there hit

00:01:23this prison and of your son is at

00:01:26freedom writer

00:01:32I never understood what you all really

00:01:34went through

00:01:36you changed my heart

00:01:39there’s this whole black power movement

00:01:41going on I gave him the green light to

00:01:43gut those sons of bitches you know what

00:01:45they gonna do the Eagle kid he was

00:01:47conscious it’s just like dogs and I’m

00:01:49not president he to go what I’m sorry

00:01:53mr. Butler I didn’t mean with funny a


00:02:12everything you are and everything you

00:02:15have is cousin at Butler