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Jamie Oliver live in Australia making piri piri chicken

00:00:00welcome obvious live webcast across

00:00:04Australia a big massive hello to my

00:00:08friends in Ipswich I love you thank you

00:00:11very much I’m so proud to be doing the

00:00:14ministry of food in Ipswich kicking it

00:00:16off it’s such a great great beautiful

00:00:19thing I want to say thank you to the

00:00:22good guys for making this possible

00:00:23family-run business without the cash the

00:00:27big cash that they’ve put into this

00:00:28project we’ve got a three year plan and

00:00:30hope I’m hopefully beyond we couldn’t do

00:00:33this thank you to the local government

00:00:35for funding its funding this as well

00:00:37thank you very much

00:00:38we’ve got Anna Bligh the premier of

00:00:40Queensland thank you my darling I think

00:00:43you’re near a pot in a pan and a big old

00:00:44chopper and get ready for it girl we can

00:00:46have a little cook up but thank you for

00:00:48coming so lovely people we’re going to

00:00:50take questions over here it is the one

00:00:53and only Danny McCubbin and he is one of

00:00:56you he is wearing where’d you come from

00:00:57Gold Coast Queensland he is a Queensland

00:01:00boy he’s going to be taking questions

00:01:02from Ipswich people bloggers Twitter’s

00:01:06you name it Facebookers and we’ve got

00:01:09questions from all over Australia as

00:01:11well let’s get cooking so in front of

00:01:14you what we should have is a griddle pan

00:01:17we should have a kind of little pot here

00:01:20throw rice that should be on a low heat

00:01:22high heat medium hot medium high heat on

00:01:26the griddle pan you should have an oven

00:01:27at about 200 degrees Celsius and we are

00:01:31going to make a beautiful crispy skin

00:01:33piri piri chicken this is sort of

00:01:35African Portuguese sort of in history

00:01:40it’s named piri piri after these bad

00:01:44boys let’s have a close-up of their

00:01:45these are piri piri Chile’s absolutely

00:01:49gorgeous this sauce has got spice it’s

00:01:52got attitude very simple to make so

00:01:55first things first let’s get some salt

00:01:57and pepper on your chicken thighs you

00:02:00should be working on to grease proof

00:02:02paper or a plastic board try not to use

00:02:05your hands if you do you’re gonna have

00:02:06to have a little wash up I’ve been have

00:02:08a little bit of time going on here as

00:02:10well if you’ve got some thyme or

00:02:12rosemary or bay leaf is pretty dead

00:02:13good on this just to give it a little

00:02:15bit of flavor as it’s cooking and we’re

00:02:18also going to be cooking today beautiful

00:02:20fluffy lemon rice we’re going to be

00:02:22doing a nice little simple crunch salad

00:02:24also we’re going to be doing a nice

00:02:28homemade ice cream in about 45 seconds


00:02:32so what we’re going to do is get these

00:02:34chicken thighs get your tongues and just

00:02:37move them around in the seasoning you

00:02:39want salt and pepper on both sides so

00:02:42anna bligh i hope your room tossing that

00:02:45meat over their guilt and all the others

00:02:48we’ve got them we’ve got some other

00:02:50people there we’ve got one of the local

00:02:52elders that have come we have got Anna

00:02:56Gare one of the Australia’s best chefs

00:02:59who’s supporting us and one of our

00:03:03ambassadors thank you Anna honestly I

00:03:04really appreciate you getting on board

00:03:07of this this is about chefs coming

00:03:08together people – coming together to

00:03:11push the Ministry of food across

00:03:13Australia and help people in towns of

00:03:16need we’ve been running the Ministry of

00:03:19food in England for about five years now

00:03:21we’ve got them in America as well and

00:03:24they work they work because in this day

00:03:28and age

00:03:29let’s put chicken on our grills guys

00:03:31skin side down onto your hot grill

00:03:34notice that I haven’t put any oil in the

00:03:37griddle pan right you don’t need it

00:03:39never ever put oil in your griddle pan

00:03:41it’ll stick the house out it will smoke

00:03:43you don’t want that and we want to

00:03:45render this natural fat one to get the

00:03:48fat out so it’s healthier and two

00:03:50because we want to make this skin really

00:03:52crispy what you can do if you want to

00:03:54speed up but normally normally a chicken

00:03:57thigh will take about 45 minutes to cook

00:04:00I’m just going to get a knife here let’s

00:04:02have a close-up on that and you can just

00:04:04slash up that meat you can just loosen

00:04:08it next to the bone what that does it

00:04:10allows the seasoning and the heat in

00:04:12quicker so you can just do that if you

00:04:16want to

00:04:18and also it gives it texture it looks

00:04:22like I’m kind of wrecking it a bit but

00:04:23actually it gives it a wonderful texture

00:04:25so let’s get rid of our chicken boards

00:04:28and stuff that what I was going to say

00:04:31is Ministry of food you know they really

00:04:34do these cooking centers really really

00:04:37do work basically the idea is that you

00:04:41know in this day and age where mums and

00:04:42dads are working hard most schools don’t

00:04:45teach you how to cook and budget and

00:04:47shop anymore you know the Ministry of

00:04:50foods are there as a local resource to

00:04:53help people skin-on-skin local person

00:04:56and local person guidance love care and

00:04:59we’ve had them for about five years in

00:05:01England and they really really do work

00:05:03so that’s fantastic

00:05:04Danny and we got any questions coming

00:05:07through from Australia at the moment yes

00:05:08certainly we’ve got Kerry who’s asking

00:05:10what political Christmas Day for dessert

00:05:12other than plum pudding plum pudding

00:05:15other than well I tell you what we’ll do

00:05:17is on the website I

00:05:19what we’ve got now is a whole bunch of

00:05:21the dirt go and have a look but check

00:05:23out my mum’s Christmas trifle ah it’s

00:05:26really Christmassy

00:05:27it’s old school it looks epic and I

00:05:31can’t help me I love it I love it I love

00:05:34it I love it have a little look at that

00:05:36darling and keep an eye throughout this

00:05:38whole process keep an eye on your

00:05:40chicken make sure your tops in it you

00:05:44want to give it character and color

00:05:46right we’re going to move on to the piri

00:05:49piri sauce for that we need a liquidiser

00:05:52I have a liquid either here what we’re

00:05:55going to do is throw in a number of

00:05:57different ingredients in front of you

00:05:59lovely people we should have the red

00:06:02onions so we’ve got a red onion here

00:06:06that’s been peeled we can call to that a

00:06:10little bit just to lighten the load for

00:06:13the liquidiser

00:06:14I want you to pick up your red onion and

00:06:18put it into the liquidiser let’s go a

00:06:22little wider on that close up so we can

00:06:24see what knife is going on and let’s get

00:06:26in the bottom of there we’re gonna have

00:06:27some chillies this just break those

00:06:29little chili chili at let’s just break

00:06:31those piri piri

00:06:32we Chili’s up I’m going to put two or

00:06:38three in to start with and if you want

00:06:40to pimp it up and make it hotter later

00:06:42you can I’m going to turn my chicken now

00:06:45give it some love any good questions

00:06:47coming through Danny feel free to

00:06:49interact not as yet everyone saying

00:06:51hello everyone’s excited to be here I

00:06:54also just thought I’d let it all know

00:06:55that if you want to cook these recipes

00:06:57there on the website as well so I know

00:06:59some of you went out and bought the

00:07:00ingredients and cooking along with Jamie

00:07:02as well so on that page where you’re

00:07:04engaging and asking the questions the

00:07:06recipes are there they give them a good

00:07:08you guys need okay so back to the

00:07:11liquidizer guys we’ve got the two or

00:07:13three period chilies in there we’ve got

00:07:15the one onion in there and I’ve got

00:07:17about a flat level 12 about a level

00:07:20teaspoon of paprika sweet paprika you

00:07:25can put a little bit more in it if you

