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Difference between Make and Do – English Grammar

00:00:00a Dalek hands up the votes make and do

00:00:08these cause a lot of confusion with

00:00:11students because I think in the Latin

00:00:13languages they use them as the same word

00:00:15I might be wrong I don’t know but in

00:00:20English the easy way to remember is this

00:00:22the verb make implies you build or

00:00:26create something for example make a cake

00:00:29make a coffee

00:00:30make a plan make a table make a monkey

00:00:34cage whereas do just implies an action

00:00:38for example do a test I did well on my

00:00:43test I’m not doing anything he does

00:00:48everything for me some actions collocate

00:00:53with make just because they just do

00:00:55there’s no logical reason for it for

00:00:58example make a mistake make an excuse

00:01:03make money make a decision I make myself

00:01:07look pretty you make me feel happy and

00:01:10do collocates with work tasks for

00:01:13example do the housework do the homework

00:01:16do the laundry do some work and finally

00:01:21you can use both for the same sentence

00:01:24but the meaning will be different look

00:01:27at this example this shows the

00:01:29difference you can say I made something

00:01:32for your birthday which would mean you

00:01:33created or you built something for them

00:01:36to say I did something for your birthday

00:01:39would imply an action for example I

00:01:41bought you a car thanks for watching and

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