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Prison Predators | National Geographic

00:00:10albert has been a crip since age 12 he’s

00:00:14one of the first generations of the LOS

00:00:16angeles-based gang a group known as the

00:00:20original baby gangsters his seniority

00:00:24puts him near the top of the Crips

00:00:27national hierarchy here in Lebanon

00:00:31he runs a criminal syndicate of roughly

00:00:3350 men Howard American

00:00:36say our gut

00:00:38alright guys ready

00:00:40they compete with a dozen other gangs to

00:00:43financially exploit the inmates the

00:00:48Crips rackets include extortion gambling

00:00:50and drugs well that’s the life of a

00:00:56convict you got to survive in this

00:00:59institution and basically survive when

00:01:03you’re not free is by all means then and

00:01:07everybody that your friend is your enemy

00:01:09you got to eat the gang leader is

00:01:14constantly on the lookout for new

00:01:16inmates they offer Albert an easy

00:01:20opportunity for extortion the Crip

00:01:23reveals his technique for shaking them

00:01:26down the guard comes in I’ll take him

00:01:30when they call child I go down into

00:01:32herself maxine home you going to

00:01:35challenge he’s like your cousin growing

00:01:38a child and I walked a child with him

00:01:40let him know I’m there after offering a

00:01:44friendship and protection then he turns

00:01:47the screws Albert will take the inmate

00:01:50into a cell or empty stairwell and

00:01:52demand payment money gifts or service if

00:01:59he refuses it gets ugly

00:02:02I said with aggression with my face

00:02:05expression and bass not going in with no

00:02:08shirt on and my blood and my pockets

00:02:11over here seeing if you know he saw

00:02:16slapping or just grabbing by stroke

00:02:19choking for good 10 12 seconds and here

00:02:24come around

00:02:29many new inmates don’t realize their

00:02:32prey until it’s too late