00:07:26like it a little hotter I’m going to

00:07:30take a little handful of basil mister

00:07:31close up get on that brother you’re a

00:07:33bit slow today on your Wham did you have

00:07:35a lot did you have a like late night

00:07:37last night when Bradford’s gone in bad

00:07:41dogs gone in there that’s not

00:07:42traditional I tell you what though it

00:07:43lifts the whole story back to my chicken

00:07:46pan probably go on the overhead camera

00:07:48you can see here we’ve got some chicken

00:07:52getting down there very nice very nice I

00:07:55like that shot a bit help so let’s just

00:08:00review the piri piri sauce so you guys

00:08:01know what’s going on one onion chopped

00:08:03up two or three piri piri

00:08:06chilies a teaspoon or two of the paprika

00:08:09we’re going to shake in one and a half

00:08:13tablespoon dish of Worcestershire sauce

00:08:17we’re going to go for a couple of swigs

00:08:21of white wine vinegar we’re going to get

00:08:25a couple of cloves of garlic in there

00:08:29actually whit hit the garlic because

00:08:32we’re going to cook this four cloves of

00:08:34garlic is really really good so we’re

00:08:38just going to get our four cloves and

00:08:40give it a spank so take the ends off of

00:08:44the garlic

00:08:45and then I what I tend to do is just get

00:08:50my hand on here and just so a big hello

00:08:58to all you lovely Aussies around the


00:09:01a massive hello to all yours easy a nip

00:09:04switch listen this this Ministry of food

00:09:08thing is a beautiful thing

00:09:10it’s about community it’s about sharing

00:09:12it’s about people helping people all the

00:09:16ingredients are there I’m going to be

00:09:18highly involved we’re going to be

00:09:20training and working with all the people

00:09:22running the operation we’ve got a lovely

00:09:24team already in Ipswich and you know

00:09:28that I know that this is going to be a

00:09:30movement that’s going to really make a

00:09:32difference so I’m so excited about this

00:09:35these four cloves of garlic I’m going to

00:09:37put those into the liquid either I’m

00:09:40gonna put just just a little bit of

00:09:42olive oil just to join those flavours up

00:09:45and I’m going to whack in the juice of

00:09:48two lemons now you could use lime what I

00:09:51want you to do is get your two lemons

00:09:53and give them up put your weight on them

00:09:55and give them a good old roll and I’m

00:10:00just going to roll them just to kind of

00:10:02get the fragrance get the fragrance and

00:10:06the juice out of the lemons you can take

00:10:13the zest off of some lemons if you want

00:10:17you know um you can do that it gives you

00:10:21extra flavour but the juice really is


00:10:25to get it really go so what we got there

00:10:28is a balance of heat squeeze the lemon

00:10:31into your hand and catch those pips have

00:10:35a look at that mr. cameraman

00:10:36look how proficient my hand is with a

00:10:38sieve see you don’t need a sieve anymore

00:10:41just use your hand lemon juice goes in

00:10:46now I know it’s a what time are we in

00:10:50Australia Denny right now it is

00:10:52approximately 5:30 depending where you

00:10:55are those if daylight saving okay that’s

00:10:58nice to know

00:10:58so heavy odds your friends could tell us

00:11:00around 5:30 or Nadi but if you have a

00:11:02little look at our window here 6:00

00:11:04look at this it’s snowing is England

00:11:11England has come to a standstill we’re

00:11:14not used to er we’re not very good at

00:11:17snow really even though we do have it

00:11:18every year the trains of stopped the

00:11:21airplanes are stopped the stalls are

00:11:23closed down I’m telling you you and all

00:11:27your ancestors you made the right

00:11:28decision going to Australia I have no

00:11:30idea what we’re doing in England but

00:11:33it’s all stopped because we got a bit of

00:11:35snow and so we go lid on to the piri

00:11:37piri sauce you might want to just put a

00:11:40swig of water in here just to loosen it

00:11:43all up just a little swig and we’re

00:11:47going to liquidize that

00:11:51we’re going to need a nice peach once

00:11:55you got it going I hope it’s not

00:11:57splashing everywhere over there you want

00:11:59a nice pinch of salt and pepper

00:12:04salt-and-pepper goes in

00:12:10and then we want to really you know good

00:12:13cooking good fresh cooking is about

00:12:14taste and flavor turn and liquidiser off

00:12:18whoo ha ha yeah that’s what I’m talking

00:12:24about at 6 o’clock in the morning in

00:12:26England piri piri sauce for breakfast


00:12:29taste it get the seasoning right I’ve

00:12:32got acid there I’ve got lemon I’ve got

00:12:34chilli they’ve got smokiness from the

00:12:36paprika I’ve got that hum from the

00:12:39garlic and the onions one last little

00:12:41whip up the piri sauce is done okay the

00:12:46chickens have a look on the chickens

00:12:47over here on that top shot here we go

00:12:50we’ve got chickens that are Golden’s

00:12:52that they’re not cooked by any means but

00:12:53they’re golden they got character

00:12:55um and what I want to do now is get

00:12:58myself you should have two peppers in

00:13:00front of you guys a red and a yellow

00:13:02pepper what I do with this is just push

00:13:06the stalk in like that and then you can

00:13:08pull it out and then you can literally

00:13:10open it up like that

00:13:11tap out any seeds so push it in open it

00:13:16out tap it out like that

00:13:19so period that this is basically a 30

00:13:22minute meal this is the kind of thing

00:13:24that when I get home at night you know I

00:13:27can rattle out in about 20-25 minutes

00:13:30another little trick on this that I do

00:13:32is I literally get an everyday brick

00:13:34roll it in tin foil and I preheat that

00:13:37on my griddle pan or frying pan or your

00:13:40barbecue and to speed up the cooking of

00:13:43that chicken even more at home whack the

00:13:44top brick on top and it holds it down

00:13:46gets it really crispy

00:13:48so get just rip or cut these peppers

00:13:52into little pieces like this it’s a kind

00:13:57of rustic meal I’m going to throw these

00:14:00peppers around the chicken now now

00:14:04remember what we’ve got you should you

00:14:06should have an earthenware tight dish

00:14:08I’ll put that in the oven so it doesn’t

00:14:11matter if you haven’t put it in the oven

00:14:12but in the oven here I have got the an

00:14:17earthenware type dish now if you look at

00:14:20this it doesn’t matter what you got it

00:14:21out of whether it’s porcelain white this

00:14:23is a

00:14:23a cheap Portuguese style dish what I can

00:14:28do is just whack in that period green

00:14:31sauce like that and the idea of this is

00:14:37that the period prune sauce is just

00:14:39flipping away and then on top you got

00:14:42that beautiful crispy chicken thigh you

00:14:45know in all its gorgeousness sucking up

00:14:48that sauce absolutely lovely and Danny

00:14:51any more questions brother I had one

00:14:53that I think if I’m really interesting

00:14:55we’ve got Linda from Perth who asked who

00:14:59actually had said that she’s trying this

00:15:00district she’s actually cooking tofu

00:15:02instead of chicken which is vegetarian

00:15:03yeah how do you feel about that I feel

00:15:06it’s emotional so there’s no jeopardy

00:15:09involved there’s no death involved on an

00:15:11animal if I could be a vegetarian I will

00:15:14be cooking a bit of tofu myself but you

00:15:16think it would go well with the to

00:15:17replace or tofu is a great carrier of

00:15:19flavor you can get different types of

00:15:21quality of tofu but yeah I mean it might

00:15:24help to marinate it a little bit in some

00:15:26thyme and some olive oil

00:15:27absolutely thyme bashed up but yeah I

00:15:31mean the nice thing about this dish is

00:15:32this could be like gnarly lamb chops it

00:15:35could be pork chops you know you could

00:15:37be using tofu if you can’t get tofu like

00:15:41really nice big field mushrooms or

00:15:43portobello mushrooms would work and well

00:15:44in this you know don’t look guys if I

00:15:47can just show you the concept now and

00:15:49we’re all cooking along together so I’m

