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00:00:00when I get up in the morning I ask

00:00:02myself do you want to be depressed today

00:00:04or do you want to live happy and I

00:00:07choose to live happy understand if

00:00:10you’re going to be happy you have to be

00:00:13happy on purpose happiness is not going

00:00:16to fall on you we’re not going to wake

00:00:19up every morning and think oh wow I want

00:00:21to be happy today you know some mornings

00:00:24we’re going to wake up and think nobody

00:00:26better get in my way I don’t feel like

00:00:28going to work I don’t feel like cleaning

00:00:30the house I don’t feel like driving in

00:00:32this traffic some mornings we wake up

00:00:34grouchy and if we get an agreement with

00:00:37those thoughts and we start dwelling on

00:00:39how we feel what we don’t have and all

00:00:42of our problems we may not realize it

00:00:45but we’re choosing to have a lousy day

00:00:47that’s paving the way for defeat

00:00:50discouragement mediocrity I believe it

00:00:54starts with just taking time each

00:00:55morning of just to appreciate and feel

00:00:57grateful for all the amazing gifts that

00:00:59you already have right now around you in

00:01:01your life

00:01:01you already have an amazing life here’s

00:01:06the key when you wake up in the morning

00:01:08you cannot wait to see what kind of day

00:01:11you’re gonna have you have to decide

00:01:13what kind of day you’re gonna have in

00:01:16other words don’t wait to see how you

00:01:17feel what kind of mood your spouse is in

00:01:20what the traffic’s like and what the

00:01:23stock market’s doing know right when you

00:01:25get out of bed you need to make a

00:01:26declaration right then and there this is

00:01:28going to be a great day I’m excited

00:01:31about my future something good is gonna

00:01:33happen to me today

00:01:34that is setting the tone for a blessed

00:01:37prosperous happy day as soon as you open

00:01:41up your eyes in the morning or whenever

00:01:44it is that you start today as soon as

00:01:47you open up your eyes to greet the day

00:01:48you enter into consciousness it is at

00:01:51that moment that your creativity is at

00:01:53its most powerful right there and then

00:01:56you have an opportunity to steer your

00:01:58thoughts and your emotions in the

00:02:00direction that you wanted to go not in

00:02:03the direction that they’re telling you

00:02:05to go in other words you can literally

00:02:07choose to seize the day or you can let

00:02:11the day seize you


00:02:15nothing you can do just get up start

00:02:17your morning and stuck the one today

00:02:19there’s this quote it’s win the morning

00:02:22and you win today a lot of us aren’t

00:02:24doing that so your morning ritual and

00:02:27you do it consistently is what setting

00:02:29you up to win the day

00:02:33so if you will accept that when you wake

00:02:36up your potential for being there is

00:02:38there and you will just stop and say

00:02:40it’s a good day or out of the bed feels

00:02:42really good or this could be fun just

00:02:45something that sort of acknowledges that

00:02:47you’re there we promise you do that

00:02:50tomorrow and the next day and the next

00:02:51day and the next day and the next day

00:02:52and the next day in about 30 days and we

00:02:54will not be having this conversation you

00:02:59can change your life but it starts with

00:03:01your choices

00:03:01so today commit to make at least one

00:03:03choice that will change your life at

00:03:05least begin that change so you can live

00:03:07the way you want to live you know I wake

00:03:09up every day and I think it’s in the

00:03:12spray I must happy every day as I was

00:03:15the day before the difference between

00:03:17successful people and people that

00:03:20struggle are successful people exude joy

00:03:22if you’re miserable and nobody wants to

00:03:25spend time with you are you ever gonna

00:03:26get ahead

00:03:28today what I want you to do is I want

00:03:31you to commit that you’re not going to

00:03:33complain about your job you’re not going

00:03:35to complain about the life that you live

00:03:36right now but what you will do instead

00:03:37is that you’re gonna make a choice that

00:03:39you will not end today without doing at

00:03:41least one thing that can take you closer

00:03:44to living the life that you desire to

00:03:46live most of the time we have what we

00:03:51need to be happy we just don’t have the

