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Survival Guide: Anaconda Bite | National Geographic


00:00:08the anaconda is the world’s largest

00:00:11snake and among the most deadly an

00:00:19anaconda can swallow whole an animal the

00:00:24size of an average dog

00:00:26it kills by wrapping itself around its

00:00:30prey tightening its grip until its

00:00:33victim can no longer breathe

00:00:37herpetologist paces rebus studies these

00:00:40fearsome creatures for a living most of

00:00:45the time he manages to escape their

00:00:47wrath but today his luck runs out unable

00:00:57to escape the Anaconda Strikes Back it

00:01:01sinks its fangs deep into a Seuss’s

00:01:03flesh his survival depends on extricate

00:01:08in his hand

00:01:11what would you do in this situation

00:01:14should you pull your hands straight out

00:01:16at the snake’s mouth push your hand

00:01:18further down the snakes throat or put

00:01:22the snake in the eyes the answer is B

00:01:27push your hand further down the snakes

00:01:29throat poking it in the eyes won’t make

00:01:36it let go

00:01:37more likely a good poke will only make

00:01:40it dive into the water taking you with

00:01:42it pulling your hand straight out of the

00:01:47snake’s mouth actually pushes the teeth

00:01:49deeper into the flesh

00:01:51that’s because anacondas teeth bend


00:01:56to safely extract yourself from the

00:01:59Anaconda you have to actually push

00:02:01deeper into the mouth and off the teeth

00:02:09and that’s how you survive an anaconda