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Saving Mr. Banks – Official Trailer (2013) Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson [HD]

00:00:01winds in the east mist coming in like

00:00:07something is brewing about to begin

00:00:12ladies and gentlemen we are beginning

00:00:14our descent into Los Angeles welcome

00:00:18mrs. PL travers to the City of Angels it

00:00:20smells like jasmine chlorine and sweat

00:00:26introducing the creator of our beloved

00:00:29Mary Poppins never ever just married now

00:00:32where is mr. Disney well Pamela Travers

00:00:37you can’t imagine how excited I am to

00:00:40finally meet you would you mind my name

00:00:42is mrs. Travis mr. Disney oh well now

00:00:44you gotta call me Walt 20 years ago I

00:00:48made a promise to my daughters that I

00:00:50would make your Mary Poppins fly off the

00:00:52pages of your books a promise

00:00:56I know what he’s going to do to her

00:00:58she’ll be cavorting and twinkie copy the

00:01:01film in this grab the right now no need

00:01:07us begin from here there’s a lot of

00:01:11ideas what kind of ideas Constable’s

00:01:13responsible now that’s a no-no nana no

00:01:17response table is not a word we made it

00:01:20up well unmake it up you want a full of

00:01:25dick the intake no the house doesn’t

00:01:28like that maybe it’s all wrong it’s all

00:01:30wrong supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

00:01:33stop MARY POPPINS is not for sale I

00:01:36won’t have her turned into one of your

00:01:38silly cartoons says the woman who sent

00:01:40flying nanny with the talking umbrella

00:01:42to save the children you think Barry

00:01:44Popkin just come save the children did

00:01:49mr. Travers what am I missing here I’m

00:01:51wondering what I have to do to make you

00:01:53happy you know you’ve never been to

00:01:56Disneyland and that’s the happiest place

00:01:57on earth well when does anybody get to

00:02:00go to Disneyland with Walt Disney

00:02:02himself there he is where did she come

00:02:06from Mary Poppins and the bank sees

00:02:10their family Eric Poppins was a real

00:02:13person so it’s not the children and she

00:02:17comes to say it’s the father it’s your

00:02:21father you don’t know what she means to


00:02:25I will disappoint you I swear every time

00:02:28a person walks in Ruby out they will

00:02:31rejoice don’t you want to finish the


00:02:36boys have come up with an idea he’s

00:02:38gonna make you happy you didn’t bring me

00:02:40all the way here to tell me that oh no I

00:02:42had a wager I couldn’t get you on a ride

00:02:44I just 120 bucks