00:15:50trying to kind of keep my speed down I’m

00:15:53going to take this beautiful chicken

00:15:57here let’s get some focus and let’s get

00:15:59an overhead shot just for a second just

00:16:00I’m going to take this from here to here

00:16:03from here to here I want you to notice

00:16:06that the skin that we’ve invested our

00:16:09heat and energy in is not getting wet

00:16:12don’t go try and make crispy skin and

00:16:16then cover it in sauce so notice that

00:16:19the sauce is around the meat and the

00:16:22skin is exposed to yet more cooking and

00:16:25crisp eNOS these peppers here I’m just

00:16:29going to give these a bit more cooking

00:16:30and it’s looking pretty good actually

00:16:34try and get the

00:16:36Pepper’s coloured up a little bit and

00:16:38what I’ll do is I’ll turn these and come

00:16:40back I want to thank a few more people

00:16:42for coming down to Ipswich everyone in

00:16:44Ipswich a lot of you guys hope you’re

00:16:47having a great time

00:16:49first and foremost I would have loved to

00:16:52have been with you today but I keep

00:16:54making babies and I don’t think it was

00:16:58my fault and to be honest last night

00:17:00when I was giving him his bottle at 11

00:17:02o’clock at night he doesn’t really look

00:17:03like me much either so you know you

00:17:05never know but I’m sorry I can’t be with

00:17:08you but I got a little 7 week year old

00:17:10boy called buddy and he’s gorgeous and

00:17:13he’s taking up lots of time and he’s not

00:17:16sleeping much so I actually I’m in

00:17:18Australian time at the moment but next

00:17:22time in Australia I can’t wait to come

00:17:24and see what you guys are doing we’ve

00:17:26had the team that are in Ipswich right


00:17:29we’ve had those guys over so you know

00:17:34and we had a great time I’m going to

00:17:36thank some lovely local people we’ve got

00:17:38Rachel Noland MP thank you for coming

00:17:42we’ve got Paul forgive me if I say the

00:17:44names wrong Paul piss Ali the mayor of

00:17:47Ipswich Paul I’ve heard a lot about you

00:17:49actually you’re very infamous so thank

00:17:53you very much Paul Ruby slipper the

00:17:55anchor the radio host on our own talking

00:17:58to you earlier god bless

00:18:00Zane Jackson from the Queensland Times

00:18:03who will be talking about this lovely

00:18:06link-up and everything that we’re doing

00:18:07and how technologically advanced we are

00:18:10to get this live link up working not we

00:18:14got mark

00:18:15Tim’s from the good guys and again a

00:18:17massive massive thank you – good guys

00:18:20you know this is this is this is not a

00:18:24job for me you know this is that this is

00:18:27absolutely 100% a bit of beautiful

00:18:30social work something that’s important

00:18:32the Australian public have been

00:18:34beautiful to me they’ve supported me for

00:18:37the last 11 years and to be honest the

00:18:40Australian public have got me and

00:18:43understood me and my style of cooking

00:18:45and what I do before even my own so it’s

00:18:48a pleasure to work with

00:18:49good guys to get this going so now these

00:18:53peppers are looking pretty charred let’s

00:18:56just arrange these around the gaps of

00:18:59the chicken right and basically we’re

00:19:02going to whack this in the oven and it’s

00:19:04going to blip and cook in between chime

00:19:07mix up the reds and yellows mainly to be

00:19:10Kemp and just sort of it you know it’s

00:19:13good to eat with your eyes make the food

00:19:15exciting just going to slip this around


00:19:18Danny any more questions brother we have

00:19:21a question from premier Anna Bligh who

00:19:23they’re all actually cooking the piri

00:19:25piri chicken over there or not yes which

00:19:26at the moment she says does the piri

00:19:28piri sauce lose its heat because it’s

00:19:30mighty fool Allah as in it’s hot so if

00:19:34it lose it does it get less pungent I

00:19:37guess okay I hope that got it right Anna

00:19:39and hi Anna

00:19:41just before I answer that question I’m

00:19:43now going to put this piri piri I’ve

00:19:46have a close-up on that so they can see

00:19:47what’s happening right so you can see

00:19:49there’s veg around the gaps there’s the

00:19:51skin exposed here it’s going to get even

00:19:53crispier and the piri piri sauce is like

00:19:56in a bath that’s just on the bottom of

00:19:59that chicken that’s going to go in the

00:20:00oven now for about 20 minutes okay which

00:20:03is enough time for us to make the salad

00:20:05and the rice I’ve got a pan here for the

00:20:07rice on let me answer Anna’s question

00:20:11and we have used quite a lot of chilli

00:20:14here but absolutely she’s correct that

00:20:17kind of blipping away that mixing with

00:20:20the sweetness of the peppers and the

00:20:21juice from the chicken on the bone it is

00:20:24going to mellow it quite a lot actually

00:20:25and actually when you put acid and

00:20:29sweetness with chilli it does kind of

00:20:31tone it down a little bit but it’s still

00:20:33going to have a kick Anna so you know be

00:20:35prepared and guys I want to serve this

00:20:38kind of dish with a beautiful rice

00:20:39simple basic rice

00:20:41none of this food is complicated this is

00:20:43typical stuff that we’re going to be

00:20:45doing in the Ministry of food basic

00:20:47stuff here’s a but you wouldn’t believe

00:20:49the amount of letters that I get from

00:20:51all over how can I make the best rice my

00:20:53rice is always sticky it’s never very

00:20:56nice dead simple for four people get a

00:20:59regular builders mug like this

00:21:02and fill it up to the top that’s roughly

00:21:05always going to be enough for four

00:21:08people so that goes into a hot pan and

00:21:11then over that you can pour some boiling

00:21:16water I’m just going to fill it up with

00:21:18some tap water here turn your pan on to

00:21:23full whack and here’s the theory guys

00:21:26one cup of rice will serve four people

00:21:29one cup of rice – two cups of water will

00:21:37cook you you won’t have to drain it it’s

00:21:40called the absorption method right you

00:21:42won’t have to drain it you won’t have to

00:21:44do anything to it we season it with some

00:21:46salt in there and I’m just going to make

00:21:49it a basic lemon rice so I’m literally

00:21:52just going to cut this lemon here in

00:21:54half and place it in here actually let

00:21:57me just cut the bottom of that lemon off

00:21:59so it’s got a flat surface and then I’m

00:22:01going to place it let’s have an over the

00:22:02head shop you can’t see it that’s

00:22:06alright because I’m working around you

00:22:08if the gas works let me move it back to

00:22:10the over-the-head shop there you go so

00:22:12it’s basically salt lemon if you want to

00:22:16put a little bit of herb egde in there

00:22:18there you go a little bit of thyme lid

00:22:21over the top

00:22:22happy days so that’s going to go on full

00:22:24whack lovely people so piri piri piri

00:22:27piri piri piri chicken I couldn’t even

00:22:29talk them in the oven rice on that’s

00:22:33only going to take about eight or nine

00:22:34minutes to cook perfectly it will be

00:22:36light and fluffy the next thing we’re

00:22:39going to do is a salad but that is a

00:22:40perfect opportunity to take another

00:22:42question from the one-and-only local boy

00:22:44Danny local to Queensland and Gold Coast

00:22:47have been little well so hi to everyone

00:22:48on the sunny Gold Coast we’ve got Katie

00:22:51from laidly who says Jamie why did you

00:22:54start ministry of food in the first

00:22:55place okay listen in England most of

00:23:00Europe America especially and now

00:23:03shockingly to me I’ve worked in

00:23:06Australia for 11 years never realized

00:23:08there was a problem two years ago I got

00:23:10slap I mean literally then I didn’t

00:23:12realize that some of the worst obesity

00:23:14problems in the world in

00:23:16first world countries in Australia I

00:23:17didn’t believe it but in parts of the

00:23:19burbs there really is this breakdown of

00:23:21an understanding of food and when you

00:23:23get that breakdown and it’s the same in

00:23:25England so it’s not like us and afternoo

