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Vintage Trench Lighter “Austrian, IMCO, Regens, “

00:00:00here’s a few of my vintage lighters that

00:00:03I’ve collected over the years I usually

00:00:05pick these up in auctions off eBay you

00:00:08can just search vintage lighter Lots

00:00:11every once in a while you’ll get a

00:00:12pretty good one in the bunch so takes a

00:00:16while but these are the few that I’ve

00:00:18collected over the years this is the in

00:00:21Kota Plex

00:00:23it’s an Austrian made lighter you can

00:00:26see here on the back and go xxx

00:00:33Vienna Austria six super six seven

00:00:37hundred that’s just like a model name

00:00:40fairly simple lighter the way it works

00:00:46another cool thing the way you load the

00:00:51Flint you have this little chamber right

00:00:54here you can see how it’s sort of

00:00:57opening up right here and then you close

00:01:01it and it’s like loading a bullet into a

00:01:04gun and then that’s loaded and then you

00:01:07close it and the Flint fell out or

00:01:16something but basically what you do also

00:01:18you’d have have it like that when it’s

00:01:25lit and then you could take it out I

00:01:29guess the Flint and just died this one

00:01:32will probably work art should yeah there

00:01:36you go so you have that and then you

00:01:38would pull this out and you have a

00:01:40little candle that you can use to free

00:01:43up your hands if you need to do a

00:01:45difficult task and you need a flame and

00:01:47you can do that so it gives you a lot of

00:01:49options what’s one of the cool things I

00:01:51like about these letters also another

00:01:55similar one to this is the Ingo

00:01:57streamline this was I think a later

00:02:02version of the MgO xxx

00:02:05same design on the back here it’s a

00:02:07little more polished and it’s just

00:02:10different shaped you can see

00:02:12the other ones about bulk here and it’s

00:02:18got this three stop these are five stars

00:02:21here I kind of give it that look and

00:02:24then this one is the same this is an

00:02:28older version sort of like a trench

00:02:31lighter I’m sort of it’s sort of

00:02:33deceiving how old it looks I’m not sure

00:02:35there’s really no information every time

00:02:37I try and read this like I start reading

00:02:41it and then I’m like wait it’s upside

00:02:42down so I flip it upside down and I’m

00:02:45like wait I was right so I don’t know if

00:02:47it’s in a different language or if it’s

00:02:48just so tarnished and and use that you

00:02:54can’t even read what’s going on on it

00:02:57but that’s basically how that would work

00:02:59you just go like this and spark but the

00:03:05spark isn’t working really well

00:03:07next is similar design almost the exact

00:03:11same design same exact barrel here

00:03:16different on the back this is a Colibri

00:03:20Firebird which I believe was eventually

00:03:23bought by Calibri so I’m not sure if

00:03:31this was before they merged or if this

00:03:32was after a month shirt so it works the

00:03:35exact same way or it’s supposed to next

00:03:41we have the in Koh solo deluxe also very

00:03:48retro looking later solo deluxe made in

00:03:54MgO bed my inko in new york me in the

00:03:59USA basically squeeze there we go

00:04:12pretty cool works the same way with a

00:04:15little little candle type setup which i

00:04:22think is cool I wonder if I could add

00:04:26that to like a bit lighter not be

00:04:29interesting and last is this region’s

00:04:33Regan’s not sure how you pronounce it

00:04:36does right here


00:04:42regions mean USA and some patent shit

00:04:49basically you just squeeze this one but

00:04:57they’re not reliable they just never I

00:05:00guess we’re very reliable it’s probably

00:05:03odd you tane pretty much killed these

00:05:05versions people still use these if OHS

00:05:08but yeah it’s just too much of an

00:05:13intricate effect that you have to like

00:05:15really squeeze it hold it you know but

00:05:19also interesting to see how everything

00:05:22sort of progressed I wish I could could

00:05:25set these up chronologically but there’s

00:05:28really not very much information on

00:05:30these and I haven’t even looked to tell

00:05:32you the truth I just like the fact that

00:05:35they look different they’re obviously

00:05:38set apart in time and I just think

00:05:41they’re interesting so thanks for

00:05:46watching let me know what you guys think

00:05:48if you have any information you want to

00:05:50share I appreciate it just leave me a

00:05:52message or a comment have a good one