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Vintage Pipe Lighters: Lilly, Colibiri, Beattie, The Golden Wheel, Sonex

00:00:00here’s a few vintage pipe lighters I’m

00:00:03not sure very much information I got

00:00:06these from vintage lighter Lots on eBay

00:00:09you just search vintage lighter Lots

00:00:11and auction and hopefully you win

00:00:14usually they go up to about $50 around

00:00:18there but you can get up to 20 gliders


00:00:21a lot so it’s worth it in some cases

00:00:25these are just a few that I collect that

00:00:27I thought were worthy of showing you

00:00:31this is a pretty cool the brand says

00:00:38Lili made in Korea so I guess not the

00:00:42greatest brand I’ve never heard of Lili

00:00:45I don’t even know what flag that is it’s

00:00:48probably obvious but there’s a little

00:00:50control here for your fuel and then you

00:00:54just flick your finger across so by

00:00:56opening it allows the air the fuel and

00:01:00then you just go like that and then you

00:01:02can lower it and raise it using this

00:01:05little tool here that’s going lower and

00:01:09that’s higher but it’s very slight so

00:01:15pretty cool not really my favorite I

00:01:18wish that that fly wasn’t that I don’t

00:01:20even know what the hell it is this one’s

00:01:21one of my favorite literally all-time

00:01:23favorites just because of the way it

00:01:26looks just it’s really unique the wood

00:01:30green it’s actually just like a sticker

00:01:32which kind of sucks but it’s actually a

00:01:35Calibri brand and I was surprised those

00:01:38are a really popular brand what you do

00:01:43is use your thumb to push this up and

00:01:47then flick and the red is exposed

00:01:50showing that there’s fuel coming out and

00:01:52then you would just light your pipe it

00:01:56kind of even looks like a pipe which is

00:01:57kind of cool on the back you have the

00:02:01controls and I just like it’s a very

00:02:05nice lighter next is this which is

00:02:09called the BD jet lighter I’m not sure

00:02:12how this

00:02:13is a jet lighter but it’s made in the

00:02:17USA this bottom is so scratched up just

00:02:23some patent information but you like

00:02:27this and then use your light now there

00:02:31used to be a way that I guess whenever

00:02:35you turn it on its side this little pipe

00:02:39here I guess would get heated and then

00:02:41something was supposed to like cause the

00:02:45bullet that caused the fuel to shoot in

00:02:48a stream so you could actually light

00:02:51your pipe so I don’t understand how that

00:02:52works but it must have worked at some

00:02:55point just lost its ability I don’t even

00:02:59know this thing these things are pretty

00:03:01junky when you get them you can see I’m

00:03:03going to tell they’re all tarnished and

00:03:04stuff and you can clean them but I think

00:03:07it gives it more of a unique look just

00:03:10to show how old it is next this one’s

00:03:16probably the oldest of the few I believe

00:03:18this one’s from like the 30s or 40s or

00:03:2250s I don’t even know um but it’s at

00:03:25least 50 years old this is definitely an

00:03:27antique you can see how much grime there

00:03:29is it used to be a golden lighter it’s

00:03:34called the golden wheel lighter so there

00:03:43we go

00:03:43golden wheel lighter open the

00:03:47information it says some about patenting

00:03:53I don’t know but the way this works you

00:03:59have this little hinge here you

00:04:02basically lift it up and flick and use

00:04:06your wick right here which doesn’t work

00:04:09as a now I don’t have fuel knees as you

00:04:15go put a little on the wick you can get

00:04:17that light and then you just close it

00:04:20and put it back in your pocket so

00:04:25things were not as convenient but back

00:04:29then I guess because you know these

00:04:32things dry up so quickly it’s ridiculous

00:04:35I bet you have to light it you’d have to

00:04:38fill your lighter up every two or three

00:04:41days at least depending on how good of a

00:04:44seal it has on on everything else

00:04:47last this is the Sonax lighter I’ve

00:04:51never heard of this company either but

00:04:54this is a pretty solid lighter I was

00:04:56surprised whenever I got it

00:05:00really solid almost looks like real gold

00:05:07nice to hold in your hand it’s small

00:05:10enough so next n Korea this is probably

00:05:12the best oldest but still in decent

00:05:15shape later that I have has some

00:05:19initials on it says WH W no idea that’s

00:05:23the company if that’s the guy who owned

00:05:26this WH W but you would like the same

00:05:31one with that other Korean one push that

00:05:34up flick there’s your light on the here

00:05:37you can adjust it this one is very

00:05:40touchy and go way high Wow or you can

00:05:45bring it down just enough so you can

00:05:49conserve your fuel and close so I like

00:05:53this one too and it came with the case

00:05:56with this little you know carrying

00:05:58display case which is very nice and then

00:06:02just close like that

00:06:05so I like it just cool to add to my


00:06:09I like the uniqueness of everything and

00:06:13how you can sort of see how everything’s


00:06:16these are butane butane these are both

00:06:20lighter fluid lighter fluid and this is

00:06:22butane as well so these two are

00:06:24definitely oldest and then probably

00:06:28going here-here-here

00:06:30not sure exactly but if you guys have

00:06:33any more information leave a comment

00:06:36send me a message I’d appreciate it

00:06:38thanks for watching