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Jamie Oliver’s One Young World speech, 2nd September 2011

00:00:34okay I got notes I hope I don’t have to

00:00:36use them bless you bless you is a

00:00:39massive honor to be at this new hub of

00:00:45clever people I hope you get everything

00:00:50that you want from this conference it’s

00:00:51amazing I had to be here I had to be

00:00:54here because the more I learned about

00:00:56one young world in its very short life

00:00:58so far is about the fantasy and the

00:01:03ideas and the passion of young people

00:01:05and what young people can do and but I

00:01:09just want to tell you a little bit about

00:01:11myself just before we cruise off onto a

00:01:13very depressing thirty minutes about the

00:01:16world that we live in and then hopefully

00:01:18be happy at the end I I never grew up

00:01:22thought I never grew up thinking that

00:01:25I’ll be having conversation with the

00:01:27Obamas and going to number 10 Downing

00:01:29Street and having like a thousand people

00:01:32walk behind me with banners and stuff

00:01:34like that I never thought that was me

00:01:36that wasn’t me

00:01:37I wasn’t even political I was a little

00:01:39kid from a little village a little white

00:01:41village in Essex near Cambridge in

00:01:43England I grew up in a working-class

00:01:45home in a pub with a restaurant and food

00:01:48I was terrible at school I came out of

00:01:50school with nothing but food was my

00:01:52Savior food was filled me with hope and

00:01:55joy and I love to touch things and smell

00:01:58things I loved people in a pub which I

00:02:00come from you get all sorts of people

00:02:02rich poor you get gypsies you get

00:02:04farmers and I love learning to talk to

00:02:06different people and that sort of saved

00:02:09me really and then as I became a chef

00:02:11and I started working around the country

00:02:13getting to London this kind of

00:02:16campaigning happened by fluke it really

00:02:19did so it started off not in food but

00:02:22with young people giving young people

00:02:23opportunities starting up 15 yes I was

00:02:26inspiring them through food and I was

00:02:28proving to the government

00:02:29that instead of spending 80,000 pounds

00:02:31on a criminal get well actually they

00:02:33don’t give me any money and they’ve

00:02:34never given me any money in ten years

00:02:35sadly but I spend twenty five thirty

00:02:38thousand pounds to make them brilliant

00:02:39and make them have a job and they all

00:02:41get jobs and you know so it was really

00:02:44about giving young people opportunity

00:02:45and I think that all of our countries

00:02:47can kind of see parallels of that rich

00:02:50or poor opportunity inspiration

00:02:52leadership mentoring positive role

00:02:55models for young people it’s so

00:02:58important that it stays close tight and

00:03:00that we care about young people and if

00:03:01we don’t whoa be tied us and just

00:03:04recently in London we’ve had riots no

00:03:06one knew what happened what’s happened

00:03:08opportunities positive role models and

00:03:11and and the ability to dream okay so

00:03:16let’s just talk about food

00:03:18I started campaigning in food and it

00:03:22sort of led me down this path where I’m

00:03:24here today my life now involves me

00:03:27working campaigning researching meeting

00:03:30a lot of scientists and specialists

00:03:32around the world and you know in the

00:03:38last few weeks just to come and see you

00:03:39guys you got wonder Stan this job for me

00:03:42today is the hardest one I’ve done on

00:03:43talking and I don’t do many talks

00:03:45normally I go into a community or a town

00:03:48or a city or a country and talk about

00:03:50their program at problems which are also

00:03:52diverse and mixed and here I am in front

00:03:54of all of you today where we have

00:03:58hideous famine and the rise of

00:04:03diet-related disease side by side so I’m

00:04:06not an expert in famine and I need you

00:04:08to appreciate that so Bob Geldof is but

00:04:12the things I’m going to talk today about

00:04:14do link back to those countries so in

00:04:19the UK where one of the most unhealthy

00:04:21countries in Europe we’re one of the

00:04:22most unhealthy countries in the world

00:04:24it’s the first generation along with

00:04:26many of your countries where this

00:04:28generation is the first generation

00:04:30expected the children of today are

00:04:32expected to live a shorter life than

00:04:34their parents now I don’t know if we’ve

00:04:36got the little graphic we did a little

00:04:37question with you guys earlier I said

00:04:39how long do you think you guys are going

00:04:41to live okay

00:04:43and they might get their little graphic

00:04:44might come up here I can tell you you’re

00:04:46all dreaming you’re all dreaming I can

00:04:49categorically say you’re all wrong

00:04:51I hope the statistics are right you all

00:04:53think that you’re going to live over a

00:04:55hundred ninety to a hundred eighty to

00:04:57ninety look at the skew year the actual

00:04:59reality and if you want to find out

00:05:01about reality talk to any insurance

00:05:02company right the reality is you’re all

00:05:05dying before you seventy probably you

00:05:09know the new diseases and the statistic

00:05:11of this is the first generation expected

00:05:14for our children to live a shorter life

00:05:15than our parents is under sixty right so

00:05:18let’s just let’s recalibrate here so the

00:05:21UK is not very healthy I’ve worked a lot

00:05:24in Australia and America as well and I

00:05:28want to kind of just I just want you to

00:05:31think for one second right I want you to

00:05:33go back to your country if it helps to

00:05:35close your eyes does n out close your

00:05:37eyes think of your country think of your

