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Fantasy Soccer Team – Forward #3

00:00:00our final forward starting 11 is

00:00:03Argentina and Spain’s alfredo de stefano

00:00:06de stefano was born to italian

00:00:08immigrants in argentina and has the

00:00:10distinction of playing internationally

00:00:12for both argentina and spain he is the

00:00:15third highest score in spanish league

00:00:17football with 219 bulls he was for

00:00:21decades the highest score in european

00:00:23cup / Champions League football with 49

00:00:26goals before Raul of Real Madrid broke

00:00:30the record in 2005 the Stefano has a

00:00:32distinction of never playing in the

00:00:34world cup for either Argentina or Spain

00:00:36but don’t let that dissuade you he was a

00:00:39powerful centre forward with great speed

00:00:41great vision on the pitch and a booming

00:00:44shot some people argue that de Stefano

00:00:47and not Pele or Maradona is the greatest

00:00:50player of all time and on the bench

00:00:53should any of our forward suffered

00:00:54injury we’re going to have Holland’s

00:00:56marco van basten van Basten had an

00:00:58illustrious career for hall as an HTML

00:01:00and it’s a shame that the ankle injuries

00:01:03that you suffered because of rash

00:01:05challenges by his opponents forced van

00:01:07basten to retire young he is presently

00:01:09the coach of netherlands