00:03:53right perspective for instance you may

00:03:56not be happy at the job you’re at right

00:03:58now but if for some reason you were to

00:04:01lose that job and you went months and

00:04:03months without any income and then one

00:04:06day you were able to get that same job

00:04:08back most likely you would be extremely

00:04:12happy you had what you needed to be

00:04:15happy you just didn’t realize it I know

00:04:17people that are perfectly healthy but

00:04:20they’re never really happy it’s always

00:04:22something bothering them they want a

00:04:24bigger house or a better job but if they

00:04:28were to lose their health and then

00:04:30regain it I’m sure they would be

00:04:32thrilled they have what they need to be

00:04:36keep the right perspective every one of

00:04:40us has something even right now to be

00:04:42happy about our health our job our

00:04:45family and opportunity I want you to

00:04:49repeat after me I am in control of my


00:04:54I am powerful beyond my imagination

00:04:57I am limitless in my potential I have

00:05:03control of my life I will choose to be


00:05:08because I am great I have greatness

00:05:11inside me I am powerful beyond measure I

00:05:17am more powerful than other people give

00:05:20me credit for I am more powerful than I

00:05:24currently believe but I will achieve

00:05:26greatness I am in control of my mind I

00:05:31am in control of my thoughts I am in

00:05:36control of my life I get to choose

00:05:39whatever I want and I choose greatness

00:05:43morning since the beginning of something

00:05:46fresh and something new and many of us

00:05:49spend all of our time dragging stuff

00:05:52that we had should have put to bed the

00:05:55night before the day before the week

00:05:57before and pronounced a benediction upon

00:06:00it but what do we do we drag it in the

00:06:03next morning is the same drama I always

00:06:06say do different get different and when

00:06:09it comes to you commending your morning

00:06:12you’ve got to understand that the

00:06:14morning also brings light to something

00:06:18when the concepts that you are dealing

00:06:21with is difficult


00:06:28every single person has a choice at

00:06:31every single moment it may be just

00:06:34varying degrees of difficulty in those

00:06:36choices but you always have a choice you

00:06:39can always change you’re put in a

00:06:41hundred and twenty percent every time or

00:06:43you don’t put in nothing because listen

00:06:44to me very closely

00:06:45today this opportunity you have it might

00:06:48not be here next year it might not be

00:06:50here the year after next it might not be

00:06:52here a year after that this is the only

00:06:53moment you got and you better take

00:06:56advantage of this particular moment and

00:06:58in regards to laziness I think it’s a

00:07:02very important thing to understand that

00:07:05as humans we have this ability to think

00:07:08that everything we experience all the

00:07:10emotions are very much unique to us but

00:07:13you have to understand that every single

00:07:16person in the world suffers from the

00:07:19same problems everyone is by default

00:07:22lazy it is the easiest thing to do it’s

00:07:25it requires no energy no effort

00:07:31time is not going to wait so if you have

00:07:3324 hours in a day and you’re spending 16

00:07:36at work and if you have that one extra

00:07:38hour whether it’s you going through your

00:07:42social media watching TV spend it in the

00:07:44gym spend it on becoming better it’s

00:07:49such an important thing to realize that

00:07:52every single person be included and

00:07:55every successful person you could think

00:07:56of Elon Musk you probably also would

00:07:59find it easy to be lazy but he chooses

00:08:02not to be it’s a choice it’s a it’s an

00:08:06understanding than being lazy just easy

00:08:08and you don’t want to take the easy path

00:08:11the path of least resistance the path

00:08:13that requires no effort no energy

00:08:17in the beginning everybody’s excited in

00:08:21the beginning everybody’s going to

00:08:23become a billionaire in the beginning

00:08:25everybody’s gonna conquer the world but

00:08:28after a few weeks a few months maybe you

00:08:31would a few years they start to get

00:08:33tired they start to get frustrated they

00:08:35start to ask why is this so hard they

00:08:38start to ask why is this so hard for me

00:08:42and they think it’s just them and they

00:08:44think the whole universe is coming down

