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Spunky Monkeys | National Geographic

00:00:01macaques love to monkey around here in

00:00:06southern India when a peddler leaves a

00:00:08fruit cart unattended for just a single

00:00:10moment these bonnet macaques pounce on

00:00:13is like hungry ants at a company picnic

00:00:16those of you with very young children

00:00:18will recognize this kind of eating

00:00:20behavior so many peanuts so little time

00:00:26then bananas well naturally oranges

00:00:30basically whatever isn’t nailed down and

00:00:33if they can cry it up it’s not nailed

00:00:35down what a macaque doesn’t eat on the

00:00:40spot it puts in doggy bags called

00:00:43its cheek pouches which it uses while

00:00:45foraging for more food now it’s on to

00:00:51the next meal the bowl on the cats with

00:00:54their distinctively long tails aren’t

00:00:56afraid to raid homes in search of food

00:00:58and just an all-around good time now

00:01:06grapes are always good full of fruit

00:01:08sugar for the energy they’ll need to

00:01:10wreak havoc like a bunch of seven year

00:01:13olds at an out-of-control birthday party

00:01:23just when you think it can’t get any


00:01:26it gets worse

00:01:34they’ve been so destructive that the

00:01:37Forest Service relocates them from the

00:01:39city to a faraway forest