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The Lone Ranger – Official Trailer #3 (2013) Johnny Depp [HD]

00:00:10look at you city boy Wow would you ever

00:00:14want to come back here it’s my little

00:00:17brother hereby deputize you Texas Ranger

00:00:21stance to the outlaw make no mistake Law

00:00:26& Order has come to the west it’s nice

00:00:29hat by the way didn’t have a bigger one

00:00:42from the great beyond vision told me

00:00:45great warrior would help me on my quest

00:00:48what was been to the other side and

00:00:50return all I know is that a man killed

00:00:54my brother if we ride together we ride

00:00:56for justice justice is what I seek let’s

00:01:00do this looking for a mayor it wasn’t

00:01:04about a week ago Peyton over this

00:01:07you find treasure you find the man who

00:01:11killed your brother I’ll show you

00:01:13something what could you buy with all

00:01:15that a country captain who controls the

00:01:19railroad cavalry every if knees men

00:01:24represent oh I’d rather be an alpha

00:01:26others why you wear the mask it was a

00:01:31ranger radnor white horse absolutely

00:01:36indian with it they come for you scared

00:01:41aren’t you you should be

00:01:55these two out of our ta’s staying dead