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Alan watts – Life and Death Inspirational Speech

00:00:06just in the same way as you don’t focus

00:00:09your attention on how you make your

00:00:13thyroid gland function

00:00:16so in the same way you don’t have any

00:00:18attention focused on how you shine the

00:00:21Sun so then let me connect this with the

00:00:28problem of birth and death which puzzles

00:00:31people enormous Lee of course

00:00:36because in order to understand what what

00:00:39the self is you have to remember that it

00:00:43doesn’t need to remember anything just

00:00:46like you don’t need to know how you work

00:00:48your thyroid gland so then when you die

00:00:54you’re not going to have to put up with

00:00:56everlasting non-existence because that’s

00:00:59not an experience a lot of people are

00:01:02afraid that when they die they’re going

00:01:04to be locked up in a darkroom forever

00:01:06and it and sort of undergo that

00:01:13but one of the most interesting things

00:01:17in the world this is a yoga this is a

00:01:18way of realization try and imagine what

00:01:21it will be like to go to sleep and never

00:01:22wake up think about children think about

00:01:30it’s one of the great wonders of life

00:01:33what will it be like to go to sleep and

00:01:35never wake up and if you think long

00:01:38enough about that something will happen


00:01:42you will find out among other things

00:01:46that it’ll pose the next question to you

00:01:49what was it like to wake up after having

00:01:51never gone to sleep

00:01:53that was when you were born

00:01:58you see you you can’t have an experience

00:02:02of nothing nature abhors a vacuum so

00:02:05after you’re dead the only thing that

00:02:07can happen is the same experience or the

00:02:09same sort of experiences when you were

00:02:11born in other words we all know very

00:02:16well that after people die other people

00:02:19are gone and they’re all you only you

00:02:23can only experience it one at a time

00:02:26everybody is I you all know you are you

00:02:29and wheresoever beings exist throughout

00:02:33all galaxies it doesn’t make any

00:02:35difference you are all up and when they

00:02:39come into being that’s you coming unity

00:02:40you know that very well

00:02:43only you don’t have to remember the past

00:02:47in the same way you don’t have to think

00:02:49about how you work your thyroid gland or

00:02:52whatever else it is in your organism you

00:02:55don’t have to know how to shine the Sun

00:02:56you just do it like you breathe isn’t it

00:03:02doesn’t it really astonish you that you

00:03:04are this fantastically complex thing and

00:03:08that you’re doing all of this and you

00:03:10never had any education in how to do it

00:03:13never learn the picture this miracle

00:03:16well the point is that from a strictly

00:03:20physical scientific standpoint this

00:03:23organism is a continuous energy with

00:03:27everything else that’s going on and if I

00:03:30am my foot I am the Sun