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Horoscopes – Aries (3/21 – 4/19)


00:00:01welcome to I’m Rachelle

00:00:04with your horoscope now if you’re in

00:00:06Aries you are born from March 21st to

00:00:09april twentieth now Aries you are the

00:00:12type of person who is very honest you

00:00:15tell it like it is much like dr. Phil

00:00:18and you’re also someone who really

00:00:20enjoys freedom you like to be out in the

00:00:23open do what you want when you want to

00:00:25do it and you’re also always up for the

00:00:28challenge so any time you basically want

00:00:31to do something someone put you to the

00:00:33test well you’re on and also Aries

00:00:36sometimes you might get a little too

00:00:38impatient with the challenge but I just

00:00:41show up flex doesn’t matter now moving

00:00:45on you’re also someone who is exciting

00:00:49and or genetic got a lot of pizzazz but

00:00:52sometimes all that excess energy could

00:00:55leave you being a little too aggressive

00:00:56so calm down tigger the only place you

00:01:00want to see you get frisky is in the

00:01:02bedroom now you’re also one great leader

00:01:05so basically if you want to become a

00:01:07leader people follow so uh x times

00:01:10everybody just vote Aries and one thing

00:01:14to watch out for Aries is well sometimes

00:01:17you basically think your little too

00:01:19right and never wrong so uh I want to

00:01:23fix out of it narrates in terms of

00:01:25relationships you are one lucky person

00:01:28because not only are you friendly your

00:01:30suave and you know how to lay on the

00:01:32charm and to top it off everybody always

00:01:34comes back for more so basically the

00:01:37fact that you’re adventurous and

00:01:39exciting really pays off for you now

00:01:41you’re also someone who is very picky

00:01:45when it comes to relationships so if

00:01:47you’re not intrigued forget it it’s over

00:01:49not happening for you but just to be

00:01:52fair to set the record straight you’re

00:01:53not the type of person who you know the

00:01:55screw and leave them kind of person you

00:01:58actually go for the long term relation

00:02:00and also you’re someone who has a little

00:02:03bit of a weak spot you sometimes

00:02:07actually think with your heart he’s set

00:02:10up your head so a little bit of a softy

00:02:12there okay now Aries for your best match

00:02:14that would be 80 Leo you’re a little bit

00:02:17hard to match up but with Leo there’s

00:02:20tons and tons of passions so that’s the

00:02:24person you want to hook up with however

00:02:26on the downside I’ve one day both you

00:02:29betray each other well it could get very

00:02:31very ugly but let’s just hope that never

00:02:33happens and for your worst match well

00:02:36that would be a cancer see characters

00:02:38are a little too sensitive and sometimes

00:02:42you don’t know how to express your

00:02:43feelings too well so I that definitely

00:02:45wouldn’t work and now for some famous

00:02:48Aries which would be Houdini Leonardo da

00:02:51Vinci Sarah Michelle Gellar and Diana