00:23:28is exactly the same when you get the

00:23:30breakdown of food information food

00:23:32passion people start not being able to

00:23:36be clever about food shopping if you get

00:23:39a recession or you’re under strict

00:23:41budgets what happens is in towns and I

00:23:46noticed this back home in England in a

00:23:48town called Rotherham where the Ministry

00:23:50of food started there was very little

00:23:53fresh produce there was very little food

00:23:55education all the government bodies that

00:23:58were standing there saying you know

00:24:00we’re being asked by you know the Prime

00:24:02Minister to stop or halt obesity they

00:24:06didn’t really know what to do they were

00:24:08producing literature they were spending

00:24:10money on campaigns but in my mind the

00:24:13only thing that truly helps and saves

00:24:15people is skin on skin people on people

00:24:19so I set up a shop in the middle of town

00:24:23just like in Ipswich a friendly place

00:24:26run by talented local people that love

00:24:29food I kind of wanted it to be an

00:24:32Emporium like a food tourist information

00:24:35you know and no matter if you’re rich or

00:24:37poor big or small black or white

00:24:39whatever you know if you want to go into

00:24:42that shop and say help help me I don’t

00:24:46know how to cook

00:24:47I can’t boil an egg I can’t cook a roast

00:24:49dinner I can’t make a stew I’m on a

00:24:51budget I’ve only got this much money a

00:24:53week I’m a single mum I’ve got a little

00:24:56kid my kid is obviously not looking

00:24:59great he’s not doing so well at school

00:25:00no matter what your story you can go

00:25:03into the Ministry of food and there will

00:25:05be someone lovely there to love you hold

00:25:08your hand teach you to shop to cook it’s

00:25:12not rocket science you know Australia is

00:25:14a country of beautiful beautiful cooking

00:25:16there’s some of the best chefs in the

00:25:18world in Australia there’s a beautiful

00:25:21food culture going on there but but like

00:25:25in England you know there’s this stretch


00:25:29excellence to people that are really

00:25:31living in a kind of modern-day sort of

00:25:34poverty you know so for me that’s what

00:25:36the Ministry of food was about it was

00:25:38about creating something that would

00:25:40allow the town to help itself it’s not

00:25:43Jamie Oliver sort of coming to the


00:25:45Superman and all that because I’m just a

00:25:47geezer that can cook a couple of things

00:25:48right but it what it is is it’s about

00:25:51philosophy and when the good guys came

00:25:54to me and said we want to do something

00:25:56the brilliant thing for me is I do this

00:25:58for a living like it doesn’t matter what

00:26:00country it is if I’ve got the funds then

00:26:03I can open these shops and if we can

00:26:06open these shops I mean our shopping

00:26:08Ipswich should be able to see about six

00:26:10to seven thousand people a year we

00:26:13should be at a change about six to seven

00:26:16thousand people’s lives a year in a town

00:26:19that needs help

00:26:20and I’m really proud of that and

00:26:23hopefully it’s going to be a nip switch

00:26:25for a number of years so good luck to

00:26:28everyone let’s get back to cooking

00:26:29lovely people Danny I’ll come back to

00:26:31you in a second okay it’s if once you

00:26:35can see that rice is boiling over here

00:26:36now have a little close-up of that all


00:26:39the minute you kind of get to that we

00:26:40take that off and we turn the heat down

00:26:42right to a simmer the rice is going to

00:26:45expand and suck up that perfect quantity

00:26:48of water two cups to one cup of rice

00:26:51right and that’s going to be gorgeous

00:26:53the piri piri is in the oven and we’re

00:26:58gonna make a salad now let’s just talk

00:26:59about salad really basic stuff I’ve got

00:27:04a bit of salad business over here

00:27:06cheapest way to get salad is go buy some

00:27:09seeds you live in Australia you got no

00:27:12excuses you put stuff in the ground it

00:27:14will grow it’s not like Essex where

00:27:16you’ve kind of got like where we’re at

00:27:18about minus 17 at the moment there ain’t

00:27:20much in the garden let me tell you that

00:27:22now okay the first year that I ever

00:27:26planted it for anyone out there listen

00:27:28I’m not exactly green I grow stuff but

00:27:31the first year I grew stuff in my gun

00:27:34properly I’ll actually properly I didn’t

00:27:37know what I was doing I had a bunch of

00:27:38Italian seeds I didn’t have a clue I

00:27:40couldn’t read it I scattered it in the


00:27:43all I’ll give it some water it was very

00:27:45untechnical I’d say 75% of the budged

00:27:49job that I did worked and guess what I

00:27:51have a scruffy garden it was all growing

00:27:54over each other but I had loads of food

00:27:56it’s so easy to grow your own stuff and

00:27:58it’s the cheapest and it’s the tastiest

00:27:59and when kids get engaged with growing

00:28:02stuff my god they’ll eat it let’s talk

00:28:06about the philosophy of a decent salad

00:28:08for me salad is about contrast

00:28:11okay so crunch sweetness

00:28:15you know pepperiness of leaves like

00:28:17watercress you can get like crunchy

00:28:19things like call cucumbers in there you

00:28:22can use cheese whether it’s mozzarella

00:28:24or feta or parmesan there herbs are

00:28:27always really good in salads and my sort

00:28:29of general rule is if you can mix up a

00:28:31bit of softness with a bit of

00:28:33crunchiness with a bit of you know veg

00:28:36with a little bit of you know herbs and

00:28:38some cheese and dress that it will be

00:28:41delicious so I’ve got a little bag

00:28:44rocket here they call it rocket in

00:28:46Australia yes they do they don’t say

00:28:49arugula like you know that’s in American

00:28:51business so I’ve got that I’ve got some

00:28:53watercress in here I’ve got some rocket

00:28:56going in basic stuff the bad salads are

00:29:00you know they’re kind of great and

00:29:02they’re sort of convenient but they are

00:29:04the most expensive way to do it so you

00:29:07can always grow it yourself I’m going to

00:29:09have some mint going mint in salad is

00:29:11just a joy so we’re going to put that in

00:29:15I think it’ll be nice to say if Dave can

00:29:19swivel his camera around our guests in

00:29:20we got Tess and her husband or boyfriend

00:29:23I haven’t worked that one out yet does

00:29:25it husband husband sorry he just showed

00:29:27me his finger okay thanks Jamie

00:29:30they won the competition for good guys

00:29:33what did you have to do for the

00:29:34competition I know they can’t hear you

00:29:37I’ll tell them what you’re saying oh

00:29:41really really right I’d like to know

00:29:47what you write she had to wrote em in 30

00:29:4930 words or less why I was a good guy

00:29:52that’s nice

00:29:53so Tess and Jamie are here for their

00:29:55competition winners

00:29:56they’ve got in yesterday so they’re

00:29:59going to be eating at James Italian I’m

00:30:00going to send them to my new restaurant

00:30:02barbacoa which is next to st. Paul’s

00:30:04Cathedral no electricity no gas just

00:30:07cooking on charcoal and wood and we’re

00:30:09going to make sure you go a few other

00:30:10nice places lovely to have you I hope

00:30:13you don’t feel too a jet-lagged and they

00:30:15they’ve left the kids at home so yeah

00:30:19nice god bless you I don’t know don’t

00:30:21know what I mean by that but I think you

00:30:22all know what I mean by that godless

00:30:24back to the salad away from Tess and

00:30:28Jamie and we’re going to go back to the

00:30:31cellar we’ve got a cucumber here and

00:30:34okay let’s just put that there with a

00:30:37cucumber very very basic very very

00:30:40boring get a cucumber let’s take a fork

00:30:44let’s have a close-up on this and it’s

00:30:46score there you go and the focus there

00:30:49it goes let’s score up the cucumber

00:30:52quite aggressively why am I doing this a

00:30:55couple of reasons one it looks pretty

00:30:58but that’s not the real reason

00:31:00it’s about texture and it’s about flavor

00:31:04I’m going to purposefully cut it badly I