00:05:40home think of your family think of

00:05:43hopefully the table or however you sit

00:05:46down to eat think of the meal that

00:05:50represents your country and think about

00:05:53mum and dad and the laughter and joy and

00:05:56eating that food what is that food tell

00:05:58me what is that food you’re eating

00:06:05to know how proud are you of that food

00:06:07you’re proud yeah okay so before I get

00:06:14on to the serious stuff the important

00:06:16thing to learn about food for me is joy

00:06:19happiness nourishment it’s also an

00:06:22excuse to gather people you know

00:06:25whatever religion you’re in you know the

00:06:27table food to eat is the altar of any

00:06:29home and you know it brings people

00:06:31together and you know we’ve got to

00:06:36remember that because I’m going to give

00:06:37you some pretty miserable information

00:06:38now okay

00:06:41so the biggest killer on the planet at

00:06:44the moment you’re certainly one of the

00:06:45biggest killers is diet-related disease

00:06:48and the most disgusting thing about it

00:06:52is it’s preventable man-made we don’t

00:06:55have to die from this the problem in my

00:06:58world and maybe today I can inspire some

00:07:00of you to care and want to get involved

00:07:03in some of the stuff that I’m doing but

00:07:05in my world diet-related disease is not

00:07:09dramatic it’s not cool

00:07:11it’s not a great screengrab it’s not

00:07:14great on CNN you know the amount of

00:07:17people killed by diet-related disease is

00:07:20way more than say gun crime in the UK or

00:07:23America and many many other countries


00:07:26this is the first time when adults are

00:07:30handing back a country to you young

00:07:32people in a worse state than when they

00:07:35got it sorry about that

00:07:38you’ve got a lot to do but it doesn’t

00:07:42mean should sit back and do nothing

00:07:44we’ve we’ve got a lot to do we have to

00:07:47start a food revolution so I will talk

00:07:49about three main issues today I’m going

00:07:51to talk about obesity and diet-related

00:07:52disease I’m going to talk about

00:07:54nutrition transition which is a sort of

00:07:56scientific term I’ll explain that later

00:07:59and then I will talk about education and

00:08:01then we might have a little chat about

00:08:02maybe what we could do together so we’ve

00:08:08got a beautiful mix of you guys in the

00:08:11audience today from many many different

00:08:14countries obesity

00:08:18is in the last certainly the last 20

00:08:20years has gone well obesity and

00:08:22diet-related disease has gone crazy it’s

00:08:24out of control and it’s not just

00:08:28affecting the Western world

00:08:30it’s rampaging through all the

00:08:32developing world as well so it’s very

00:08:35very relevant to many many people here

00:08:38it’s pretty I mean I think I think it’s

00:08:41you know from every I mean I’ve gone

00:08:42from being angry and slagging off

00:08:44certain people and companies and I’ve

00:08:46happen to five six seven years of that

00:08:47and I’m trying to be mature now and

00:08:48think about reality and change and

00:08:51control my anger and I think it’s fair

00:08:54to say that western-style diets are

00:08:56fairly responsible for this bad feeding

00:08:59as the scientists call it it’s massive

00:09:02new injection of highly processed foods

00:09:06salt sugar fat in everything the problem

00:09:10that we’ve got is we’ve actually got in

00:09:12America three generations possibly four

00:09:14certainly in England three and probably

00:09:16the larger percentage of your country’s

00:09:18two to three generations of people that

00:09:21think this food is normal normal okay

00:09:24they don’t know the difference and you

00:09:29know the problem is that governments

00:09:32around the world they love cheap food of

00:09:35course they do we get that yeah we love

00:09:38cheap food and they like the shelves

00:09:41full but most governments around the

00:09:44world if not all of them don’t have any

00:09:46food experts or at the heart of

00:09:51government and that we’re paying for it

00:09:53now the funny thing as well is it’s not

00:09:55funny at all is that can ask consumers

00:09:57the public we’re paying for this we’re

00:10:00paying for this so two of the top five

00:10:05causes of early premature death on this

00:10:09planet diet-related two of the top five

00:10:12all right so that goes back to your

00:10:14graph and you guys I’ve got to get all

00:10:16of your happiness down for the age of 60

00:10:18or 70 because that’s pretty much where

00:10:21we’re at medical costs humongous now I

00:10:25know all of your countries have

00:10:26different medical situations and sit-ups

00:10:28but ultimately it all comes down to


00:10:30at the end of the day um I want to talk

00:10:36about the United States I’ve been doing

00:10:38campaigns in there just recently and

00:10:41there’s reasons for that and I think

00:10:45just just so you know I’ve got that as a

00:10:46reference point I think many countries

00:10:48from sort of concern you know capitalist

00:10:51countries or consumerism or whatever you

00:10:53know a lot of that sort of certainly

00:10:55began or started in the States

00:10:56they’re a little bit more advanced than

00:10:58most countries and certainly I look to

00:11:00America as our future from a health and

00:11:02cost statistic and England’s right up

00:11:05there so let me just quote some sort of

00:11:07cost so you just you know let’s just

00:11:08forget emotion and death let’s just

00:11:10think about cost and money because this

00:11:12is important when we’re talking about

00:11:13businesses and governments if you’re

00:11:16Abby’s medical costs are 42 percent

00:11:19nearly 50 percent more expensive than a

00:11:22regular person now that probably doesn’t