00:08:47on them and that’s when people quit and

00:08:50guys we all feel that way we all have

00:08:54times of frustration we all have times

00:08:57of anger we all have times a why me

00:09:01why is this so hard for me but at the

00:09:04end of the day guys when you start

00:09:07feeling that massive frustration that

00:09:09massive anger that massive irritation

00:09:12and massive stress you are about to have

00:09:15a breakthrough you are about to move

00:09:19through an area that most people can’t

00:09:22make it through and you just gotta keep

00:09:26moving because when you make it through

00:09:28that area that’s which gets fun that’s

00:09:31what you say oh shit and I’m actually

00:09:34doing this

00:09:35I’m actually not renewing everybody

00:09:39feels lazy and demotivated but it’s the

00:09:42people who succeed are the ones who

00:09:45identify that first and then the ones

00:09:47who start fighting it and then the ones

00:09:49who figure out how to continue fighting

00:09:51it for the rest of their lives without

00:09:52falling back you’ve got to be in command

00:09:55of your own schedule if you want to be

00:09:57the best look at your schedule now pull

00:10:00it out look at your everyday life where

00:10:03are you spending your time is it more

00:10:05performance-oriented or are you

00:10:07preparing for that day of performance or

00:10:12are you waiting for somebody to choose

00:10:15you I don’t want any waiting I want to

00:10:17practice in performance


00:10:21look at your schedule it’s a very simple

00:10:24exercise I tell you this if success was

00:10:30just a joyride there would be far more

00:10:33successful people there’s a reason

00:10:35there’s not many people achieve what

00:10:37they want to do and live the lives they

00:10:39really want to do because it it requires

00:10:42you know the hard work is one thing but

00:10:44it requires like it requires you to

00:10:47conquer yourself you are the only one

00:10:50stopping yourself from doing whatever

00:10:51the hell it is that you want to do there

00:10:54will always be excuses you can always

00:10:56point fingers at someone else that say

00:10:58say someone else has it better at the

00:11:00end of the day it’s you who chooses to

00:11:02watch TV to watch YouTube to browse

00:11:05Facebook when you know you should be

00:11:06doing something else close those

00:11:08browsers turn the TV off go do something

00:11:11that you normally wouldn’t start leading

00:11:14an unusual life don’t fall into your

00:11:16patterns you’re lazy habit you got to

00:11:19keep breaking the pattern the routines

00:11:21keeping things on the edge changing your

00:11:24surroundings always kind of like

00:11:25figuring out how to resist that urge to

00:11:28just like settle down and sit your ass

00:11:32down to lay down on the couch and just

00:11:34mindlessly watch Netflix

00:11:37that’s that’s so important in this life

00:11:40this life doesn’t have enough of that

00:11:42there’s not enough struggle you don’t

00:11:44get to know yourself without struggle

00:11:46you don’t get to know your boundaries

00:11:48unless you push them you don’t get to

00:11:50know who you are really

00:11:51unless you’re tested

00:11:54if you sacrifice and make the sacrifices

00:11:57each day each day each day then you’ll

00:12:01see the games man it’s all about a

00:12:04mindset it thought about sacrificing and

00:12:07being willing to go through what it

00:12:12takes you know and when I say that I’m

00:12:15talking about discipline the desire the

00:12:20determination the dedication

00:12:26don’t be lazy you’re not gonna go far in

00:12:29life if you choose not to practice if

00:12:33you have this point if you have

00:12:34willpower the more you use them the

00:12:37stronger they get you’re spectacular

00:12:40your ear you’re all capable of being

00:12:43world beaters you transform yourself

00:12:45into something that’s articulated and

00:12:47sensible and grounded in history and

00:12:49knowledgeable and wise man you can do

00:12:51anything you want and hopefully anything

00:12:53you want for good

00:12:56ask yourself like how bad do you want to

00:12:59try living an extraordinary life with

00:13:01one shot why not give it your all why

00:13:04not fight that urge not to you know take

00:13:08the risk not to not to do the things

00:13:10that you feel uncomfortable with doing

00:13:12it’s the only way forward you’ve done

00:13:15you know do it for yourself you have to