00:31:08think you get all these kind of you get

00:31:11all these chefs chopping like ninjas

00:31:12forget about it real cooking real people

00:31:15you know the kind of food that my the

00:31:17people I love like Rose gray Stephanie

00:31:20Alexander you know marchello who’s an

00:31:22you know Alice Waters all these

00:31:25brilliant women cooks they don’t sit

00:31:27there like men trying to julienne

00:31:31everything you know I want it purpose

00:31:33for I want planks and chunks I want it

00:31:36rustic so look let’s just have a

00:31:38close-up on this a cucumber here that is

00:31:41that the closest you can get should I

00:31:42come close to you let’s give Australia a

00:31:44nice close up late look that’s not bad

00:31:47for down the internet okay

00:31:49so there’s that close up why have we

00:31:50done that to make it look pretty

00:31:52to make it look rustic and also that

00:31:54texture that we’ve created will cling on

00:31:57to dressing and make it delicious also

00:32:01we got some carrots here I want to show

00:32:03you the cheapest bit of kitchen gadgetry

00:32:06that you can get is a speed peeler

00:32:10this little bad boy this little bad boy

00:32:12here has the ability to not just peel

00:32:15but if you carry on peeling you can

00:32:17create wafer thin beautiful pieces of

00:32:22vegetables it can turn a boring humble

00:32:25vegetable like a carrot into something

00:32:27beautiful and let’s be really honest

00:32:30there’s not many chefs that can get you

00:32:35know carrots that thin so get yourself a

00:32:383 or 4 dollar speed peeler all you basic

00:32:42cooks out there and it will help you

00:32:44make it will it’ll make you look good so

00:32:47carrots goes in Danny

00:32:48any other questions big boy not another

00:32:51question as such but I just thought I’d

00:32:52mentioned lovely Judy from tintin gala

00:32:56and Victoria sorry if I don’t pronounce

00:32:57that correctly have been away for quite

00:32:59a while but from toon girl and Victoria

00:33:01she wanted to let you know that three

00:33:03families and her local community have

00:33:06joined together to create a communal

00:33:07garden where they’ve started to grow all

00:33:09their own produce I know that you’re a

00:33:10big you know you support that as well in

00:33:14terms of grow your own yeah Ellis

00:33:16participant is 56 so I just thought I’d

00:33:18mention that because it’s amazing

00:33:19project that they’re doing yeah


00:33:21I mean look guys this this I’ve been

00:33:24studying and working in in the obesity

00:33:26problem bad you know about 68% of the

00:33:31public going through Australian

00:33:32hospitals right now are there because of

00:33:35diet related illness heart disease

00:33:37diabetes or many other diet your cancer

00:33:40strokes it is we’re so busy these days

00:33:44we have so many options our priorities

00:33:47are changing you know every 5-10 years

00:33:49it is so important right now that

00:33:52communities come together and teach the

00:33:54next generation out-cook it’s so

00:33:56important that things like these

00:33:58community gardens happen it that the

00:34:00work that Stephanie Alexander has done

00:34:02in schools for the last 20 years to be

00:34:05frank you know it’s so important that

00:34:09governments and people like Stephanie do

00:34:11this stuff because if we don’t things

00:34:16are going to get out of control to be

00:34:17honest they’re out of control already so

00:34:19this whole kind of commute for me today

00:34:22you know

00:34:24what’s happening in Ipswich with

00:34:25everyone in the town the mayor being


00:34:28you know Anna being there you know it’s

00:34:32this is all about community coming

00:34:33together and fixing stuff and we can fix

00:34:38stuff so look we got a basic salad here

00:34:41another thing that I quite like to do is

00:34:44use fruit in salads I’ve got a

00:34:46pomegranate here I hope you’ve got some

00:34:47in Australia I’m literally just going to

00:34:49put my knife through the pomegranate

00:34:51like this and then just hold the

00:34:56pomegranate like this there we go with

00:34:59your hands open and then spank it

00:35:05Danny’s looking enviously at this

00:35:08pomegranate right now yes thank you

00:35:11live broadcast any hope correct sorry so

00:35:15we’re going to just spank let’s get the

00:35:17mayor of Queensland spanking that

00:35:20pomegranate and the premier there we go

00:35:24right the nice thing is you can see the

00:35:27fruit comes out those beautiful little

00:35:29capsules of sweetness and let’s do it

00:35:33let’s do a basic dressing lovely people

00:35:35let’s have a close-up on this jam jar

00:35:37lovely man and you’re a little bit

00:35:41you’re a little bit high aren’t you

00:35:42let’s let’s try and help you let’s put

00:35:43it up here close up on that jam jar to

00:35:46help the Australian the concept that’s

00:35:48cropping a little bit let’s get rid of

00:35:49the top of that processor let’s come up

00:35:51a little bit oh and let’s go down a bit

00:35:53Oh Oh see right the concept of a

00:35:56dressing okay everyone say out loud 3 2

00:36:001 into Adam come on you boring people in

00:36:04England 3 to everyone say 3 2 1 3 that’s

00:36:09more like it

00:36:10that’s what we like to hear 3 2 1 is the

00:36:14concept of addressing what does that

00:36:15mean that is three parts olive oil to

00:36:18one part vinegar and whether you know

00:36:22and and a key 3 parts olive oil to one

00:36:26part acid

00:36:27okay now that acid could be lime

00:36:30grapefruit juice orange juice lemon

00:36:32juice vinegar it really could be almost

00:36:36anything I’m going to use bosonic just

00:36:38to show you very visually back to that

00:36:40jam-jar please I want to show you very

00:36:42visually that one part of acid which is

00:36:46about that is basically three to one one

00:36:49part acid to three parts olive oil I’m

00:36:52gonna put a bit of lemon juice in there

00:36:53you can blend and mix your acid but a

00:36:56bit of lemon juice basically do whatever

00:36:58dressing you want back in Ipswich okay

00:37:00it you make up your own one that’s the

00:37:02nice thing about the concept of three to

00:37:04one one part acid to three parts olive

00:37:08oil let’s have a pinch of salt in there

00:37:12I’ve got rock salt in there and a little

00:37:15pinch of pepper you can put some herb in

00:37:17there if you want and then we put the

00:37:19lid on like this and you could put

00:37:21mustard in there if you want and then

00:37:23just shake it widen up that close up

00:37:25there we go bit of shaking shaking whoo

00:37:28whoo let’s having you let’s have you

00:37:30shaking it over there in Australia

00:37:33everyone’s typing three two one

00:37:35everybody it’s the reason 1 3 1 3 2 1 we

00:37:372 1 is the future now this let’s make

00:37:40sure that lids on tight and give it a

00:37:41right good jerking

00:37:42right I want to see the aorta gherkin I

00:37:46want and joking I want the whole of

00:37:48Ipswich JIP let’s have all your hands in

00:37:50the air right now everyone get your

00:37:51hands in the air

00:37:52god bless you all let’s go back to the

00:37:55salad honestly you never thought that

00:37:57salad would be so exciting the dressing

00:38:00goes on lovely people you only want to

00:38:03put just enough dressing on your salad

00:38:06and always dress at the very last minute

00:38:10don’t pre dress your dressings okay at

00:38:15this point in time we’re going to find

00:38:17our ferry fingers oh I never thought I’d

00:38:19get to this point so can everyone put

00:38:21your hands in the air please even if

00:38:23you’re at Harlem across Australia in

00:38:25your bedroom naked in your bedroom

00:38:27whatever you’re doing put your hands in

00:38:29the air let’s have the mayor with the

00:38:30hands in the air

00:38:31let’s have all the VIPs which have your

00:38:33hands in the air twinkle your fingers

00:38:35yes we get milk what am i doing

00:38:39you’re gonna find your fairy fingers

00:38:41this is not something that Danny

00:38:43show me your fairy fingers Danny this is

00:38:45not something that Danny invented even

00:38:47though he does have beautiful fairy

00:38:48fingers any other Dyersville we’re going

