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Giant Centipede | National Geographic

00:00:00you probably think of centipedes as tiny

00:00:02squishy bothersome things cowering in

00:00:05your garden meet the South American

00:00:08centipede about a foot long in your face

00:00:10and full of surprises first surprise

00:00:14this centipede is still growing so it’s

00:00:17got to shed so a new exoskeleton can

00:00:19grow on its body like a debutante

00:00:22wriggling out of a too-tight evening

00:00:24gown the centipede has to squirm slink

00:00:27twitch rye then moves out of its

00:00:30confinement finally finally it gets out

00:00:34of its old body armor now it has to

00:00:37plump up fast before its epidermis

00:00:40secretes chitin too soon

00:00:42if the chitin hardens into a shell why

00:00:44the centipede is still on the smallish

00:00:46side the shedding would have been

00:00:48pointless hey what could be more

00:00:50convenient snacking than that handy old

00:00:53exoskeleton what do you call this I mean

00:00:55it’s not cannibalism because that’s

00:00:57eating another of your own species I

00:00:59guess you could call this in Auto


00:01:02the centipede has a new skin and a new

00:01:05attitude predator it’s hungry and eating

00:01:10its old skin just isn’t good enough it’s

00:01:13after a baby green iguana the iguana is


00:01:18twitchy highly mobile and impulsive the

00:01:21centipede is slower persistent hungry

00:01:24and strategic the centipede advances on

00:01:28the iguana

00:01:28the Iguana retreats the iguana scoots

00:01:32the centipede crawls scoot crawl scoot

00:01:38crawl whoopsie-daisy somehow after all

00:01:43that scooting the iguana finds itself at

00:01:46the end of a branch how that happened No

00:01:50the centipede moves in for the moment of

00:01:53truth the iguana considers its options

00:01:56and in a defensive response leaps into

00:02:00the safety of the water below

00:02:05okay so the centipede wasn’t satisfied

00:02:08eating its own skin and then it failed

00:02:11to NAV a more substantial meal no one

00:02:16these baby rats are safe because mom is

00:02:20guarding the nest but mom has to go

00:02:23grocery shopping

00:02:24leaving the babies completely helpless

00:02:28speaking of grocery shopping the

00:02:32centipede relies on ground vibrations

00:02:34and antenna touch to locate a feast like

00:02:37this one

00:02:38mom senses danger and races to the

00:02:41rescue the centipede is chased off but

00:02:44not before mom discovers one of her

00:02:46babies dead killed by the centipede now

00:02:52wait a minute

00:02:53we don’t want you to think that

00:02:54centipedes are Venom’s spewing hundred

00:02:57legged baby killers I mean the females

00:03:00can be devoted moms I dare any predator

00:03:04to try and get in these eggs this mom is

00:03:08literally a basket case protecting her

00:03:11eggs until they hatch and a new

00:03:14generation of fierce multi limbed

00:03:16warriors are unleashed on the jungle