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6 Souls – Official Trailer (2013) Horror Movie [HD]

00:00:08I’m dr. Kara Jessup and you must be

00:00:10David david bernburg is that right

00:00:13yes do you ever have any emotions you

00:00:16can’t explain do you ever feel angry or

00:00:21violent for no apparent reason no I’m

00:00:29sorry dr. Harding I’m young room here

00:00:33I’d like to to look for him who is that

00:00:40sad David miss multiple personality

00:00:46syndrome why would he create a delusion

00:00:49David’s a desperately ill young man are

00:00:51you gonna prove it I’m not gonna prove

00:00:53it I’m gonna cure it the real david

00:00:58bernburg list murders do you recognize

00:01:01this body taken into the woods taught

00:01:05and abused don’t know where you are

00:01:09no ma’am you should recognize this place

00:01:15do hold that doctor in the name of

00:01:17science or god it’s alright I’d like to

00:01:21consider myself a doctor sighs but a

00:01:25woman of God is coming who’s coming we

00:01:28go that much time tell me there’s a


00:01:35hi Deb who are you

00:01:51mommy is here

00:02:00please help us

00:02:08once the sheltering has begun he will

00:02:13find you