00:11:23surprise you but when you most your

00:11:26population is getting that way we have a

00:11:28massive amount of money being spent sort

00:11:32of trying to fix people when it’s too


00:11:37it costs the American government just

00:11:40just think about this in cash it’s lots

00:11:43of numbers

00:11:43it costs the American government 90

00:11:46billion dollars a year in obesity alone

00:11:50that’s ten million dollars an hour right

00:11:56and in the next 20 years it’s set to go

00:12:00to a hundred and thirty nine billion

00:12:02dollars we’re talking we’re talk we’re

00:12:05talking we’re talking countries national

00:12:07GDP here for some people you know we’re

00:12:09talking about big money think what we

00:12:10could do with that money when I was in

00:12:16America I think you know and again just

00:12:17to sort of finish off that of American

00:12:18reference it’s you know I was based in

00:12:21LA for nearly two three months

00:12:24campaigning pretty much singly against

00:12:26the head of the superintendent of a

00:12:28school district shouldn’t have been in

00:12:30the job wasn’t up to it and was 15 years

00:12:34out-of-date and luckily I’ve gotten

00:12:38fired which is great


00:12:41yeah it was good it and learned this

00:12:47about government guys when we started

00:12:49stretching around the side and meeting

00:12:51other people in government and all sorts

00:12:53of other people that I can’t mention

00:12:54they all wanted him gone as well so it’s

00:12:56ridiculous they had this kind of

00:12:57stagnant character that was stopping

00:13:00productivity and new things happening

00:13:03anyway to move on from that I was

00:13:06working in poor communities in LA and

00:13:09people think of LA is fit buff rich

00:13:12beautiful and it is in many ways but

00:13:15it’s a less or so than the reality of LA

00:13:19which is a lot of poverty hardship and

00:13:21in view of the Hollywood sign was food

00:13:25deserts food deserts no fresh food

00:13:28available fast food on every corner

00:13:31right but no fresh food for a poor

00:13:33family that had the common sense to not

00:13:35buy the crap right and watch their

00:13:37children get ill like every other child

00:13:39we’re talking to by the way we’re

00:13:40talking about school districts which

00:13:43have 80 percent obesity 88 in kids it

00:13:49would take them four hours to get on a

00:13:51bus and get fresh food so you know I

00:13:55think what we’re talking about as well

00:13:56is environment you know the environment

00:14:00in which you live in is shaping your

00:14:02health it’s just not just about bad

00:14:03decisions and bad choices and about you

00:14:05being greedy

00:14:07it’s about your environment and that’s

00:14:09something that we need to control so

00:14:15where do I go next under five children

00:14:20this is a new statistic that’s quite

00:14:23interesting and it sort of contrasts the

00:14:26American reference okay because we

00:14:28should let’s put it up there that’s good

00:14:30if we’ve got the graph it’s really

00:14:32important that you guys know it’s just

00:14:33not America if you look at the graph of

00:14:35under five diabetes right look where

00:14:38America is smack bang in the middle

00:14:40pretty much next to Brazil above it is

00:14:42Brazil Australia Jordan Jamaica Uruguay

00:14:45Peru you know that the list continues

00:14:46look at the graph this is under five

00:14:49year-olds this is babies guys I have a

00:14:51five-year-old okay obviously this

00:14:56a new statistic so we can get rid of

00:14:58that now but the point is guys is that

00:15:00junk food and certainly sugar and high

00:15:04fructose corn syrup it’s massively

00:15:07involved in this you can’t no scientists

00:15:09in the world can debate this at all so I

00:15:14mean I think the thing to remember I

00:15:16mean I’m a little bit older than you I’m

00:15:1835 when I was a kid living in that

00:15:21little village I love to cook I love the

00:15:24can of coke and I’m sure many of you do

00:15:26and you know on someone’s birthday we

00:15:30used to go to McDonald’s and we’d get in

00:15:33a bowl and we’d wear a hat and we’d have

00:15:35a nice little happy meal whoo and we go

00:15:38swimming afterwards is great but the

00:15:41thing that’s changed you know is is that

00:15:44these foods aren’t treats any more

00:15:47they’re becoming part of our diet I’ve

00:15:50worked in so many communities in England

00:15:52Australia and America where these are

00:15:55not treats these are dinner breakfast

00:15:57lunch and forget water by the way guys

00:16:00I’ve seen so many families that only

00:16:02hydrate on sugary drinks what happens is

00:16:05they die young end of end of story so I

00:16:10want to show what you just sort of feel

00:16:12some of my pain here right if you want

00:16:15look you’re all bright people you know

00:16:17to want to make change in food and the

00:16:20landscape and the soil and handling

00:16:22water and farming I don’t have to ask

00:16:25you if you want that because anyone with

00:16:26half a brain would want that because

00:16:28they want to get on with life and do

00:16:29other things and just enjoy but you know

00:16:32the reality is is don’t relate your

00:16:35disease and all the junk food and crap

00:16:37and farming issues that go with it is

00:16:39very boring to the public a lot of my

00:16:42expression to the public is hampered by


00:16:46men mega statistics science reviews and

00:16:49how can a normal person in any of your

00:16:51countries think ah I’ll do that instead

00:16:54or I go that direction so a lot of my

00:16:57job is challenged by trying to make a

00:17:00simple point to the public to make them

00:17:03really really angry okay and

00:17:05that’s the important thing

00:17:07now it’s really hard if

00:17:13the other thing is guys is you know we

