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Konami – Metal Gear Solid 2

00:00:03for the longest time until the release

00:00:05of Metal Gear Solid 3 my favorite video

00:00:07game without a doubt of all time was

00:00:10metal gear solid to the sons of liberty

00:00:12now Metal Gear Solid 2 took place two

00:00:14years after the exploits of metal gear

00:00:16solid one and it introduced to an older

00:00:19slugging more weathered snake now snake

00:00:22finds himself on a tanker chasing after

00:00:24metal gears as he usually is and from

00:00:26there the game just explodes this game

00:00:30really had one of the best stories I

00:00:34ever remember experiencing not only just

00:00:36in a game in any form of media I really

00:00:40found myself not only caring for the

00:00:42characters in this game but sincerely

00:00:44and really sitting on the edge of my

00:00:47seat during action sequences ordering

00:00:50even the story sequences now i must say

00:00:53that Metal Gear Solid 2 did receive a

00:00:54lot of flak for two reasons one people

00:00:57complain that the cinema scenes were

00:00:58just way too lengthy and that if they

00:01:00wanted to see a movie they would do to

00:01:02the theater I beg to differ however but

00:01:04I must say I’d remember some cases where

00:01:06I’d be watching a 15-minute story

00:01:09sequence and then oh get down you know

00:01:11some gameplay and I would run down a

00:01:13hallway play for about 10 seconds go

00:01:15open a door and then sit through another

00:01:1720 minutes of story now if you’re into

00:01:20the story however and by this point if

00:01:22you play through the first metal gear

00:01:23which is an absolute must if you plan on

00:01:26playing metal gear solid 2 you’re so

00:01:29enthralled in the story anyway so it

00:01:30really doesn’t matter it’s actually

00:01:31treat to sit there and really find out

00:01:34more about the characters and see the

00:01:35whole plot line evolved but that is one

00:01:37of the criticisms that received another

00:01:39criticism that Metal Gear Solid 2

00:01:40received was people said that the story

00:01:42got a little bit a little incoherent at

00:01:45times where some of the characters you


00:01:47found themselves fused with other

00:01:49characters will remain nameless for now

00:01:51and the story just went off on these

00:01:53sort of crazy tangents now yes it did

00:01:55but that really i believe is consistent

00:01:57with that sort of quirky Hideo Kojima

00:01:59style often his games do you have sort

00:02:01of off sort of story lines but at the

00:02:03end of the day it’s really about telling

00:02:05a solid story with a good narrative

00:02:07throughout so as long as you do that I

00:02:09think it’s okay to sprinkle a little bit

00:02:11of candy here and there which is sort of

00:02:12what I think about that now Metal Gear

00:02:15Solid 2 I must say received flak for

00:02:18another reason and that was here’s a

00:02:20spoiler for anybody who hasn’t played it

00:02:22that you spend most of the game I’d say

00:02:25about ninety percent of the game not

00:02:27playing a solid snake now what this game

00:02:30did is it introduced a new character who

00:02:31was named ride in and ride into his

00:02:34often criticized for being this squealy

00:02:36sort of you know asexual character and

00:02:40you know had long blond hair and sort of

00:02:43had a high-pitched voice and and you

00:02:46spent the first bit of the game playing

00:02:47with ride and thinking you’re actually

00:02:49playing a snake and then sort of making

00:02:50the discovery that it wasn’t snake now I

00:02:53personally didn’t mind playing with

00:02:55ridin I did find that he wasn’t his

00:02:56coolest snake but at the end of the day

00:02:58the gameplay and the story was so

00:03:01incredible that it really doesn’t matter

00:03:03who you play with as long as you’re

00:03:05enthralled in the experience mental your

00:03:07solitude for anybody who has not played

00:03:09it I believe that if you really are a

00:03:11gamer and if you’re really into sort of

00:03:13action games and if you like stories

00:03:15basically if you like games it is an

00:03:17absolute must play there is no if and or

00:03:22buts about it