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The Hangover Part 3 – Official Trailer #2 (2013) [HD]

00:00:00I can’t believe my daddy is dead I can

00:00:04make him so many people I would rather

00:00:06have died first like my mother

00:00:12apparently Alan’s Phelps meds for almost

00:00:15six months Oh God look at him now we’re

00:00:19all here to tell you about an awesome

00:00:21place called New Horizons it does sound

00:00:24awesome Alan this is an intervention we

00:00:26drive you there today and I promise you

00:00:28will come back a changed man you going

00:00:30to I love you Alan


00:00:45what’s with that

00:00:54where is he Leslie Chow stole 21 million

00:00:58dollars for me and I figure the wolf

00:01:01pack has the best chance of finding him

00:01:03now dog is my shirts can you take so

00:01:06instead get this strange emailed I think

00:01:10it might be from chow daddy I’m close by

00:01:11tell no one Jim this says chow how did

00:01:15you not know this was from chow at the

00:01:17time I thought it was childlike goodbye

00:01:19you know like chowdhury the dirt gee

00:01:21Papa John hey fat stuff quick thanks

00:01:24each other did he just kiss him we doing

00:01:27here same o same o oh I got in the

00:01:29cockfighting Oh cock fighting that

00:01:31sounds wonderful tryna help are you out

00:01:36here by you ready to do this yeah wait

00:01:40what are we doing boss hey Phil kick

00:01:43yourself at a little bit Alan you get it

00:01:47we can’t be friends before when we get

00:01:50together bad things happen and people

00:01:51get hurt

00:01:53yeah that’s the point it’s funny it all

00:01:58ends tonight

00:02:01bitches i believe i can fly i love


00:02:12Kashi I’m hungry mom I with the customer

00:02:16she’s rude yeah that my buddies likes

00:02:20you yeah keep your mouth shut