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Man of Steel – Official Trailer #3 (2013) Henry Cavill, Russel Crowe [HD]

00:00:07goodbye my son

00:00:12hopes and dreams told you you’ll be an

00:00:16outcast I’ll kill him Wow

00:00:22he’ll be a god to them

00:00:34what if a child dreamed of becoming

00:00:36something other than what society had

00:00:38intended what if a child aspired to

00:00:42something greater

00:00:48my son was in the bus

00:00:53he saw what Clark did

00:00:58you’re the answer son you’re the answer

00:01:01to are we alone in the universe

00:01:03just keep pretending I’m your son you

00:01:06are my son I have to believe that you

00:01:10were sent here for a reason and even if

00:01:13it takes the rest of your life

00:01:16you’ll owe it to yourself to find out

00:01:18what that reason is

00:01:21how do you find someone who has spent a

00:01:23lifetime covering his tracks

00:01:26for some he was a guardian angel

00:01:31for others a ghost we never quite fit in

00:01:37you will give the people of Earth an

00:01:38ideal to strive towards

00:01:42they’ll race behind you it will stumble

00:01:45they will fall

00:01:48in time

00:01:50they will join you in the Sun

00:01:54in time you will help them accomplish


00:02:10you believe your son is safe

00:02:19i Father believe if the world found out

00:02:21who I really was

00:02:23I’d reject me

00:02:25he was convinced that the world wasn’t


00:02:30what do you think

00:02:34what’s the S stand for it’s not an S on

00:02:38my world it means hope well here is a

00:02:41mess how about C excuse me