00:17:17can’t just blame any one person it’s a

00:17:19whole load of my new tire it’s a whole

00:17:21load of different little things and

00:17:23governments by the way hate that because

00:17:25governments like single answers and I’ve

00:17:27worked with for seven years with three

00:17:30governments and they love simple things

00:17:32what’s the one thing that we can do

00:17:35nothing what’s the one thing that


00:17:38give me one nothing so I have to tell

00:17:44the story to the public you can see this

00:17:46crap and sugar and all that sort of


00:17:48infiltrating towns cities villages first

00:17:51and third world countries it’s happening

00:17:53already right so I had to make a point

00:17:55in Los Angeles and I guess I’m showing

00:17:58you this because if you’re going to do

00:17:59this I need you to be creative and and

00:18:01kind of get people to care in the same

00:18:03way so everyone in LA everyone when I

00:18:06first got there for the first two months

00:18:07did not care about flavored milk now

00:18:10let’s just put it in perspective we in

00:18:12LA they serve eight hundred thousand

00:18:15meals a day to children most of those

00:18:17are free school meals because they’re

00:18:19poor okay now most of those have a

00:18:21breakfast and a lunch now to get the

00:18:24money from the government to pay for the

00:18:25free school meal they’ve got to have a

00:18:27milk now flavored milk chocolate milk

00:18:31it’s Java milk right there’s more milk

00:18:34per hundred grams in a flavored milk

00:18:36than a can of coke sorry there’s more

00:18:38sugar in a hundred minutes there’s more

00:18:41sugar in a hundred mils of milk than a

00:18:43can of coke you get me are you with me

00:18:46now I don’t know about you but I grew up

00:18:48with white milk and it was fine for me

00:18:51but the point is and this is the real

00:18:53point four-year-old who’s got a

00:18:57four-year-old in the in the room here

00:18:58put your hand up or cut our child has

00:19:00been through that you’re still young all

00:19:02right we’ll get busy

00:19:04I’ve got four I’ve done four in ten

00:19:07years you got speed up and I think

00:19:13they’re all mine as well a joke

00:19:18she’s a good woman honestly my point is

00:19:25imagine that four-year-old that little

00:19:27bundle of joy

00:19:28okay school system two milks a day 18

00:19:32right now remember this is not the

00:19:35shitty food this is not the lunch this

00:19:37is not the crap in the lunch and it’s

00:19:39not the crap that they eat on the way

00:19:40home from work and it’s not the crap

00:19:42they eat when they’re at home this is

00:19:43just milk guys right let me show you how

00:19:46much added sugar goes in just the milk

00:19:48of LA milk in a week that’s so what I

00:19:53have to do this is my job I have to go

00:19:55and buy an old wrecked bus cut the roof

00:19:58off and go and dump white sand but the

00:20:01equivalent weight of white sand in sugar

00:20:03and tail la this is what you’re doing to

00:20:06your kids okay and here’s the good thing

00:20:09right before you judge any country

00:20:12anyone when you give the public and I’ve

00:20:19been to many countries but I believe

00:20:22it’s true of the human kind when you

00:20:24give the public good clear information

00:20:27they make really good choices okay

00:20:31never forget that and the trouble is is

00:20:34we got a kind of so anyway let’s just

00:20:36cut them I got the guy fired the new guy

00:20:38came in they’ve banned flavored milks

00:20:40and they put in new efforts to the

00:20:41school food and they’re getting a load

00:20:42more fresh food and that’s the end of

00:20:43that story

00:20:44moving on

00:20:52you saw you saw Brittany up here earlier

00:20:54she was one of the girls that I worked

00:20:56in Huntington you know she was 17 years

00:21:01old and you saw it in the clip five

00:21:04years to live now here’s the other thing

00:21:07we need to talk about obesity and weight

00:21:09and size the icon of junk food has

00:21:12become a burger right the icon of bad


00:21:16obesity is obviously a very fat person

00:21:18the reality is is that I’ve seen buff

00:21:21people and skinny people that are just

00:21:24as unhealthy right if you eat crap you

00:21:27can get in trouble very very much so so

00:21:28that’s Britney her environment was one

00:21:32of only one choice only the wrong choice

00:21:35so it’s very hard for me in my country

00:21:38to not get people just going ignorant

00:21:41fat greedy old bird you know well you

00:21:43know she only she’s not educated about

00:21:46food she knows nothing about her food

00:21:47her mom doesn’t she has no choice that’s

00:21:49what happens this is Natasha this is an

00:21:52England this is my country in Rotherham

00:21:53you know we’re talking about so many

00:21:56mothers that bring their kids up not

00:21:59even sitting there table styrofoam chips

00:22:01and cheese one day chips and burger the

00:22:03next chips and pea to the next and don’t

00:22:04forget about salad or veg the point is

00:22:07you know this is happening in many

00:22:09countries so well I guess what I’m

00:22:12trying to say is the Western world has

00:22:13got it wrong we’ve got it wrong and if

00:22:17you come from a developing country

00:22:18please do not look at us for inspiration

00:22:21because we’re getting it wrong okay I

00:22:25think the reality is and I have to look

00:22:29at you and your generation for this look

00:22:32we can try and fix the problem of bad

00:22:35health obesity and it does connect back

00:22:39into famine and how we look after care

00:22:41pay for and nourish other people not so


00:22:45but we require and I’m gonna say future

00:22:48because I have very little you know I’ve

00:22:50been nothing but dot I am personally

