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Invitation to the Televangelist Spirit of Truth

00:00:00welcome to today’s Friday

00:00:03which means usually on this day we take

00:00:05a look at the fake news you know George

00:00:08Bush insults a blind reporter Daryl

00:00:10Hannah climbs a tree you know basically

00:00:12the life-altering stuff but this week a

00:00:15higher force has caught our attention I

00:00:17come in the name of Jesus I think by the

00:00:20power of the Holy Spirit God Almighty

00:00:23you know move heaven and earth and every

00:00:26goddamn thing between go call your line

00:00:31first time caller longtime listener

00:00:34basically watchmojo has been watching

00:00:37you and we are big fans and we are here

00:00:39to offer you crazy black preacher man

00:00:41your own special show on watchmojo calm

00:00:44could be half an hour could be 15

00:00:46minutes heck it could be a whole hour if

00:00:49you would like my who power the board of

00:00:51advisors of watchmojo of course I’m

00:00:54followed why do you mean well you don’t

00:00:57have to cuz I had white you find it

00:01:00funny you find it funny yes yes we do

00:01:07your name ashcan carbis foucha would you

00:01:13know about the whole what do you know

00:01:15about the law well that’s it we don’t we

00:01:18thought you could help us out you yeah

00:01:20well you know yo and indeed indeed it is

00:01:24that’s why you might be our salvation oh

00:01:28wait wait please don’t hang up there’s

00:01:31so much more will give you razor so you

00:01:33can shave your crazy-ass hair in that

00:01:35way we’ll give you all the yellow pages

00:01:36in the book so you pretend you’re

00:01:38reading the Bible trust me there’s so

00:01:39much more we can offer you look like

00:01:42yellow page hey hey then you roll a book

00:01:52to him right yeah two in fact who

00:01:54created Joanne Satan my parents of

00:01:57course I come in the name of Jesus by

00:01:59the power of the Holy Spirit are you

00:02:01saying I come in the name of the devil

00:02:03the devil liar

00:02:05so you know I were biatch whatever you

00:02:09say man you lucky I’m god did I guess

00:02:11you have to take the side of st. no

00:02:13mother listen I never said that all I

00:02:16said when I called on to your show was

00:02:19to offer you your own show on watchmojo

00:02:21you can come on after I go on with the

00:02:23fake news there’s not a competition is a

00:02:26cooperation okay okay okay now we’re

00:02:29talking so you’re saying you want to

00:02:30come on the fake news with me you don’t

00:02:33like it keep my aunt you don’t like my

00:02:36house listen I just think we have

00:02:37different audiences I don’t give up but

00:02:41you’ve a bitch what if i offered you

00:02:43more than razors and yellow pages you

00:02:46got me now it’s your lucky week crazy

00:02:50black preacher man cuz last week someone

00:02:52turned down my offer which means that

00:02:54this week i can offer you the show the

00:02:56razors and the yellow pages or bibles in

00:02:59addition to that i’m gonna offer you if

00:03:02you agree right now this 1990 tops the

00:03:07line of the shield’s rookie autograph

00:03:09card if you accept my offer do we have a

00:03:13deal got that bids 0