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Cocaine Bust Abroad | National Geographic

00:00:11giving it yeah hey Gilda I went though a

00:00:18couple of childhood friends come to

00:00:20visit Angelo and Lucho this is Christin

00:00:30I seemed nice you know they were

00:00:32Peruvian spoke broken English but they

00:00:35did you know speak a little bit English

00:00:36so we were able to you know speak with

00:00:38them anyway

00:00:44it was hung around the house I need time

00:00:46we left they were there any time we came

00:00:48home they were there hey can we talk to

00:00:52you for a second

00:00:52yeah what’s up so one day Angelo and and

00:00:55Lucho called us into the living room

00:01:01they asked us how our night was and and

00:01:05what time we’d gotten in and we had fun

00:01:07and we’re like okay what is this small

00:01:09talk you know so we were just talking

00:01:11about it and we want to give you guys

00:01:13the opportunity to go to Peru everything

00:01:15included for a few weeks all expense

00:01:18paid trip to Peru you know we wanted to


00:01:21it was Peru we’d never been there and we

00:01:24were like wow you go over there you hang

00:01:26out with our friends they’ll take you

00:01:29you want to go shopping you’ll go

00:01:30shopping you’ll do whatever you want

00:01:33they made it sound like it was the Rio

00:01:36de Janeiro or something we’d be going on

00:01:37the vacation of our lives the beaches

00:01:40are beautiful the water’s blue

00:01:43well hesitant because not understanding

00:01:46why they’re going to pay for us to go to

00:01:48Peru know what you just you just have to

00:01:51bring something a little bit extra so

00:01:53look at your plane tickets look at your

00:01:55passports you just have to bring

00:01:56something a little extra back in your


00:01:58we’re like okay what and they said a

00:02:03little bit of cocaine it’s just a little

00:02:09small amounts it’s no big deal it’s like

00:02:13bringing a pair of tennis shoes in our

00:02:14bag it was it was nothing and they told

00:02:18us that the bags were you know

00:02:21everything was professional everything

00:02:23was professionally spent thousands of

00:02:25dollars on on making these bags we would

00:02:27not even be able to see that see the

00:02:29drugs you know they have a way of doing

00:02:31it to where it’s put in the seam of your

00:02:33bag and you know basically we wouldn’t

00:02:36even be able to tell that it was there I

00:02:39asked what you know what if we would get

00:02:42caught what if we do get caught and I

00:02:44remember them specifically saying this

00:02:46is something that did stick in my mind

00:02:47they said there will there’s no way that

00:02:49you will get caught there’s no way trust

00:02:52me you’ll pay five thousand dollars each

00:02:55cash you have a couple days to think

00:02:59about it will mean thirsty