00:22:52demoralized about government’s that I

00:22:54work with okay

00:22:56mayors rabbis priests pastors whatever

00:23:02councilors government local leaders need

00:23:06to get savvy about allowing certain

00:23:11stuff to change in their environment

00:23:12they are in control of a lot right

00:23:15whether it’s education whether it’s

00:23:17programs in their area whether it’s

00:23:18letting someone come into an area and

00:23:20just open open open open open open

00:23:23they can’t just keep taking the money

00:23:25and thinking it’s great it’s cheap it’s

00:23:27nice because it’s the data is very very

00:23:30clear is that it’s killing the world and

00:23:32the world can’t sustain all the food

00:23:33that we’re making anyway okay I want to

00:23:37give you an example before I move into

00:23:39the next pick which is nutrition

00:23:40transition this is a word I’d never use

00:23:42but this is what the scientists use just

00:23:46talk about developing countries child is

00:23:47really interesting that where’s the

00:23:49Chinese gang China whoo okay come on I

00:23:54think it’s fair to say that there’s some

00:23:56fantastic interesting things happening

00:23:58there at the moment and there’s a lot we

00:24:00don’t know but a little interesting

00:24:04thing is this that the people in

00:24:06government in China are not stupid

00:24:09they’re quite bright and clever you know

00:24:11they know what’s going on they know the

00:24:13international data they know of what’s

00:24:16going wrong in all of our countries okay

00:24:18they know it and just like a month ago

00:24:23and also the Chinese government are very

00:24:25very aware of what they call

00:24:27western-style diseases okay

00:24:31very clear they’ve just done a deal with

00:24:33McDonald’s for 34,000 McDonald’s to go

00:24:37around the whole of China in public

00:24:40government-owned petrol stations one

00:24:44decision probably by very small amount

00:24:47of people will have a massive dramatic

00:24:52devastating effect quickly on that

00:24:56country think about it and I’m not

00:25:00slagging nothing off I’m just saying one

00:25:02person five people one decision a future

00:25:06once you got them in once you sign that

00:25:08contract you can’t get them out well

00:25:11maybe you can

00:25:13okay nutrition transition what is

00:25:18nutrition transition that is basically

00:25:20when you go from a lifestyle or a

00:25:22country of food a bit like your

00:25:24grandmother’s steeped in tradition the

00:25:29interesting thing and you’ve really are

00:25:31just going to paint there look just

00:25:32recently scientists somehow I’m not

00:25:34going to bore you with that but and

00:25:35found out that mankind us have been

00:25:39cooking in one way shape or form for two

00:25:41million years and they know that because

00:25:44of the way that teeth changed and stuff

00:25:47I don’t know what they do but that’s

00:25:49what they say I mean the react is where

00:25:53we’ve got to is steeped in thousands and

00:25:57thousands and millions of years of

00:25:59evolution now the food that is

00:26:01individual to all of your countries all

00:26:03those things that you shout it out to me

00:26:05all those memories yeah they’re they’re

00:26:07starting to disappear in certainly most

00:26:10of the world quite quickly and if you’re

00:26:13from a country that doesn’t understand

00:26:15what I’m saying two or three years maybe

00:26:18maybe a little bit longer yappin so

00:26:21nutrition transition is going from old

00:26:23food to new and we know what that is

00:26:26guys it’s a western-style diet where we

00:26:28go from hands local food to factories

00:26:31and you know it’s gonna be high in salt

00:26:33fat all that stuff I think you have

00:26:37to look at it as a war I’ve named it the

00:26:40food revolution it is a war guys you

00:26:44know instead of you know let’s just be

00:26:47very very clear I think it’s in my

00:26:51experience I’m rarely inspired and

00:26:55surprised by the over intelligence and

00:26:59humanity of politicians in actual fact I

00:27:04personally wouldn’t employ most of them

00:27:12and I know it’s easy to slag off

00:27:14government and I’m sure it’s a hard job

00:27:17but that’s what I’ve seen however most

00:27:21people from big big food business are

00:27:24really clever they’re really clever and

00:27:28possibly they’re nice people possibly

00:27:32and you go understand that they’re

00:27:37really strategic they’re really clever

00:27:39they’ve got money they got marketing and

00:27:41they’ve got a product and they’re way

00:27:43more strategic than any government in

00:27:44the world okay just get that so you’ve

00:27:47got a look at nutrition transition or

00:27:48the change of food or the change in

00:27:50health right as a wall instead

00:27:53of shipping in guns and tanks they’re

00:27:56shipping in food junk food sugary drinks

00:27:58right you know the drill so you’ve got

00:28:00to think of it like that

00:28:02one of the things it’s a really and I’m

00:28:06not sure if I’m flagging this off or

00:28:08being horrible or saying be careful

00:28:11right all the scientists that study food

00:28:14food culture food trends disease

00:28:18cultural issues they are witnessing a

00:28:23reality of what I call Globo kids

00:28:26Globo kids right now this is at the same

00:28:29time as technology phones right lovely

00:28:32this is great in it you know I only got

00:28:34one when I was 20 25 actually I was a

00:28:36bit late fantastic

00:28:39Globo kids and you know it’s sort of

00:28:41showing that more and more of us are

00:28:43kind of in for the same thing socially

00:28:45aware of its music whether it’s film

00:28:46were sharing information but of course

00:28:49food is well in with that as well you

00:28:51know the sign for a lot of people of a

00:28:54perfect night out you know is you know

