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Gutted – Official Trailer (2013) [HD]

00:00:00unfortunately it would be nearly

00:00:02impossible to find a liver that meets

00:00:04your criteria isn’t there anything you

00:00:09could do for me it’s sad for me to see

00:00:13you like this you seem to have no

00:00:17remorse for your actions I’ve very most

00:00:21killers people you better clear your

00:00:24soul before it’s too late no no wait

00:00:27i’ll tell you what i’ll give you money I

00:00:29don’t want to die good a valley I’ve

00:00:33kids your day Lord has a power over life

00:00:38and death that makes it worse than me

00:00:41because serial killer in the history of

00:00:44my guys oh it would be nearly impossible

00:00:46it was impossible oh you’re fine miadora

00:00:50you can’t be a liver