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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Official Teaser Trailer (2013) [HD]

00:00:08ladies and gentlemen the victors of the

00:00:1274th Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen and

00:00:15Peeta Mellark

00:00:23do they think she has

00:00:26he just wants to save her skin simple as

00:00:29that she has become a beacon of hope for

00:00:32that she has to be eliminated I can

00:00:36think I agree she should die but in the

00:00:39right way at the right time kennice

00:00:42everything is a symbol you don’t have to

00:00:44destroy her just her image show them

00:00:47that she is one of us now let them rally

00:00:50behind that

00:00:54and I hate her so much they might just

00:00:57kill her for you

00:01:04hey that’s great please just help me get

00:01:07through this trip this trip doesn’t end

00:01:08when you get back home so what are we

00:01:10doing from now on your job is to be a

00:01:13distraction so people forget what the

00:01:15real problems are cheese up smiles on

00:01:21this is Captain 17 the girl on fire

00:01:29giving you Katniss you’ve given them an

00:01:31opportunity they just have to be brave

00:01:33enough to take it do you see my life who

00:01:36gave me a chance yet to live no to do

00:01:39something you have to go kill before

00:01:42they kill us they will kill us

00:02:01her entire species must be eradicated

00:02:05their species sir the other victors

00:02:08because of her they all pose a threat

00:02:10because of her they all think they’re