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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – Official Trailer (2013) [HD]

00:00:08my son flintlock would always love to

00:00:11invent things geez sometimes his

00:00:15intentions were great and other times

00:00:19well not so much

00:00:27we had the leaf swallow fall so things

00:00:29could get cleaned up

00:00:31but when we returned

00:00:35something he was left over

00:00:46I can’t believe my machine created all

00:00:49of this

00:00:50for those shrimpanzees butter those are

00:00:56some tasty-looking jellyfish oh it’s

00:00:59enough to make a grown man cry

00:01:01but not this man get back in there tear

00:01:06this September did you hear something

00:01:13what was that

00:01:21tacodile supreme it’s no picnic hold on

00:01:27everyone there’s a leak in the boat

00:01:33saving the world we have to shut down

00:01:35the Machine before the food animals get

00:01:37off the island and invade the mainland

00:01:39all we have to do is cross the breakfast

00:01:42bog brave the food animal jungle and

00:01:44steal the big rock candy mountain piece

00:01:47of cake Cloudy with a Chance of

00:01:52Meatballs team I think I’ll name em bury

00:01:54Sam don’t touch him put him down