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Toe-stabbing Spider | National Geographic


00:00:03a much larger and more frightening

00:00:12spider sometimes wanders into our homes

00:00:17it strike is so deep it must be torn

00:00:21from the limb but it’s too late

00:00:28she’s been bitten by the Sydney

00:00:30funnel-web spider perhaps the most

00:00:33dangerous spider in the world

00:00:36without medical intervention she could

00:00:39die within the hour

00:00:40male funnel-web bytes deliver a powerful

00:00:44venom known as a Trachsel toxin

00:00:50the toxins reached the circulatory

00:00:52system in approximately two minutes

00:00:55and can kill in 15 symptoms include

00:00:59mouth tingling twitching tongue profuse

00:01:03salivating watery eyes sweating and

00:01:06muscle spasms

00:01:09after two hours most subside only to be

00:01:13replaced with respiratory distress and

00:01:16cardiac arrest

00:01:21Sydnee funnel webs are easy to spot

00:01:24large spiders with glossy black heads

00:01:27and dark brown bodies they’re best known

00:01:31for their massive fangs most spider’s

00:01:36fangs are pincer-like but the funnel

00:01:40webs are hardened and act like daggers

00:01:44to work these daggers

00:01:47they must raise their bodies up and

00:01:49strike down

00:01:52they strike repeatedly and with enough

00:01:57force to penetrate a human toenail