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Taliban Uprising | National Geographic

00:00:10hundreds of Taliban fighters gather on a

00:00:13dusty desert road exhausted by the

00:00:18relentless fighting they have decided to

00:00:20negotiate a truce with the Northern

00:00:22Alliance Arnhem Stout is acting on a

00:00:26tip-off we had got the information

00:00:29through an Afghan contact that very

00:00:32morning and we went there early to see

00:00:35what would happen

00:00:36General Abdul Rashid Dostum the key

00:00:40commander in the Northern Alliance takes

00:00:43charge of the negotiations

00:00:45doston makes the Taliban leaders an

00:00:48offer if they give up their weapons he

00:00:51will allow the Afghan Nationals to

00:00:53return to their homes

00:00:55the foreign fighters will be handed over

00:00:58to doston himself he has his own plans

00:01:01for them the Taliban leaders agree but

00:01:05don’t tell their own men what is going


00:01:12Jostens men disarm the fighters and

00:01:15release the Afghans as promised

00:01:18then the foreigners are told to climb

00:01:20into a fleet of trucks confused about

00:01:24what’s going on they do as they’re asked

00:01:26but try to hide grenades and guns in

00:01:29their clothing they were not very

00:01:39thoroughly searched Dostum orders that

00:01:43the foreigners be taken to his personal


00:01:49a nearby fortress called Cali Jangi or

00:01:52house of war

00:01:53hello Jiang here to cut out the

00:01:56beginning Cali jeonggi is a 19th century

00:01:59castle three-quarters of a kilometer

00:02:02round it has massive walls 20 meters

00:02:06thick and 30 meters high inside there

00:02:10are two enclosed compounds separated by

00:02:12a dividing wall to the north is doston

00:02:16strategic headquarters in the southern

00:02:19side his armory the main entrance to the

00:02:23fort is on the eastern side by Twilight

00:02:29the convoy containing around 300 Taliban

00:02:32fighters arrives

00:02:37they are worried inside the fortress

00:02:41they are at the mercy of the Northern

00:02:43Alliance they complain to TV journalists

00:02:46then our Ogun here would feel as like

00:02:50business the Northern Alliance soldiers

00:02:53unload the fighters start to find the

00:02:56concealed weapons the mood on both sides

00:03:01is turning ugly can you tell us why did

00:03:05you decide to surrender well I’m not


00:03:0950 metres away anger ripples through the

00:03:14jihadists ranks one of the fighters

00:03:20takes matters into his own hands he

00:03:23takes the last action of his life and

00:03:26pulls the pin on a grenade

00:03:33the blast is captured on camera the

00:03:39fighter kills one of Dustin’s senior

00:03:41commanders as well as himself the

00:03:45Northern Alliance are furious