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Drunk Monkeys | National Geographic


00:00:09they’re avid swimmers and avid swingers

00:00:13and all this swimming and swinging sure

00:00:16works up yeah what else

00:00:18a gigantic appetite no in life there’s

00:00:21what you know and what you don’t know

00:00:23and what you don’t know you don’t know

00:00:26the maquettes know there’s food here

00:00:28what they don’t know is that the guy who

00:00:31set up this operation is making bootleg

00:00:33liquor by fermenting fruit and what they

00:00:36don’t know they don’t know is what

00:00:38happens when a relatively tiny macaque

00:00:40body encounters the kind of liquor that

00:00:43can lay out a 200-pound human if

00:00:47ignorance is bliss these macaques have

00:00:50achieved euphoria


00:01:06nothing left to do but try to sleep it