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Loose Wild Hogs | National Geographic


00:00:09wildlife control agent Steve d’amour and

00:00:12his team have set a net to catch three

00:00:15wild hogs that are tearing Mary and

00:00:17Thomas Scott’s lawn to shreds after a

00:00:33long time waiting for the Hogs to appear

00:00:35the agents patience is finally rewarded

00:00:50the Hogs are too quick and the net

00:00:53misses them completely actually pretty

00:01:03good but what happened is we had a

00:01:05tether there’s a little more forcefully

00:01:07respecting from the shot that should be

00:01:10open out to right here or I’m standing

00:01:12but it actually has closed and only

00:01:14really happen to distance because when I

00:01:15came to full expansion it bounced back

00:01:17both work yeah

00:01:20having failed to catch the hogs with the

00:01:22net launcher Steve decides a new

00:01:24approach is needed

00:01:27and when the hogs head down to a length

00:01:30that borders the property he thinks the

00:01:32handheld nets could be the answer don’t

00:01:54have great eyesight but their hearing is

00:01:56sharp so the agents approach as quietly

00:02:00as possible

00:02:03on three one two three go


00:02:08you open no matter in the woods

00:02:14walk through the doorway right now

00:02:17a hogs natural defense when threatened

00:02:23is to run and they are capable of

00:02:25reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour

00:02:30with so many brutes raid the agents have

00:02:32little chance of catching


00:02:39they put the moves on us and hit

00:02:42crisscross and just didn’t quite get in

00:02:45that time around even a little biggest

00:02:48faster than we are is the team are to

00:02:50capture these hogs they’ll have to go

00:02:52back to the drawing board