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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – thank you…

00:00:01how lovely people thank you so much for

00:00:05donating whatever you donated to the

00:00:07food revolution we are social business

00:00:10at charity and we do appreciate any help

00:00:12that we get from the outside world we’ve

00:00:14been doing it for many many years now

00:00:16and we hope to do it for many years to

00:00:18come thank you so much what you do does

00:00:21make a difference and to see all of the

00:00:22projects that were involved in starting

00:00:24and doing and the kind of impact that

00:00:27it’s making on communities go w WR

00:00:30evolution com and there’s a whole load

00:00:32of information there thank you sincerely

00:00:34from me mr. roe