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Byzantium – Official Trailer (2013) Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Arterton [HD]

00:00:02my story can never be told I write to

00:00:07all I know of it and then I throw the

00:00:10pages to the wind my mother lives on

00:00:15human blood

00:00:16and has done for two centuries here is

00:00:19that we survive

00:00:22Ellen is written story in her story she

00:00:25says that she lives with vampires she is

00:00:30an aberration

00:00:30we are Brotherhood there are no women

00:00:33amongst us

00:00:37we should not permit it to survive there

00:00:42comes the time and life secrets should

00:00:46be told you’ve got secrets haven’t you I

00:00:53am 16 forever I walk in the past walks

00:00:59with me

00:01:01I followed you for many years

00:01:06I don’t want to lie anymore I told you

00:01:08how I live I’m never merciful

00:01:10acknowledged is it fatal

00:01:14kiss me right now early forever you told

00:01:20your little boyfriend all about us ever

00:01:22you know

00:01:31forgive me for what I must do


00:01:38only those prepared to die will find

00:01:40eternal life

00:01:56this is the end

00:01:59I thought of time