00:38:50to wave let’s have your wave

00:38:52love I can see you waving I can see you

00:38:54on the Skype that’s it now we’re going

00:38:56to get into that salad and if you

00:38:58haven’t got a salad just imagine you got

00:39:00a salad just give it a good old salad up

00:39:02now you got to treat this salad like

00:39:04your children that means you can’t have


00:39:07don’t dress a salad unless you’re

00:39:09prepared to dress every single lovely

00:39:11little mostly leave so we’re going to

00:39:13dress that salad like that we’re going

00:39:16to put all of that beautiful mix it up

00:39:18from the top to the bottom and there you

00:39:21go don’t scrunch it don’t bash it bring

00:39:24it up to a nice little pile and then

00:39:26we’ve got some beautiful beautiful salad

00:39:28there to finish it off Thank You

00:39:31Australia for finding your fairy fingers

00:39:33I think in the press tomorrow our friend

00:39:35from the Queensland times or Herald or

00:39:38whatever it was I’m sure he’s going to

00:39:40be writing up the new way of revolution

00:39:42fairy fingers they were builders finding

00:39:45their fairy fingers you everyone was

00:39:47finding their fairy fingers it’s a good

00:39:48thing we’re going to go back to our

00:39:50speed peeler that cheap little gadget

00:39:53that makes you look good okay we’re

00:39:56going to shave parmesan into beautiful

00:39:59let’s have a little close-up come on

00:40:01Dave this is that the most you can do

00:40:03this this is what we want let’s go got

00:40:06you fight yeah that’s what we want we

00:40:08want to close up here we go Gordon

00:40:11Ramsay wouldn’t give you a close-up like

00:40:13that would it be too busy abusing your

00:40:15presenters from your best loved TV

00:40:18programs I thought that was very funny

00:40:20I’d like to congratulate the prep the

00:40:24old president of Australia for asking

00:40:26him to leave the country

00:40:27I wish ours would do the same in England

00:40:29there you go put that in your local

00:40:32paper okay so we’ve got a lovely shaved

00:40:35parmesan and how dare he come to your

00:40:38country and take the mickey out of your

00:40:40lovely presenter out there he okay so

00:40:43we’ve got the lovely little bit of

00:40:47parmesan on there so we’ve got a nice

00:40:49rustic salad this is going to move over

00:40:51to here just above our help there we go

00:40:55oh oh there we go there we go this let’s

00:40:57move help we’re going to move her this

00:41:00is this is the Connor this is my little

00:41:02message to the world when the the

00:41:04technology was

00:41:05it’s down ere look I know you’re all

00:41:08impressed that I can spell help here we

00:41:12go / there we go nice we can decorate

00:41:16this here as well oh look at that oh yes

00:41:19let’s dress the surface abstract arts if

00:41:22this is like art it’s like graffiti this

00:41:25make some more space let’s have a look

00:41:26at our rice lovely people let’s go to

00:41:28close-up of the pan let’s have a little

00:41:301 2 3 now notice that there is no water

00:41:36in the bottom of that pan see the little

00:41:38holes that have kind of created

00:41:40themselves there this at the time would

00:41:43have done its work here back to the time

00:41:45back to the time don’t worry about me

00:41:46back to the time at the time would have

00:41:48done its work so we can throw that away

00:41:50this lemon here interestingly and that

00:41:54little time of cooking you know you get

00:41:57of course a lot of this juiciness comes

00:42:00out already but you’ve got a kind of jam

00:42:02eNOS here that’s very very nice and

00:42:04another thing that you can do a little

00:42:06bit like being in Morocco is you can get

00:42:07that lemon and you can half it and you

00:42:11can get rid of that sort this is a bit

00:42:14of Apple RV this is an optional you

00:42:15don’t have to do this you can actually

00:42:17take a small part of that lemon get rid

00:42:22of that inside and you can chop up the

00:42:25lemon like this and it’s actually very


00:42:29and does very well so that’s your basic

00:42:32lemon rice but the one thing I can

00:42:35promise you Australia and I know look

00:42:37for a lot of the cooks across Australia

00:42:39at the moment you might be thinking

00:42:40that’s not technical that’s not clever

00:42:42no no this is the Ministry of food this

00:42:45is the kind of love and care and

00:42:47simplicity that we’re going to be

00:42:49teaching in the Ministry of food

00:42:51surefire ways of getting the best rice

00:42:54every single time so that rice lemon can

00:42:57go over here back into here like that we

00:43:01can stir that in less you sever let’s

00:43:03get rid of that pip let’s just have a

00:43:05look at here again and you see how

00:43:07lovely and look how light that is

00:43:10let’s give you another even closer

00:43:12closer with our cameraman like this

00:43:15there you go lovely like hot simple rice

00:43:19and of course from a health perspective

00:43:21we should be cooking brown rice or even

00:43:24mixing it up with wild rice and you can

00:43:30absolutely so the rice will go let’s put

00:43:36it on a nice little let’s put it on a

00:43:38nice little let’s get a prop for the

00:43:39rice one of you lovely girls I’m going

00:43:41to go to the oven now let’s have a look

00:43:42at our piri piri if you can cue up on my

00:43:44board please go let’s have a look at our

00:43:46piri piri guys look at that

00:43:49now come on Arlene bubbling flipping

00:43:52away this have a little lucky let’s try

00:43:55and favor it for you cuz you can’t even

00:43:56see nothing on there let’s have a little

00:43:58look let’s bring it down us let’s hold

00:44:00it down here a few days so now we’re on

00:44:02basic technology here can you see that

00:44:04Dave come a bit closer Danny can we have

00:44:09another question from Australia a

00:44:10interesting question from Maureen who’s

00:44:13actually a nip switch what is your

00:44:14earliest memory of cooking my earliest

00:44:17memory of cooking well my earliest

00:44:21memory of cooking I was about four years

00:44:22old I grew up in a pub restaurant dad

00:44:25always had eight chef’s pastry chefs he

00:44:27always had local food hold dears coming

00:44:30in and on a Tuesday there be the crabs

00:44:31and the whole fish so that was not my

00:44:34sort of first memories just living at

00:44:36home you know my front room you know was

00:44:39the part of the pub you know my kitchen

00:44:41was a commercial kitchen the first thing

00:44:44I ever cooked was an omelet and the and

00:44:50then the first time I ever cooked a

00:44:51whole meal was a roast chicken dinner

00:44:53with all the trimmings and I was about


00:44:55shamone and to be honest I wasn’t very

00:44:58clever at school I didn’t do very well

00:45:00at school and it was the first time I

00:45:03remember my old man sort of patting me

00:45:05on the back and saying well done son I’m

00:45:07proud of you and it was the first time

00:45:09that I thought I was actually good at

00:45:10anything so I thought I might as well

00:45:12stick to doing it so I used to work

00:45:14there at the weekends and the summer

00:45:15holidays and you know the rest is


00:45:18should we get back some cooking sounds

00:45:20good I’m just going to play up this

00:45:22lovely steamy rice we’ve got the lovely

00:45:25steamy rice here I’m going to put it

00:45:27onto a nice plate simple light steamy


00:45:33going in there now lemon rice

00:45:37see how it’s just caught on the bottom

00:45:39in this pan a little as well that’s not

00:45:41actually a negative that’s actually a

00:45:43positive it’s almost like a little chip

00:45:46you can save that and put a little

00:45:48parmesan and olive oil on that and it’s

00:45:50absolutely delicious so rice it’s done

00:45:56we’re going to put that here let’s have

00:45:58a look at that top shot again I’m

00:45:59designing my top shot so we have rice we

00:46:01have salad we have the piri piri now is

00:46:05coming out and let’s have a little look

00:46:08have a look at this come on close up

00:46:11with that please let’s go a little wider

00:46:14little wider look at that there’s our

