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Bear Attack | National Geographic


00:00:09on Kodiak no human has been killed by a

00:00:14bear in 70 years Ned

00:00:21Rasmussen and his friends have hunted

00:00:23together without incident for 15 years

00:00:28you ganic island is one of their

00:00:30favorite spots

00:00:35as usual they have come here by air and

00:00:39arranged to be flown out again in a few

00:00:41days time and as in years past they

00:00:48start out together and then gradually

00:00:50split up this allows them to cover more

00:00:54ground and flush out more deer around

00:00:59noon a single shot rings out I think it

00:01:06was about 12:30 I heard a shot from up

00:01:10on the mountain so I figured Ned had

00:01:12shot a deer I looked up and I could see

00:01:15Ned up on the side of the mountain and I

00:01:17tried to wave to him I don’t think he

00:01:19ever saw me though

00:01:21later that afternoon Phil Burnie here’s

00:01:24another shot we heard a shot and I

00:01:31remember looking at my watch it was 405

00:01:33in the afternoon and we thought net had

00:01:35shot another deer only later would Phil

00:01:40learn the true and terrifying meaning of

00:01:43that second shot

00:01:50that night

00:01:51Ned Rasmussen failed to return to the

00:01:54hunting cabin the party had a

00:01:57long-standing 15-year pact in an

00:02:01emergency situation one of them would

00:02:04fire three warning shots in a row

00:02:07the team expected Ned to fire back in

00:02:10response signaling that he was alright

00:02:14so I shot my rifle twice three times

00:02:18each and we didn’t hear any answering

00:02:20shot I remember John and I were standing

00:02:22outside the cabin when I did that and we

00:02:24both kind of had the same reaction this

00:02:28isn’t good

00:02:30we’re not hearing his voice we’re not

00:02:32hearing a shot we’re not seeing any

00:02:34light up on the side of the mountain or

00:02:36something and I had the feeling that was

00:02:38something was really wrong