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Monster Crocs | National Geographic

00:00:09make that six meters boy I don’t think


00:00:13here we go I mean this is the perfect

00:00:15example every single time we’re here we

00:00:18have what a 2030 minute maybe one hour

00:00:21argument over the size of these animals

00:00:22yep if I say it’s a 5 meter croc he says

00:00:25no no it’s a 4 meter

00:00:26oh oh I mean that’s why I’m so curious

00:00:31to put the laser cam to the test I spot

00:00:34a huge croc and it’s far enough out of

00:00:36the water for me to get a measurement

00:00:38I shine lasers exactly one foot apart

00:00:41onto the croc I then take a picture of

00:00:45the crocodile dots and all then I load

00:00:50the picture into my computer based on

00:00:53the foot wide scale I’ve projected onto

00:00:55its hide the software calculates the

00:00:58croc size the verdict 16 feet 1 inch not

00:01:04the giant I’m after but it’s a chance to

00:01:07test the laser Cam’s accuracy that is if

00:01:10I can catch

00:01:12alright here’s the plan since we’re

00:01:15right on top of the crocodiles we’re

00:01:17gonna lower a rope straight down with it

00:01:19with a noose we’re gonna put a piece of

00:01:21chicken on the end of the snare we’re

00:01:23going to try to maneuver that noose over

00:01:24the head of the crocodile tighten it up

00:01:26then throw the rope down to someone on

00:01:29the beach which will hold on to it until

00:01:30we can get down there and fight the

00:01:32animal it’s Lewis who heads down to the

00:01:34Riverside where one and I will join her

00:01:37once we’ve snared the crop will pull it

00:01:39ashore put a tape measure on it

00:01:41gather some scientific data let the

00:01:43animal go

00:01:46I swing the baited lure as close as I

00:01:49can to the Crocs now we don’t have him

00:01:57know it oh we don’t have him go Edom

00:01:59he missed the snare the snares not on us

00:02:02on his job but it’s stolen our chicken

00:02:05Crocs don’t get to be 16 feet unless

00:02:08they’re savvy we tie on another piece

00:02:11and try again

00:02:16okay all right we got it we got him

00:02:20around both the upper and the lower

00:02:22snout it’s not as good it’s just the

00:02:23upper snout but it’ll work all right

00:02:25make sure nobody’s tangled in this row

00:02:27okay one can you throw the rope

00:02:29take up the slack

00:02:39loose calls us all yeah the big croc has

00:02:43outsmarted us again you know when you’ve

00:02:45got a very powerful tail pulling a

00:02:47one-ton body in the opposite direction

00:02:49sometimes you can pull that snare off

00:02:50and that’s what happened we won’t have

00:02:52many opportunities before the croc gets

00:02:55suspicious hopefully we’ll get it this

00:02:59time it’s okay

00:03:06I get the news around its jaws I’m gonna

00:03:10tighten one okay

00:03:16throw the rope one throw it hurry it’s

00:03:26up to lose to hold the crotch until we

00:03:28get down to hell but it’s pulling her

00:03:32into the river she calls my cameraman

00:03:34Brian over help me but I um help me

00:03:40man we’re just in time

00:03:49I add a second road but the croc just

00:03:53fights even harder there’s no way we’ll

00:04:01get this mammoth out of the water I

00:04:04cover its eyes to calm

00:04:11that is a monster that is a monster croc

00:04:14this may be the biggest cock I’ve ever


00:04:17but this close to the water we’re taking

00:04:20a big risk other crocodiles have come to

00:04:23check out the commotion and we’re well

00:04:26within their striking distance watch out

00:04:28behind us we got a big croc moving in

00:04:30right behind us I hope we come out of

00:04:34this one in one piece

00:04:39all right