00:46:16piri piri that’s the concept sweet

00:46:18peppers blipping look at the piri piri

00:46:21sauce around here just flipping away

00:46:23getting like beautiful and and sweet

00:46:26absolutely delicious the skin is still

00:46:29crispy guys that the skin is still

00:46:31crispy so look we’re going to put that

00:46:33in the middle you can do this dinner in

00:46:35about half an hour no problem

00:46:37to finish off guys let me show you how

00:46:41to make a very healthy 45 second but

00:46:45don’t time me ice cream right kind of

00:46:49ice cream this is what happens get

00:46:50yourself a food processor lid off

00:46:54slicing blade on that goes in go to your

00:46:58freezer key sell 500 grams of frozen

00:47:04fruit it could be any fruit you like

00:47:06bananas at what I tend to do is I tend

00:47:10to when I’ve got a fruit bowl getting a

00:47:14little bit ropey looking all on the turn

00:47:16I just literally chop it up bag it up

00:47:19freeze it and then whenever the kids

00:47:21want to dessert of all in a banana peach

00:47:24you know I’m doing mix black forest you

00:47:28know sort of black forest soft fruit we

00:47:31got cherries in there black currants

00:47:34just put your 500 grams in there we’re

00:47:37going to sweeten that with honey so

00:47:40about this is for this is enough for

00:47:42about 4 to 6 people so about 4

00:47:45tablespoons of honey

00:47:46or no more than you put on your own

00:47:48porridge or something in the morning

00:47:49right so you put some honey in there and

00:47:53you literally get yourself about 500

00:47:57milliliters of yogurt so this is

00:48:00fat-free yogurt you can use Greek yogurt

00:48:02any yogurt you want about five hundred

00:48:04mils goes in or four hundred actually

00:48:08you could get away with easily and then

00:48:09literally wash it up let’s go for it

00:48:13and then we can count 45 seconds

00:48:36Danny come round here darling okay 45


00:48:41anelia a little bit more yogurt both in


00:49:00give it a good old whizz up it’s a bit

00:49:02noisy and I do apologize Danny what was

00:49:05the last question that we got brother

00:49:06and I’m going to show you some little

00:49:07bit of a aspect what motivates you a

00:49:10doll from its little saying what

00:49:11motivates you what motivates me what

00:49:15motivates me is just cooking the people

00:49:18around the food industry you know it’s I

00:49:21don’t know I think it’s important it’s

00:49:23important to do something in life that

00:49:25you enjoy I love cooking I love the

00:49:28people that work in the business try

00:49:31this ice cream okay have a look in here

00:49:33guys that’s had about 50 seconds in

00:49:36there and you’ll notice just with a

00:49:38little hot spoon what will happen now is

00:49:42you get a beautiful that’s it look that

00:49:45is basically an ice cream shiny gorgeous

00:49:49sweet have a little taste you can

00:49:51sweeten it more if you want to I’m going

00:49:53to do Danny a little portion here we go

00:49:56I just do him a big portion who’s been a

00:49:59while you know it takes me about a long

00:50:01time to eat – like I still be stuck –

00:50:03yeah don’t worry Danny does let’s have

00:50:04another little spoon but look at that

00:50:08look at this look at the shine on that

00:50:10absolutely gorgeous homemade kind of ice

00:50:14cream absolutely healthy low-fat yoghurt

00:50:18lovely fresh fruits sweetened with honey

00:50:20all right and now in Australia you can

00:50:22watch Danny

00:50:23endeavour and a little look up I have a

00:50:26little look up Danny the whole thing

00:50:27finish it your course well got to finish

00:50:30it you know I’m going to just serve up

00:50:33the rest of these Oh guys are there any

00:50:35other things you wanted me to talk about

00:50:37on others bits of paper going around

00:50:38your vision for MOF in Australia okay as

00:50:42I’m plating up these lovely ice creams

00:50:45which you can still take pictures of my

00:50:48vision for the Ministry of food

00:50:50Australia my vision really is to fairly

00:50:55aggressively work with the government

00:50:58and the good guys to create a number of

00:51:02multiple sites around Australia Ministry

00:51:05of foods across the whole of Australia I

00:51:09know that the Ministry of foods I

00:51:12absolutely know that the

00:51:14history of food is the cheapest and most

00:51:16efficient and proficient way of truly

00:51:19changing lives in the Hulk you know to

00:51:22try and hold the the escalation of the

00:51:24epidemic of obesity is serious business

00:51:27but through community and food and fun

00:51:30you know we don’t have to be boring

00:51:32about all this you can make you know

00:51:35profound change the advertising


00:51:38I don’t think work you know the the

00:51:42little thing going on in a school is

00:51:45cute you know but we want to get kids

00:51:47cooking and grow in so the stuff that

00:51:49Alice Stephanie Alexander is doing is so

00:51:52profoundly important and I know that

00:51:54she’s launched it across most of

00:51:56Victoria now but we really want to see

00:51:59that as well and Australia in Queensland

00:52:01which is this is incredible and a true

00:52:03fact let’s let’s just talk about

00:52:05Australia at the moment and to me

00:52:08Australia isn’t a country that should be

00:52:10having this problem okay I don’t I can’t

00:52:13work it out in my head but it’s it’s a

00:52:14problem what’s brilliant about Australia

00:52:17right now is that in America and England

00:52:20there is not a prayer there is not a

00:52:22private company like good guys that have

00:52:25so bravely put good money on the table

00:52:27and say we’re spending it on this cause

00:52:29there’s no equivalent in England or

00:52:31America doing that so thank you good

00:52:34guys at the same time

00:52:35neither the American government or the

00:52:37English government have gone in with a

00:52:40company like good guys and so easily put

00:52:42money towards it as well so thank you

00:52:44local government and and also I think

00:52:49stuff like the stuff that’s definitely

00:52:51Alexander’s doing that’s getting rolled

00:52:53out you know Australia is actually

00:52:56leading the way in change and I really

00:53:00mean that

00:53:01so you should all give yourself a

00:53:03massive round of applause for everything

00:53:06that’s that’s been I’m just finishing my

00:53:10ice creams here so lovely people this is

00:53:13a sweet little dinner how are you doing

00:53:16it in Ipswich how’s the cooking going I

00:53:18hope it’s going well I want to say a

00:53:20massive hello to

00:53:22gay Anderson in Ipswich cooking away

00:53:25keep it going

00:53:27I’m done now in theory you guys should

00:53:29be done – if our communications have

00:53:33gone well I’m just putting a few basil

00:53:35leaves around the piri piri we’re going

00:53:38to put all these recipes up on Jamie

00:53:41live , probably be beyond good guys calm

00:53:44or Ministry of food calm and now it will

00:53:46all be on the website this kind of

00:53:48dinner you can rattle out in 25 minutes

00:53:50dessert rice salad and the piri piri

00:53:53chicken it’s been a pleasure – I mean

00:53:56are we carried on can we take some more

00:53:57questions what eats more questions play

00:53:59Danny you get background and attend and

00:54:01take the questions but thank you so far

00:54:03cooking the cooking is done lovely

00:54:06people the cooking is done Maria from

00:54:08Melbourne says why you so inspired by

00:54:11Italy and Italian food Washington are oh

00:54:13well I’m inspired by all countries you

00:54:16know even Australia has been a massive

00:54:18inspiration to me

00:54:20people chefs products and the food and

00:54:22the kind of waves of immigration that

00:54:25have made up your population the Asian

00:54:27fusion elements brilliant but yet I love

00:54:30Italian cooking it’s kind of been my

00:54:31second home for the last decade the

00:54:34thing I love about Italian cooking is

00:54:39you know it’s not so many men running it

00:54:41basically you know Willie’s you know

00:54:43when what I mean by that is instead of

00:54:45it being all about super super chef e

00:54:47stuff you know I just love people that

