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Conspiracy Theories – 9/11 Truth Movement part 2

00:00:03now the best way to build any conspiracy

00:00:06theory that’s going to have a little bit

00:00:07of credibility or at least some

00:00:09plausibility is to work backwards

00:00:11basically progressive analysis now what

00:00:14you do is you find some evidence it

00:00:16doesn’t fit with the official story and

00:00:17you go about hypothesizing what can

00:00:19account for them evidence this is the

00:00:21basic scientific method that’s used for

00:00:23everything else from the Social Sciences

00:00:25to physics and chemistry so what we’re

00:00:27going to do is we’re going to take a

00:00:28look at those who looked at the evidence

00:00:30first and then regrettably theorized

00:00:32from there now as far as the Twin Towers

00:00:35go the most popular theory to the kind

00:00:38of presupposes some foul play is the

00:00:41demolition theory now this simply states

00:00:43that there’s no precedent of skyscrapers

00:00:46anywhere in history collapsing from fire

00:00:48essentially these fires don’t burn hot

00:00:50enough to compromise the structural

00:00:52integrity of the buildings themselves

00:00:54now of course there are those who

00:00:56counter that it was the actual impact of

00:00:58the 747 that compromised the structure

00:01:00of the buildings but there’s still some

00:01:03circumstantial evidence that maybe the

00:01:05structural integrity wasn’t compromised

00:01:08by the initial impact themselves mainly

00:01:10because the buildings didn’t fall for

00:01:12some time so the theory goes a little

00:01:14bit something like this the buildings

00:01:16fell because they were rigged with

00:01:17explosives they were rigged with

00:01:19explosives because either a the tax were

00:01:22anticipated and known about or be they

00:01:24were actually planned and incited by

00:01:26elements within the US themselves those

00:01:29five factors of people fall back on when

00:01:31they want to advance that the buildings

00:01:32were demolished rather than just the

00:01:34structural integrity giving out and

00:01:35having them collapse the first is radial

00:01:37symmetry the towers came straight down

00:01:39and debris was blown symmetrically in

00:01:42every direction

00:01:47without a premeditated and calculated

00:01:50demolition this type of collapse pattern

00:01:52would violate the second law of

00:01:54thermodynamics then there’s the rapid

00:01:57the same the towers came down just

00:01:59slightly slower than the rate of a free

00:02:02fall in a vacuum in other words rather

00:02:08than just coming down because the

00:02:10support from underneath was knocked out

00:02:11there was a little bit of a pause as the

00:02:14building collapsed

00:02:19suggesting that flows floors were blown

00:02:22out one by one the third factor is

00:02:25demolition waves the towers were

00:02:27consumed by synchronized rows of

00:02:29confluent explosions there are those who

00:02:32have analyzed the footage and actually

00:02:34point to signs of lower floors having

00:02:37windows blown out of them before the

00:02:39building comes down this of course is

00:02:42open to speculation for a number of

00:02:44reasons and one is the pancake theory

00:02:47that was the result of above floors

00:02:50falling on lower floors however there

00:02:52are those who don’t believe that’s

00:02:54plausible the fourth factor would be

00:02:56demolition squibs the towers exhibited

00:02:59high velocity gas ejections well below

00:03:02the descending rubble

00:03:07explosions on lower floors blew out

00:03:10everything holding up the above floors

00:03:11this is the case of the windows blowing

00:03:14out again that is also up to debate

00:03:16according to the pancake theory but it

00:03:18still seems more plausible to the

00:03:20conspiracy theorists anyway that this is

00:03:22exactly what went down