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THIS IS 40 Official Trailer #2 (2012) Paul Rudd, Megan Fox [HD]

00:00:06it sounds horrible but do you ever

00:00:08wonder what it would be like if you your

00:00:10wife were separated by something bigger

00:00:13deaf like her death I have given it a

00:00:16fair amount of thought not any painful

00:00:18weight which is like a gentle floating

00:00:21off it’s got to be peaceful I mean this

00:00:23is the mother of your children and then

00:00:24the new wife would be great god I can’t

00:00:26wait to meet my second wife hope she

00:00:29likes me better than this one it’s the

00:00:34fourth time you’ve gone to the bathroom


00:00:36why is your instinct to escape it is my

00:00:40instinct to come into the bathroom when

00:00:41I need to go to the bathroom come I

00:00:43don’t smell anything

00:00:44cuz I shoved an Altoid up my ass before

00:00:46I came in here

00:00:47don’t press ENTER I’m not sure I want to

00:00:49make that move

00:00:54this is a bunch of effing esque you’re

00:00:56acting like a bee you’re so mean since

00:00:58your body got weird isn’t the music

00:01:01industry kind of a tough game these days

00:01:03I have responsibilities I can’t afford

00:01:06to sit in my apartment getting baked

00:01:08watching porn and going to Tommy’s chili

00:01:10burgers at 3 in the morning

00:01:11that’s not even order that that happens

00:01:13in why does it say 38 not 40 cuz your

00:01:17mom wants to be 38 let’s not mention it

00:01:19again it doesn’t seem like your lives

00:01:22should be this much for your daughter’s

00:01:25hold my son you look like Tom Petty in a

00:01:27negative way who’s Tom Petty you know

00:01:28who Tom Petty is Catterick controllers

00:01:30this is what happens when you corner a

00:01:32rap I’ll choose term you we’re gonna

00:01:35blink and be 90 but we have to make a

00:01:38choice to make things different

00:01:42but ER he should stop letting your dad

00:01:45make you feel guilty I can’t lend you

00:01:47any more money your mother wanted you

00:01:51aborted oh Jesus Christ

00:01:53don’t let 40 hit you like it’s 40 this

00:01:56is for you yeah I’m just young wait am i

00:02:01funny much no you get so mad at me

00:02:03because if you want to kill me

00:02:06I do want to kill you what do it I would

00:02:08poison your cupcakes they pretend not to

00:02:10eat everyday I would enjoy our last

00:02:12schemas together but while killing you

00:02:24love you cuz you’re the fighter one

00:02:26person in our relationships up punch my

00:02:30magic cookie Oh anything for you

00:02:32I think this room has rodents you’re

00:02:36just such a nice mr. fish

00:02:40where’s my search