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Colombianos & británicos, ¿quiénes son los más románticos?

00:00:01it is it wasa hermana CLO piensan te te

00:00:06quiero tallow root extraño

00:00:08me gustas mucho Princesa Princip itto

00:00:12amor amorcito tia precio me gusta bonito

00:00:16de vino precioso me amor tennis FeO me

00:00:21Alma te amo

00:00:22there is a seat oh yes yes

00:00:33see yes yes yes I think letting people

00:00:37are more romantic because they tell you

00:00:39what you want to hear they give you

00:00:42flowers they’re very nice but they’re

00:00:44cheaters British people are not cheaters

00:00:46they’re quite faithful but they’re


00:00:53British people not romantic

00:00:55please British people are very romantic

00:00:58I mean look where we are

00:01:00it’s Valentine’s Day we’ve got wine

00:01:02candlelit dinner and a fine Italian

00:01:05restaurant like this you still not

00:01:07convinced well here’s some Valentine’s

00:01:10Day vocabulary some romantic things that

00:01:13couples say to each other to show their

00:01:14feelings and how much they care

00:01:17first some romantic things you can call

00:01:19someone some romantic nouns honey baby

00:01:24pumpkin sweetheart

00:01:26hmm you’ll hear this but it sounds

00:01:29stupid sweetie


00:01:32to be seeing someone this means you meet

00:01:36someone regularly in a romantic way a

00:01:38crush is someone you have feelings for

00:01:41you want to be more than friends with

00:01:42them you can also say I have a crush on

00:01:45this person to have a thing for someone

00:01:49is to feel romantic things for them

00:01:51friend-zoned is when you love someone

00:01:54you like them more than a friend but

00:01:56they just see you as a friend

00:01:57you sir are in the friendzone ways to

00:02:01say you’re attractive

00:02:03remember these are adjectives so we’ll

00:02:06be using you are or you’re hot gorgeous

00:02:11beautiful sexy handsome is for men

00:02:14pretty is for girls or men who look like

00:02:17girls fit that one’s just British or

00:02:21just good-looking and to express your

00:02:25feelings we can say I like you in two

00:02:28ways the first way is just as friends

00:02:31what I like you it’s normal right it’s

00:02:35just as friends the second way depends

00:02:37on the intonation and if you modify it

00:02:40for example I really like you a lot

00:02:43that sounds like more than friends right

00:02:46we’ve also got um I love you

00:02:54oh my god I think the Colombian girls

00:02:56were right British people are not very

00:02:58romantic we have more expressions but to

00:03:01be honest they sound rubbish in English

00:03:03and not sincere we wouldn’t use them

00:03:06seriously but we are very creative with

00:03:08I love you for example who love you so

00:03:11much things like that but to be honest

00:03:14we don’t use much more than that so I’m

00:03:17sorry yeah

00:03:18British people we’re not very romantic