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Eating Rotten Shark | National Geographic

00:00:01in the town of Reykjavik siggy a

00:00:04traditional Icelandic cook is preparing

00:00:07one of the signature meals of the thorah

00:00:09block festival as the Vikings once did

00:00:12to feel the poison aroma of the chef

00:00:19this freshly caught seventeen hundred

00:00:22pound Greenland shark is naturally full

00:00:25of urea and other toxins these chemicals

00:00:30act as antifreeze allowing the shark to

00:00:33live in waters as cold as minus two

00:00:35degrees Celsius the toxins are so

00:00:39concentrated that to eat this meat could

00:00:43make you seriously ill or possibly even

00:00:46kill you but Hildebrand er be honest

00:00:51family has a secret shark recipe that

00:00:54goes back generations and he knows that

00:00:57the only way to prepare it is to let it


00:01:04as the meat decomposes it oozes toxic

00:01:08ammonia the chemical found in most

00:01:10household cleaning products and human

00:01:13waste I don’t want to say the world this

00:01:18will probably describe it best be in

00:01:28Viking times Shark me was buried out of

00:01:31sight but Hildebrand prefers to see his

00:01:34delicacy that way he can keep track of

00:01:37the decaying process his nose decides

00:01:42when it is ready to try it’s like

00:01:44winemaking you know when the mead is at

00:01:47a perfect rotten state it’s hung to

00:01:50complete the breakdown process after six

00:01:54months it’s ready to be served

00:02:03yes it is not huh that that under him

00:02:05huh what out there under him

00:02:08yeah uh-huh this is gonna be very good

00:02:10it has two more months it’s gonna be a

00:02:14great great chef this room it’s a social

00:02:18thing for us to come together and eat

00:02:20this I don’t like the show it’s like

00:02:25ammonia haze this moment case it doesn’t

00:02:31despite this feast of oddities these

00:02:34Icelandic partygoers see nothing bizarre

00:02:36about tonight’s main courses no matter

00:02:41what dish is served siggy and the

00:02:43Icelanders agree there is more to this

00:02:46tradition than just taste the point is

00:02:49taking care of this tradition having fun

00:02:51with it know what it is don’t forget it

00:02:54don’t forget where we come from