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INSPIRING – Jimmy Valvano Incredible Motivational Speech on Cancer

00:00:05time is very precious to me I don’t know

00:00:09how much I have left and I have some

00:00:11things that I would like to say

00:00:12hopefully at the end I’ll have something

00:00:15that will be important to two other

00:00:18people too but I can’t help it now and

00:00:20I’m fighting cancer everybody knows that

00:00:23people ask me all the time about how you

00:00:25you go through your life and how’s your

00:00:27day and nothing has changed for me as

00:00:30Dixon I’m a very emotional passionate

00:00:32man I can’t help but that’s being the

00:00:34son of Rocco and Angelina Valvano that

00:00:37she comes with the territory right we

00:00:39hug we kiss we love and when people say

00:00:42to me how do you get through life or

00:00:45each day’s the same thing to me there

00:00:47are three things we all should do every

00:00:49day we do this every day of our life

00:00:51you’re going to add what a wonderful

00:00:53number one is laugh you should laugh

00:00:55every day

00:00:56number two is think you should spend

00:00:58some time in thought and number three is

00:01:01you should have your emotions moved to

00:01:04tears think about it if you laugh you

00:01:07think and you cry that’s a full day

00:01:10that’s a heck of a day you do that seven

00:01:12days a week you’re gonna have something

00:01:15special and so

00:01:19I can help I rode on the plane up today

00:01:22what Mike sous-chef Sookie my my good

00:01:24friend and a wonderful coach what people

00:01:26don’t realize he’s a ten times better

00:01:28person than he is a coach and we know

00:01:30he’s a great coach who’s meant a lot to

00:01:32me these last five or six months of my

00:01:34ballot but when I look at Mike I think

00:01:36we competed against each others as

00:01:37players I coached against in 15 years

00:01:39and I always have to think about what’s

00:01:42important in life is to think to me if

00:01:44three things where you started where you

00:01:45are wave gonna be those are the three

00:01:48things that I try and do every day it’s

00:01:50so important to know where you are and I

00:01:53know where I am right now how do you go

00:01:55from way are the way you want to be and

00:01:57I think you have to have an enthusiasm

00:02:00for life got to have a dream a goal you

00:02:04have to be willing to work for it I just

00:02:08got one last thing I urge all of you all

00:02:11of you to enjoy your life the precious

00:02:15moments you have to spend each day with

00:02:18some laughter and some thought to get

00:02:21your emotions going to be enthusiastic

00:02:23every day and Ralph Waldo Emerson said

00:02:26nothing break and it comes without

00:02:27enthusiasm to keep your dreams alive

00:02:29despite of problems whatever you have

00:02:32the ability to be able to work hard

00:02:34leave dreams come true

00:02:37now I look at where I am now I know what

00:02:41I want to do what I would like to be

00:02:43able to do is to spend whatever time I

00:02:45have left and to give in maybe some hope

00:02:48to others

00:02:49I offer a sh foundation is a wonderful

00:02:52thing and and age the the amount of

00:02:55money pouring in for AIDS is not enough

00:02:57but it is significant but if I told you

00:03:00it’s ten times the amount that comes in

00:03:02for cancer research

00:03:03I’d also tell you that five hundred

00:03:05thousand people will die this year of

00:03:07cancer and I’d also tell you that one in

00:03:09every four will be afflicted with this

00:03:11disease and yet for some how we seem to

00:03:14have put it in a little bit of the

00:03:15background I want to bring it back on

00:03:17the front table we need your help

00:03:20I need your help we need money for


00:03:24it may not save my life it may save my

00:03:27children’s lives it may save someone you

00:03:29love but try if you can to support

00:03:35whether it’s AIDS or the cancer

00:03:38foundation so that that someone else

00:03:42might survive my prosper and might

00:03:45actually be cured of this dreaded

00:03:47disease I can’t thank yes PN enough for

00:03:52allowing this to happen

00:03:53and I’m gonna work as hard as I can you

00:03:56know for cancer research and hopefully

00:03:58we’ll be maybe we’ll have some cures and

00:04:01some breakthroughs and I’d like to think

00:04:03I’m gonna fight my brains out to be back

00:04:05here again next year for the author s

00:04:08recipient I want to give it next year

00:04:16I know I’ve gotta go I’ve got to go and

00:04:20I’ve got one last thing I’ve said it

00:04:22before and I’m gonna say it again

00:04:23cancer can take away all my physical

00:04:26abilities and can not touch my mind and

00:04:29cannot touch my heart and it cannot

00:04:31touch my soul and those three things are

00:04:33gonna carry on forever I thank you and

00:04:36god bless you all



00:04:44we are starting the Jim Jimmy V

00:04:47foundation for cancer research

00:05:00and it and its motto is don’t give up

00:05:03don’t ever give up and that’s what I’m

00:05:07gonna try to do every minute that I have

00:05:09left I will thank God today the moment I

00:05:12have and if you see me smile and maybe

00:05:16give me a hug that’s important to me too

00:05:18and this screen is flashing up there 30

00:05:24seconds like I can’t about that screen

00:05:26right now huh okay I got I got tumors

00:05:31all over my body I’m worried about some

00:05:33guy in the back go in 30 seconds huh you

00:05:37got my novel