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Guide to Belly Dancing – Part 3 More Styles (feat. Mihaela Coman)

00:00:03so this is a more conventional belly

00:00:05dancing costume it has a lot more beads

00:00:08and the movement shows much more as you

00:00:11can see you see all the movement and

00:00:14what happens is that even though I mean

00:00:17it was about a long time ago in Egypt

00:00:19it’s actually weird because now in Egypt

00:00:22is against a lot to show your stomach

00:00:23when you do belly dancing Mellie dancing

00:00:25was banned for a few years and now the

00:00:27only thing they’re allowed to dance tour

00:00:29without showing the stomach so this

00:00:30would actually be illegal in Egypt but

00:00:32thank God it’s okay yeah when you’re

00:00:35practicing belly dancing it doesn’t

00:00:37really matter what you listen to right I

00:00:39mean you see belly dancing now and all

00:00:41the hip hop videos I see some people

00:00:43doing it on Greek music on oprah’s I

00:00:46mean it really is a dance that you can

00:00:49do on a lot of kinds of music but if you

00:00:51want to concentrate on the basics and

00:00:53where it came from if you want to do the

00:00:55traditional style I mean you have to

00:00:57dance on arabic music