00:13:19understand that nobody gives a shit

00:13:22about what you do with your life and I

00:13:25don’t mean this in a rude way you know

00:13:27someone sees my success they’ll be like

00:13:29oh they’ll forget about it in a few

00:13:31seconds and start thinking about their

00:13:33own problems again that’s how the world

00:13:34works everybody’s kind of centered

00:13:36around themselves so you’ve got to find

00:13:38the energy every single day to do it for


00:13:42not for the rest of the world cuz they

00:13:43don’t care everybody else is focused on

00:13:45their own problems and their own life

00:13:47they’ll give you a little bit of tension

00:13:49but they’ll go right back to their own

00:13:52in a longer journey and becoming great

00:13:57at anything you’re gonna have these

00:14:00curves appear over and over and over

00:14:03again but you have to keep in mind guys

00:14:06things are the hardest right before they

00:14:09get better

00:14:09things are the most frustrating right

00:14:12before they get better

00:14:13things are are are the worst right

00:14:18before they get better and it’s hard to

00:14:21remember that when you’re going through

00:14:23it it’s hard to remember that when you

00:14:26owe every single creditor when your wife

00:14:29or husbands yelling at you for spending

00:14:31too much time at work or too much time

00:14:33in the weight room or too much time on

00:14:34this or that or whatever you know it’s

00:14:37hard to remember that things are gonna

00:14:39get better but they are and this is part

00:14:41of the process and all of us go through

00:14:44these little curves we all do it

00:14:48hey guys it’s the ones who understand

00:14:51that things are going to improve and

00:14:53keep focused on the end result that make

00:14:56it through these curves when you start

00:14:59focusing on how bad everything and how

00:15:01frustrated you are and how angry you are

00:15:02and how tough it is it is really easy to

00:15:05talk yourself into quitting but when you

00:15:08keep in mind why you started when you

00:15:10keep in mind what your goals are when

00:15:12you keep in mind what it is you’re

00:15:14trying to accomplish and you keep those

00:15:16things you know at the forefront of your

00:15:18brain you know written down everywhere

00:15:21you see anything and you think about

00:15:23them and focus on them a day-in and

00:15:25day-out basis guys your chances of

00:15:28making it through these these

00:15:29frustration curves increases

00:15:32tremendously so learn how to control

00:15:35your focus learn how to think about what

00:15:38the end result is learn how to use the

00:15:40natural momentum and energy you have to

00:15:42accelerate the process of learning but

00:15:46also know that the grind and the grit

00:15:49and the toughest darkest parts of any

00:15:51journey are right before shit gets fuck

00:15:56listen you’re watching this video now if

00:15:59you’re feeling lazy or de motivated

00:16:01don’t do something go for a run go go do

00:16:04some that you typically wouldn’t do in

00:16:07little emotions that are following that

00:16:09kind of action when you break through

00:16:10that is what success is is fighting

00:16:14against those instincts of taking it

00:16:16easy and living a comfortable life

00:16:18success is a difficult choice and it’s

00:16:21not like you achieve it and then it’s


00:16:24no I fight myself every single day I

00:16:27feel that’s what life is all about is

00:16:28figuring out how to battle those lazy

00:16:31kind of instincts of just takin it easy

00:16:34chillin and realizing that achieving and

00:16:38experiencing the most beautiful things

00:16:40in life requires you going upstream and

00:16:43not just flowing mindlessly downstream

00:16:46when you feel like giving up don’t when

00:16:50you think about giving up don’t when it

00:16:53look like you ain’t no baby keep going

00:16:56when they tell you you came come on man

00:17:00who are they

00:17:05today is the day for you to learn the

00:17:08secrets of life today is a day for you

00:17:13to begin creating a joyous fulfilling

00:17:16life how do you feel right now

00:17:22do you feel bad what are your current

00:17:26emotions what is your gut feeling

00:17:30some people say life sucks which is a

00:17:33terrible affirmation but it isn’t life

00:17:36that sucks

00:17:37it’s your thinking that sucks don’t

00:17:41waste time arguing for your limitations

00:17:44poor relationships problems illnesses