00:28:56more than often sort of TVs game boys

00:29:00you know having a piece of junk food all

00:29:02that sort of stuff where comment we are

00:29:04definitely the fact is we are becoming

00:29:06homogenized right and so I guess what

00:29:09I’m saying here is and that’s sort of at

00:29:10the beginning was their dream of your

00:29:12food dream of those moments because I

00:29:14don’t know what the answer is but you

00:29:17guys and your children especially will

00:29:20have to tread a very very fine line

00:29:24between becoming a

00:29:25globo kid which could have it’s

00:29:29positivity z’ and losing your

00:29:31individuality losing your cultures and

00:29:35it’s really happening it’s really really

00:29:38happening and I think that brings me

00:29:42nicely on to sort of education this is

00:29:44something I’m really really passionate

00:29:45about and you’re talking to a kid that

00:29:46came out of school with nothing when

00:29:48when I left school I was so pleased to

00:29:51never have to write and do exams ever

00:29:52again thank God for that but ever since

00:29:56I’ve left I’ve never stopped doing it

00:29:58I’ve written 15 books now it’s terrible

00:30:00so I used to go I used to go to special

00:30:09needs when I was a kid and if my special

00:30:12needs kid for like extra tuition if she

00:30:14knew that I’d written 450 book she would

00:30:16have she’d be turning in a grave

00:30:17ok let’s let’s talk about let’s talk

00:30:21about education ok historically

00:30:25basically if we look at mankind for

00:30:2899.9% of the time teaching education

00:30:33came through mum more than often bitter

00:30:38dad maybe hunter-gatherer certainly

00:30:41nonno Nanni

00:30:42and certainly the village okay that’s

00:30:46how we were taught to survive and of

00:30:49course in those days a proportion of our

00:30:50day spent on food was like about 70

00:30:53percent back in back in the day I’m

00:30:55talking a few hundred years ago

00:30:56thousands of years ago hunter-gatherer

00:30:57okay because if we didn’t get food we


00:31:00so being streetwise but you know you

00:31:03don’t you you don’t want to send your

00:31:04kid down a street not being streetwise

00:31:06you know if there’s pickpocket is about

00:31:08or there’s people you know be careful

00:31:10over there when it comes to food you’ve

00:31:11got to be streetwise about food and

00:31:13education is the keys to being

00:31:15streetwise okay and for all of time it’s

00:31:19been passed down through family now for

00:31:21many countries here today and for

00:31:24possibly the rest of you in the future

00:31:27years to come maybe a decade maybe two

00:31:30mums and dads are all out working Paria

00:31:33priorities are changing and therefore

00:31:39we have to be really clever about how we

00:31:40educate kids about food now when you

00:31:44talk to scientists about food and health

00:31:45they argue about lots of little things

00:31:47the one thing they don’t argue about the

00:31:49one thing that brings us all together

00:31:51today is that food education is the

00:31:54biggest defense the biggest armor

00:31:57weaponry against the fight against

00:31:59obesity diet-related disease and I

00:32:00actually do believe famine as well

00:32:02because you need people clued up about

00:32:04the soil the water farming and food okay

00:32:08so only in my eyes at the moment and you

00:32:12might have much better ideas than me if

00:32:15I was spending money if I was in control

00:32:18of a government the one place where most

00:32:21of our kids are in England Europe

00:32:24America I can say 180 to 190 days of the

00:32:28year this school and most of our

00:32:33countries have either got well most of

00:32:35them haven’t got a food education set up

00:32:37if they have it’s rubbish it’s not

00:32:40relevant and it doesn’t help them be

00:32:42streetwise about food and at the end of

00:32:46the day I suppose what I’m saying to you

00:32:47lovely people is if you don’t do your

00:32:52maths homework you ain’t gonna die young

00:32:56right don’t and don’t believe that if

00:32:59anyone tells you that they’re lying all


00:33:02statistically on the planet and for most

00:33:05of the planet first generation of kids

00:33:07expected to live a shorter life than

00:33:09their parents if you don’t learn about

00:33:10food you will die on we all eat

00:33:15hopefully every day and we got to know

00:33:20about it and if we know about it we can

00:33:23make better choices and through food

00:33:26education I really really truly believe

00:33:28that you can infiltrate

00:33:31I mean most the biggest priority is

00:33:34pregnant women straight away that’s

00:33:37where it all starts in the tummy what

00:33:40they’re eating while that mother’s

00:33:42pregnant we’ve got to be strategic


00:33:44relevant to the area we’ve got to get

00:33:46that baby fit right when the baby is

00:33:49born the second most important bit

00:33:52right how they look after the baby

00:33:54breastfeed and all of that sort of stuff

00:33:55now this is this if you speak to any

00:33:57health specialist around the world this

00:33:59is where the big problems start and if

00:34:01you start like that it’s so hard to fix

00:34:03it later on right if you have food

00:34:06knowledge you know little school big

00:34:08school you have got the best chance in

00:34:10the world of having your children your

00:34:14new generations coming through being

00:34:16armed to make good decisions now and I

00:34:20want to tell you what that means if

00:34:21people are armed with general more

00:34:23information right and the ignorance out

00:34:26there is phenomenal and very consistent

00:34:28right a couple of things happened for me

00:34:32they’re important you get those

00:34:34knowledgeable people through government

