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Crime Scene Cleaners | Real Life CSI

00:00:01after the call to 911 the cops and the

00:00:05coroner have gone things must be put

00:00:08back in order even when things will

00:00:11never ever be the same it’s gruesome

00:00:14work but someone’s got to do it when a

00:00:21life ends in the worst possible way in

00:00:23the vicinity of Maryland or Washington

00:00:25DC it’s often a cue for Louise Burkhart

00:00:29to start work

00:00:30Louise excels at a job few want and even

00:00:34fewer could stand to do I go out to

00:00:39scenes of homicide suicide decomposed

00:00:42ravines or any kind of biological

00:00:44incident and clean up and restore it to

00:00:47the situation that it was prior to the

00:00:50incident occurring the first thing we do

00:00:58obviously is we observe the situation

00:01:00because every situation is totally

00:01:02different today we’re dealing with a

00:01:05suicide me flora

00:01:07sorry meet you like this that’s okay

00:01:09keeping the lady that we’re dealing with

00:01:11her husband committed suicide and they

00:01:13had three children basically what I’m

00:01:15gonna do is go in look at everything

00:01:17after I see exactly what we have to deal

00:01:19with and we’ll go ahead and start

00:01:21working okay hey guys very much

00:01:26now Louise must grapple with the horrors

00:01:28that lie beyond the bedroom door she

00:01:31focuses on the process yeah take your

00:01:36head with that one take it all in and

00:01:39what I’m going to do is fill the other

00:01:40sheet so we can wrap it on that they

00:01:43must look closely what seems to be a

00:01:45tiny stain

00:01:46maybe masking a hidden mass of residue

00:01:50what it does is it wicks store when it

00:01:53can be larger underneath than it is from

00:01:55the top surface if we can’t properly

00:01:59clean something obviously we have to

00:02:00remove it dispose of it as medical waste

00:02:09sometimes the crew must remove threats

00:02:11to help other times they try to shield

00:02:17survivors from even more heartbreak we

00:02:21take high-powered lights and check and

00:02:24recheck and recheck to make sure that we

00:02:27have everything so that when the family

00:02:29comes in they don’t have to deal with

00:02:31something unexpected we’re looking for

00:02:36if there was any overspray of blood any

00:02:39tissue um teeth Oum it could be anything


00:02:45there’s times where you found body

00:02:47actual body parts whether it be a nose

00:02:49or somebody they shot themselves it’s

00:02:51their eye it’s right there there’s a

00:02:55perp that’s the case of spoon you have

00:03:00to search everything you know in the

00:03:02area to make sure that there isn’t

00:03:03anything left behind

00:03:07Louise has been cleaning up after death

00:03:10for 11 years it’s a profitable business

00:03:13lately her son Mack has been helping his

00:03:16mom in the field to support herself and

00:03:20her children Louise started out working

00:03:22on contract with the local medical

00:03:24examiner’s office transporting bodies he

00:03:28started having people ask us when it was

00:03:31a homicide or a suicide wall could you

00:03:33clean this up and to be honest with you

00:03:35I didn’t think I could um however I

00:03:38turned around and at one point I said

00:03:41yeah well I could give it a shot and we

00:03:44tried it but we still thought it would

00:03:47just be a little sigh it was a little

00:03:49sideline kind of thing did not expect

00:03:51that there was much of a need but the

00:03:54market for post-mortem cleanup crews

00:03:56grew with surprising speed the new niche

00:03:59dovetailed with a sideline of Louise’s I

00:04:01had another business a regular maid

00:04:04service and I have to say that if you’re

00:04:06gonna be cleaning for a living this is

00:04:08definitely more satisfying than being a

00:04:11maid amid her heavy schedule with its

00:04:15inherent sadness Louise tries to stay a

00:04:18beat the best part of my job is having

00:04:22people say what a difference we made

00:04:25people really have gratitude for what

00:04:30you do they after they’re in those

00:04:32situations they realize what it would be

00:04:35like if they had to do it and they’re

00:04:36really grateful