00:17:47poverty etc the more you talk about the

00:17:50problem the more you anchor it in place

00:17:53don’t blame others for your problems

00:17:56it’s just another waste of time like

00:18:00attracts like

00:18:01I mean you attract now you know not just

00:18:05what you fear you attract what you feel

00:18:08what you are what you attract when you

00:18:11change your thinking process then

00:18:13everything in your life will also change

00:18:15you will be amazed and delighted to see

00:18:19how people places things and

00:18:21circumstances can change

00:18:26you have to understand you are a magnet

00:18:29whatever you are that’s what you draw to

00:18:32you if you’re negative you’re gonna draw

00:18:34negativity you’re positive you draw

00:18:36positive you’re a kind person

00:18:38more people are kind to you so you would

00:18:40like a magnet you know and you got to

00:18:42understand something about like attracts

00:18:44like if you see it in your mind you can

00:18:48hold it in your head today is the day to

00:18:53begin to release all your limitations

00:18:55you can change your life for the better

00:19:00you already have the tools within you to

00:19:03do this these tools are your thoughts

00:19:07and your beliefs an affirmation is

00:19:13really anything you say or think a lot

00:19:16of what we normally say and think is

00:19:18quite negative and does not create good

00:19:21experiences for us we have to retrain

00:19:26our thinking and speaking into positive

00:19:29patterns if we want to change our lives

00:19:31an affirmation opens the way it is a

00:19:37beginning point of change

00:19:42in essence you are saying to your

00:19:44subconscious mind I am taking

00:19:47responsibility I am aware that there is

00:19:50something I can do to change when I talk

00:19:56about doing affirmations I mean to

00:20:00consciously choose words that will

00:20:02either help to eliminate something from

00:20:05your life or help to create something

00:20:08new in your life every thought you think

00:20:13and every word you speak is an

00:20:16affirmation all our self-talk is a

00:20:22stream of affirmations you are using

00:20:29affirmations every moment whether you

00:20:31know it or not you are affirming and

00:20:34creating your life experiences with

00:20:37every word and every thought your

00:20:41beliefs are merely habitual thinking

00:20:43patterns that you learned as a child

00:20:45many of them work very well for you

00:20:50other beliefs may be limiting your

00:20:53ability to create the very things you

00:20:55may say you want what you want and what

00:21:00you believe you deserve may be very

00:21:02different you need to pay attention to

00:21:06your thoughts so you can begin to

00:21:09eliminate the ones that are creating

00:21:11experiences that you do not want in your

00:21:14life please realize that every complaint

00:21:18is an affirmation of something that you

00:21:20think you don’t want in your life every

00:21:24time you get angry you are affirming

00:21:26that you want more anger in your life

00:21:29every time you feel like a victim you

00:21:32are affirming that you want to continue

00:21:35to feel like a victim if you feel that

00:21:37life does not give you what you want in

00:21:39your world then it is certain you will

00:21:41never have the goodies that life gives

00:21:43to others until you change the way you

00:21:47think and talk you are not a bad person

00:21:51for thinking the way you do you have

00:21:54just never learned how to think and talk

00:21:58the world is just now beginning to learn

00:22:01that our thoughts create our experiences

00:22:05your parents probably didn’t know this

00:22:08so they could not possibly teach it to

00:22:11you they taught you how to look at life

00:22:14in the way that their parents taught

00:22:16them so nobody is wrong however it is

00:22:20time for all of us to wake up and to

00:22:23begin to consciously create our lives in

00:22:26a way that pleases and supports us you

00:22:29can do it I can do it we can all do it

00:22:32you just need to learn how

00:22:35affirmations are like seeds planted in

00:22:38soil poor soil poor growth rich soil

00:22:42abundant growth the more you can choose

00:22:46to think thoughts that make you feel

00:22:49good the quicker the affirmations work

00:22:52think happy thoughts it’s that simple

00:22:56and it is doable the way you choose to

00:23:01think right now is just that a choice