00:34:35okay they make different decisions

00:34:39because they’re aware of so much more

00:34:41the Chinese things are good you don’t

00:34:44have to make quick snap decisions like

00:34:46that okay the other thing is the

00:34:57probably most powerful thing in this

00:34:59world is the dollar the yen the pound

00:35:02right money right that’s that’s what is

00:35:05driving so much what I’ve seen happen in

00:35:08England which is really interesting in

00:35:10the last seven years

00:35:12which you know me and a handful of other

00:35:15people have been stirring right is when

00:35:18you empower a community or a country to

00:35:22expect more to know more even some of

00:35:27what you might call the bad guys start

00:35:30becoming good if I can’t believe I’m

00:35:34gonna say this to you in the last five

00:35:35years McDonald’s UK and and I think

00:35:38possibly Europe but definitely France

00:35:40has done probably more in procurement

00:35:43and ethics of eggs milk beef salad

00:35:48starting to do a few more bits on

00:35:50balance right but they’re going well in

00:35:53the rider they’re doing more than a lot

00:35:54of midsize businesses and we have to we

00:35:57have to say well done we have to hurt me

00:36:00well done we have to say it but but

00:36:03that’s because the public well there’s

00:36:05two things really we can be

00:36:06cynical it’s because even the manager of

00:36:08that company was very clever and wanted

00:36:10to get in front of the game chase the

00:36:13pound and preempt a problem of his

00:36:16population becoming more sort of fussy

00:36:20about what they’re eating or they were

00:36:22just doing the right thing either or I

00:36:25don’t care I want it to move I want them

00:36:27all to move now the stark contrast of

00:36:30that is in America that ain’t the case

00:36:31okay and the reason is is because the

00:36:34public yet as a whole haven’t risen up

00:36:37and it is happening it is happening you

00:36:39watch your space it is happening but it

00:36:42hasn’t yet so if you know about food if

00:36:48you’ve been educated at food about food

00:36:49if you feel the love okay

00:36:52then you can be a better parent yeah you

00:36:56can be a better parent if you know about

00:36:58food where it comes from how it affects

00:36:59your body you know the fact that it

00:37:01gives you energy that it doesn’t make

00:37:02you laugh you know you know food and

00:37:05what you eat can affect you know it’s

00:37:07been proven now by Oxford and Yale that

00:37:10it speeds up your brain neurons it

00:37:11allows you to attain and keep more

00:37:13information up to about eleven percent

00:37:14now I don’t know about you lovely clever

00:37:17people I can be pretty good about 70

00:37:20percent good most days right now I’ll

00:37:24try and be better but that extra 10

00:37:27percent to me is gold I don’t know about

00:37:30you but would you like ten percent I

00:37:31would so I think when you look at health

00:37:35productivity ideas fantasy moving

00:37:39forward in this world in the best

00:37:41condition that you can be you know

00:37:42knowing about food allows you to be a

00:37:44better parent a better boss where do you

00:37:48spend half of your time but if not more

00:37:50work how many canteens in this world

00:37:53forget kids and schools for a second we

00:37:55haven’t even got on to hospitals and the

00:37:57shitty food in there right what in in

00:38:00your business small or big ten or a

00:38:03thousand right how much crappy food is

00:38:07in there how by having one person

00:38:11young or old in that business fighting

00:38:13in a business I employ people in my

00:38:16business to fight with me fight with me

00:38:18go out find things tell me to do better

00:38:20employ someone to make you go out and do

00:38:22better imagine how much productivity

00:38:25creation would go up if you just fed

00:38:27them right so you can be a better boss a

00:38:29better parent and of course eventually a

00:38:31better politician that hopefully makes

00:38:33good decisions not like the McDonald’s

00:38:35one in China so I suppose what I’m

00:38:38trying to say I know I’m biased I know I

00:38:41love food and it was my Savior as far as

00:38:44education was concerned but it is one of

00:38:50the most important things in our lovely

00:38:52little planet and the knowledge of food

00:38:57will carry us all well and the patterns

00:39:01of Education are way down and they’re

00:39:03droppin badly and your generation needs

00:39:06to fight for that and I haven’t even got

00:39:09on to the biggest problem in the next 40

00:39:10years which will be water water is the

00:39:14biggest problem in food in the next 40

00:39:15years there’s not enough of it it’s

00:39:17displaced water in food on any packaging

00:39:22has always been often the first

00:39:24ingredient and the cheapest water really

00:39:27has too many parts of the world forgive

00:39:30me but for many parts of the world

00:39:31certainly in the Western world has no

00:39:33value it doesn’t really it will have a

00:39:37value in then it’s 40 years it will

00:39:39cause mass migration of communities it

00:39:41will cause Wars and it will send the

00:39:44price of food way up and it’s all

00:39:46self-inflicted so I’m not going to go

00:39:49into that but I have to be I have to be

00:39:52a believer in the education will save us

00:39:56I have to because how can we be so

00:39:58miserable about everything because it is

00:40:00bad so the question is is what am I

00:40:03going to do what are you going to do I

00:40:06guess I yeah i am biased whatever avenue

00:40:09you’re going to go down it’ll be nice if

00:40:12you could be as passionate about food

00:40:14and the planet and growing because it

00:40:15will affect whatever you do so there’s

00:40:19something that I would love one young

