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Shroud Forging? | Secrets of the Shroud

00:00:10with video cameras presumably running

00:00:13non-stop they substituted pieces of

00:00:16medieval linen for pieces of the shroud

00:00:19so why didn’t the cameras pick it up

00:00:22holger kersten as a theory he’s a Ganza

00:00:25Jose do ODIs options off video film the

00:00:29entire process was videotaped and I’m

00:00:32certainly the only person on this planet

00:00:34watch every frame of the whole eight

00:00:37hour procedure reported logosol today

00:00:40alice is wound about document yet it’s

00:00:43all wonderfully documented I except for

00:00:45a missing half an hour don’t feel it

00:00:52turns out that the cameras were turned

00:00:54off when the shroud pieces were taken to

00:00:56another room and put into three

00:00:58containers one for each lab mind if I

00:01:03give my question of course was since

00:01:05they were documented everything why

00:01:07wasn’t this part of document I dental it

00:01:09was after all the critical moment the

00:01:13reason given for turning off the cameras

00:01:15so that the labs wouldn’t be able to

00:01:17tell the shroud piece from the control

00:01:19samples but the labs already knew which

00:01:23piece belong to the shroud because it

00:01:26was never D threaded and kirstens


00:01:31I’ll buy one reality some kind of

00:01:34manipulations must have taken place in

00:01:36their manipulations as in pulling a fast

00:01:40one by carefully examining the photos of

00:01:44the shroud pieces and the ones the lab

00:01:47received Kirsten has deduced that a

00:01:49switch must have taken place according

00:01:53to him the samples don’t match either by

00:01:56weight or appearance Jesus it’s liked

00:01:59these are all so exciting this piece

00:02:02shows the Oxford sample which was used

00:02:04to perform the radiocarbon dating needle

00:02:06we can identify the fold axis and we

00:02:09have the zero thread at which point the

00:02:12weaving pattern turns in a different

00:02:14direction these are quality knots this

00:02:16coordinate system allows us to compare

00:02:18the pieces like fingerprints yeah I’m

00:02:20finger up dog suba hundred this one is

00:02:23not identical to this one but even if

00:02:30Kirsten is right it begs the question

00:02:32why would the church resort to deception

00:02:35to prove the shroud was inauthentic

00:02:40Kirsten believes it was because they

00:02:42were frightened of what the Shroud

00:02:43unwittingly revealed about the

00:02:45crucifixion and it’s aftermath

00:02:49here’s in via the blue tongue out there

00:02:52as I can go under deep here we can see

00:02:54the bleeding from the wound in the side

00:02:56the famous side wound which Longinus

00:02:59made with his spear here we can clearly

00:03:02see the strong flows of blood after the

00:03:05body was laid in the horizontal position

00:03:07and Kirsten thinks those blood flows are

00:03:12a telltale forensic sign of Jesus’s true

00:03:15condition after the crucifixion