00:23:05you may not realize it because you have

00:23:09thought this way for so long but it

00:23:11really is a choice

00:23:14now today this moment you can choose to

00:23:18change your thinking it won’t turn

00:23:22around overnight but if you are

00:23:24consistent and daily make the choice to

00:23:27think thoughts that make you feel good

00:23:30you will definitely make positive

00:23:33changes in every area of your life I

00:23:37awaken each morning with blessings and

00:23:40gratitude for the wonderful life I lead

00:23:42and I make the choice to think happy

00:23:45thoughts no matter what others are doing

00:23:48the only moment you ever live is this

00:23:52moment this moment is the only time you

00:23:55have any control over if we won’t choose

00:23:58to feel good in this moment then how can

00:24:01we create future moments that are

00:24:03abundant and fun how do you feel right

00:24:08now and you feel good do you feel bad

00:24:12what are your current emotions what is

00:24:16your gut feeling would you like to feel

00:24:19better and reach for a better feeling


00:24:25if you feel bad in any way sad

00:24:28grumpy bitter resentful angry fearful

00:24:31guilty depressed jealous critical etc

00:24:36then you have temporarily lost your

00:24:39connection to the flow of good

00:24:41experiences that the universe has

00:24:44waiting for you

00:24:46don’t waste your thoughts on blame no

00:24:49person place or thing has any control

00:24:52over your feelings because they do not

00:24:55think in your mind it is also while you

00:25:00really have no control over others

00:25:02because you cannot control their

00:25:04thoughts no one can control another

00:25:08unless that person gives permission so

00:25:14you want to be aware of this powerful

00:25:16mind you have

00:25:18you can take total control over your own

00:25:20thinking it is the only thing you will

00:25:23ever have total control of what you

00:25:27choose to think is what you will get in


00:25:33what kind of thoughts make you feel good

00:25:36thoughts of love appreciation gratitude

00:25:40remembering joyful experiences thinking

00:25:44of good things you would like to have

00:25:45happen in the future

00:25:47rejoicing that you are alive blessing

00:25:50your body with love and enjoying this

00:25:53moment and looking forward to tomorrow


00:25:58thinking these kinds of thoughts is an

00:26:01act of loving yourself and loving

00:26:03yourself creates miracles in your life

00:26:07it is a focal point to begin changing

00:26:10your thinking

00:26:15affirmative statements are going beyond

00:26:18the reality of the present into the

00:26:21creation of the future by the words you

00:26:24use in the noun

00:26:28when you choose to say I am very

00:26:31prosperous you may have very little

00:26:33money in the bank at the moment what you

00:26:37are doing is planting seeds for future

00:26:41prosperity each time you repeat it you

00:26:47are affirming the seeds you have planted

00:26:49in the atmosphere of your mind that is

00:26:55why you want it to be a happy atmosphere

00:26:57things grow much quicker and fertile

00:27:00rich soil it is important for you to

00:27:03always say your affirmations in present

00:27:06tense I have or I am


00:27:15so when you catch a negative thought

00:27:17just think to yourself this is an old

00:27:20thought I no longer choose to think that

00:27:22way then find a positive thought to

00:27:25substitute for it as quickly as you can

00:27:28remember you want to feel good as much

00:27:31as possible thoughts of bitterness

00:27:34resentment blame and guilt make you feel

00:27:36miserable and that is a habit you really

00:27:40want to release

00:27:44affirmations are solutions that will

00:27:46replace whatever problem you might have

00:27:49whenever you have a problem repeat over

00:27:52and over all is well everything is

00:27:56working out for my highest good out of

00:27:59this situation only good will come and I

00:28:03am safe

00:28:07this simple affirmation will work

00:28:10miracles in your life go over this

00:28:14section several times until you really

00:28:17get the principles and can live them

00:28:19also zero in on the sections that may

00:28:22have the most meaning to you and

00:28:23practice the affirmations and remember

00:28:27to make up affirmations of your own the

00:28:30first affirmations for you to use right

00:28:32now are I can do it I can feel good

00:28:36about myself I can make positive changes

00:28:40in my life