00:40:24world to do I think this is this is why

00:40:26I’m here first of all look at a personal


00:40:33just just look at you said I mean

00:40:35interesting yet we did look at yourself

00:40:36and what was very interesting is you

00:40:38thought you’re gonna live to 100 you all

00:40:40said that you could cook which I’m not

00:40:41saying you can’t you all can cook but

00:40:47what was the what can we just bring that

00:40:49that’s that up again the one on the food

00:40:51I just wanna there was something funny

00:40:53in it when I look to it so we would come

00:40:55back to this they’ll be scampering

00:40:57around in the background it was no no no

00:41:02the one the one that the survey that we

00:41:04did here with the guys today

00:41:05sorry I’ve thrown a curve ball okay no

00:41:09no no no the other ones I was funny I

00:41:19can’t remember sorry forgive me okay

00:41:21back to the thing then I don’t wanna

00:41:22slow you down back to the thing so

00:41:23personal choice and look at yourself

00:41:25look at your family what can you do to

00:41:28inspire education this by change what

00:41:31can you do in your community in your

00:41:32streets in your towns and your cities

00:41:34that’s a real good one and I have a

00:41:37request I have a request that I think

00:41:40you might like right

00:41:42the timing of us meeting today is a

00:41:45beautiful thing because although what

00:41:49I’m asking for is a bottom-up approach I

00:41:52want people to rise up I want the

00:41:54youngsters to rise up I want us to do it

00:41:56on an international level we have this

00:41:58ability between us to do this and we’ve

00:42:00we need a food revolution I can’t just

00:42:02began a UK and Australia in America and

00:42:04I want to go everywhere but how can I

00:42:06get everywhere we need to do it but

00:42:08we’ve got in government terms I guess

00:42:12the most important meeting in the last

00:42:15five years happening in on the 19th and

00:42:1824 September right it’s the UN meeting

00:42:21global meeting on non communicable mono

00:42:24concert non communicable diseases which

00:42:27is what we’re all talking about now okay

00:42:28what I’d love you to do is better mix it

00:42:31up one young world let’s mix it up

00:42:32because I’ll tell you one thing all the

00:42:34world experts that I meet are not

00:42:36impressed by the UN they don’t believe

00:42:39they’re going to agree on anything

00:42:40tangible anything that’s going to make

00:42:42true change and they’re all pulling

00:42:44their hair out these are people that

00:42:46have been

00:42:46working on tracking all of your

00:42:48countries I can promise you for the last

00:42:5030 40 years through many dictators and

00:42:52governments and you name it right the UN

00:42:55ain’t pulling their finger out right we

00:42:58can create I’d like to create a nice bit

00:43:01of Mary hell right so I’d like you to

00:43:03number one go to the Facebook page right

00:43:05it’s food revolution community and when

00:43:09you go through to that sign up

00:43:11immediately I don’t if you can put a

00:43:13screen grab at the website you can sign

00:43:15up by signing up one it means we have a

00:43:18contact – it means you’ve signed the

00:43:20petition okay and we’ve already got over

00:43:24seven hundred thousand votes to go to

00:43:27the UN I want you to help me get it to a

00:43:29million right so that’s the first thing

00:43:31you do then you can like it so all your

00:43:32friends can see it okay then if you want

00:43:35to if I can make your life easier go

00:43:38food revolution come forward slash sign

00:43:40and they’ll be basically a page that

00:43:43will help you facilitate you write a

00:43:45letter to your you and your UN

00:43:47ambassador now I’ve written some stuff

00:43:49I’ve written some stuff I’ve written

00:43:55some stuff to forgive me I need your


00:44:01to write these letters you can check

00:44:03I’ve written one you can change it just

00:44:05Google who your UN Ambassador is of your

00:44:08country and then there will be an email

00:44:10address send it in

00:44:12but don’t just you do it I would love

00:44:14you to do it for a little moment in time

00:44:16to beg ask all of your communities and

00:44:20your friends to do the same and I don’t

00:44:22want the nineteenth from the 20th to be

00:44:25what the world experts that I respect

00:44:27from all over the world think is going

00:44:29to happen which is basically nothing

00:44:31okay if we can get those numbers up on

00:44:37the petition and the letters well I’m

00:44:39going to do it anyway but I’m going to

00:44:41be writing to Ban ki-moon who’s

00:44:43basically one of the top guys at the UN

00:44:44I’ll be delivering

00:44:50I’ll be delivering a printout of every

00:44:52single one so I’ll just bring a forklift

00:44:54truck and put a petition in in paper but

00:44:58maybe that’s not very eco-friendly will

00:44:59email it will just clog up his inbox how

00:45:03times have changed in campaigning hey

00:45:06I’d love you to help me with this that’s

00:45:10the end of my time

00:45:11it is a pleasure I do take today really

00:45:15really seriously I believe in one young

00:45:18world and we the only thing we can dream

00:45:23of is that education can create cultures

00:45:27of control and activism in any way shape

00:45:32or form we need to empower mums and dads

00:45:34to be I have an opinion and say no no no

00:45:36no no no don’t like that I think we can

00:45:38do that together thank you so much

00:46:03amazing job thanks Jamie it’s fantastic

00:46:24so that’s it two phenomenal sessions

00:46:26this morning

00:46:27harkonnen pecker with global dignity and

00:46:29Jamie with his food revolution you now

00:46:32get to have a 15-minute coffee break and

00:46:34we’ll see you back in here in 15 minutes

00:46:35thank you very much