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Chicago: City Profile


00:00:01welcome to i’m your host

00:00:04alex and today we’re going to be

00:00:05continuing our city profiles this time

00:00:07travels to chicago otherwise known as

00:00:09the Windy City Chicago is a major city

00:00:11in the US state of Illinois the city is

00:00:13the largest in the Midwest and the third

00:00:15most populous city in the United States

00:00:17with approximately 2.8 million people

00:00:19one of the city’s major natural features

00:00:22is the Chicago River it’s banned by more

00:00:24movable bridges within the city limits

00:00:26than any city in the world the River

00:00:29provides a resource for leisure

00:00:30including short cruises on its water

00:00:32park areas cafes and a riverside bike

00:00:36path due to the orderly configuration of

00:00:38Chicago streets and the excellent public

00:00:40transportation system the city is quite

00:00:43accessible for all the thriving

00:00:44commercial and financial city of broad

00:00:46shoulders is spiked with gorgeous

00:00:48architecture and set with cultural and

00:00:50recreational gems Chicago like much of

00:00:53the Midwest has a climate that’s prone

00:00:55to extreme often volatile weather

00:00:57conditions the city experiences four

00:00:59distinct seasons so travel to chicago it

00:01:02is the financial business and cultural

00:01:03capital of the midwest and is recognized

00:01:05worldwide as an alpha global city