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Out of the Furnace – Official Trailer (2013) Christian Bale [HD]


00:00:06you work too much and I’m thinking of

00:00:11that new

00:00:25unless she’s only 15 ain’t got that kind

00:00:29of cash lying around there yeah

00:00:33get a drink there yeah I’m gonna liquid


00:00:38you want another no Ronnie was supposed

00:00:42to meet me here half hour ago and I

00:00:45wanna hear you wanna fire house need the

00:00:48money he’s gonna be a good boy and take

00:00:50a dive Morgan I have to teach you a



00:01:02they haven’t been able to find your

00:01:04brother the people up in those hills at

00:01:06the only reader justice but it does not

00:01:08include us this figure out is the worst

00:01:12he haunts us ma’am he’s onto it for me

00:01:18you don’t want to go there we didn’t get

00:01:20one shot at this guy


00:01:25wannabes his brother ain’t leavin

00:01:29without give me my sins award

00:01:36forgive me myself

00:01:40again and forgive what we have been

00:01:45good kid with good heart