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Musk Ox vs. Wolves | National Geographic

00:00:00muskoxen mail stand five feet at the

00:00:05shoulder and weigh a massive 800 pounds

00:00:09aside from polar bears they are the

00:00:12largest animals that roam the Arctic

00:00:14tundra but even they are vulnerable to

00:00:19predators a pack of arctic wolves

00:00:24catches the herd set

00:00:35the musk oxen scrambled to form a

00:00:38defensive ring the adults equipped with

00:00:41long hooked horns are more than a match

00:00:44for the war but it’s not the adults the

00:00:48wolves are after the herd panics and

00:00:52runs it is a fatal mistake their lines

00:00:56broken they cannot protect their young

00:01:03the Wolves separate out a cap though

00:01:08it’s as large as the alpha male wolf the

00:01:10calf is still one against mental without

00:01:15the help of the turn the calf eventually

00:01:17succumbs to attack a few days later the

00:01:25wolf pack is on the hunt again their

00:01:28quarry as before our musk oxen the oxen

00:01:34try to run away but this time the adults

00:01:38stick close to their calf built for the

00:01:42frigid arctic musk oxen will actually

00:01:44overheat if they run for too long they

00:01:48were all around to face off against

00:01:49their pursuers the wolves try again to

00:01:55make them run

00:01:57but the attempts are half-hearted at

00:01:59best and the oxen stand their ground

00:02:03opting for easier targets the wolves

00:02:07move on leaving the tundra free for the

00:02:11musk oxen to roam again