00:54:50are so pleased to have an incredible box

00:54:52of lemons or like an amazing fish I love

00:54:55the simplicity of herbs and citrus and

00:54:57simple cooking and roasting and an

00:55:00appreciation for sort of pulses and veg

00:55:03I just think Italy’s wicked but at the

00:55:05same time all of those sort of

00:55:06Mediterranean countries Portugal Spain

00:55:08you know if you get near the mums in

00:55:11French country cooking that’s great to

00:55:13stay at the restaurants though but you

00:55:16know I think brilliant and inspiring

00:55:19later from Melbourne says how do you get

00:55:22kids to cook how do you inspire them to

00:55:24cook and getting kids to cook it is

00:55:26really easy at one don’t get too

00:55:28stressed about it – you just your only

00:55:31job as a parent is to make food

00:55:32represent fun if you’re stressed and up

00:55:35they’ll hate food if you’re a fussy pain

00:55:38up the backside I don’t like that or

00:55:40don’t like that keep it to yourself keep

00:55:42it to yourself you know you know the one

00:55:44person in the world that the kids look

00:55:46up to and love is their mom or their dad

00:55:48and if they’re sitting around being

00:55:49fussy and a pain in the backside they’re

00:55:51going to absorb that straightaway but

00:55:53like the thing you can do is try not to

00:55:56do big dramatic things once in a blue

00:55:58moon try and do little things often when

00:56:01you go even if you go to a boring old

00:56:03supermarket just think about being a kid

00:56:07for a second and see it through our kids

00:56:10eyes give them choices give them

00:56:12opportunities get them to touch things

00:56:14feel things taste things ask them should

00:56:16I buy that or that or what do you want

00:56:18from this or this and kind of just make

00:56:21it very not saying it’s going to always

00:56:22go well because kids are kids I’ve got

00:56:24four of them up and down like a yo-yo

00:56:25but what I can say about my seven and

00:56:28eight year old and I’ve worked with many

00:56:30many families in many different

00:56:31countries from many different

00:56:32backgrounds is if you slowly drip-feed

00:56:35food and fun they’ll embrace it and kids

00:56:39are not born and programmed to eat

00:56:41burgers and nuggets you know they just

00:56:44comfortable to eat the things that are

00:56:47close to them so if it’s a big old

00:56:49billboard and a load of kids advertising

00:56:51and that’s all they see all day that’s

00:56:53what they’re comfortable with and as a

00:56:54parent unfortunately we’re in a time now

00:56:56where governments haven’t really got the

00:56:58balls to control advertisers and

00:57:01billboards and kids adverts and kids

00:57:03programming so as a parent you need to

00:57:06make it just cool and normal to get down

00:57:08the farmers market and get amongst it

00:57:10but also you know have fun you know at

00:57:15the weekend have fun and make some mess

00:57:16laughs giggle and it’ll all be alright

00:57:19quite a few vegetarians online today

00:57:22Jamie a vegetarian option for Christmas

00:57:25as an alternative to me what would you

00:57:27cook I don’t know really if I was a

00:57:29vegetarian you’ve just got to become

00:57:31really proficient at mushrooms roasted

00:57:33veg get all over the veggies you know

00:57:37growing your own stuff to get that

00:57:39maximum flavor working with interesting

00:57:42different arrays of cheeses and pulses

00:57:44get really good at things like chickpeas

00:57:46butter beans cannellini beans

00:57:49you can make the most wonderful things I

00:57:51don’t really know what I do to be honest

00:57:54on my Christmas Day we do a goose in a

00:57:58turkey and gravy but like we hit about

00:58:0013 veg from the garden anyway and we

00:58:03roast and boy limbs demon and like even

00:58:05that on its own it’s just done properly

00:58:07that’s what I would do but I kind of I’m

00:58:10not really into that kind of all we’re

00:58:12not having Turkey let me give you a nut

00:58:14roast I’m not really into that I just

00:58:16love doing beautiful different things

00:58:18with veggies if you ever look at Jamie

00:58:19Oliver calm now there’s a load of veggie

00:58:21recipes up there have a little worm look

00:58:24around and I hope you get inspired going

00:58:27down down so Amanda and Stacy from Beach

00:58:29mere say hi Jamie if you could cook for

00:58:33anyone who would it be

00:58:34so basically if there’s anyone in the

00:58:36world that you would cook for who would

00:58:37that be

00:58:37and I don’t know really it’s a funny old

00:58:42question and probably in you know I’m

00:58:48not one sort of particularly I tell you

00:58:50I do quite I do quite miss that the

00:58:57older guy that died from the fish Steve

00:58:59Eve Oh Steve Irwin I’d love to cook for

00:59:02Steve and I dedicated my seventh book to

00:59:05him when he died and I really loved him

00:59:08I loved his energy he was funny he was

00:59:11intelligent I think he did a very

00:59:13similar job in wildlife and sort of sort

00:59:17of green issues that are trying to

00:59:18include and health I really miss him and

00:59:22I didn’t even know him I actually have

00:59:23got a funny story that I’ve never told

00:59:24about him I met him once and I was at

00:59:29the Royal Albert Hall doing a massive TV

00:59:32Awards in front of seven-and-a-half

00:59:34thousand people and in those days 11

00:59:36million people were watching it on TV

00:59:38Jerry Springer was in the room the green

00:59:41room and a couple of famous British

00:59:44people and I was presenting an award so

00:59:48you’ve got the ladies with like that

00:59:49head cans on and the microphone in the

00:59:51clipboard ok mr. Oliver we’re ready for

00:59:53you now the show is started and I walk

00:59:56out and out there is this little ray of

00:59:59sunshine Steve Irwin and it was all tan

01:00:03and I didn’t know who he was I hadn’t

01:00:05met him he wasn’t in my life at that

01:00:06stage anyway all right night and I went

01:00:09yeah there’s a lot of Aziz in London

01:00:11anyway I went all right make nice to

01:00:12meet you but he was so blond and sort of

01:00:15perfect in tanned because she said come

01:00:19through to make up now I thought it was

01:00:22my makeup artist so I’m walking down the

01:00:25bunt walking I’m walking down at the

01:00:27street walking down the back lanes and I

01:00:30go listen mate I do the naked shift we

01:00:33don’t have makeup I don’t really go too

01:00:35heavy on the makeup I mean just keep it

01:00:37really like good what I said not too

01:00:39much foundation don’t really want it

01:00:41then and the hairs just the hair you

01:00:43can’t control it because what are you

01:00:44talking about you’re the makeup oh you

01:00:46guys the makeup artist

01:00:48I’m a bloody crocodile wrestler what are

01:00:50you talking about so my first my first

01:00:54introduction to one of my heroes was

01:00:57thinking that he was a makeup artist

01:00:59because he did look a little Kemp and he

01:01:01was very beautifully tanned but it was a

01:01:05funny story and he didn’t talk to me for

01:01:07the rest of the night and I apologized

01:01:10to his manager and I don’t think he was

01:01:12very happy either but no I think if I

01:01:14could cook for anyone I think I cook for

01:01:17him I think the world is a sadder place

01:01:19without him and and and his energy was

01:01:22just absolutely addictive so yeah that’s

01:01:26the answer to that very long answer to

01:01:28that simple question I think we’re going

01:01:31to do one more or we calling it a date I

01:01:32think we’re calling it a day um guys

01:01:35let’s have a Top Shot again there we go

01:01:38help well we’re just going to just

01:01:41change that it’s been a pleasure all got

01:01:44ice cream all over me it’s been a

01:01:46pleasure and bear with the Topshop it’s

01:01:49been a pleasure cooking with you I love

01:01:52Australia very much you’ve got such a

01:01:56wonderful country they’re beautiful

01:01:58produce and and I just want to wish the

01:02:02Ministry of food all the luck in the

01:02:05world it’s so important that the good

01:02:07guys have done this and it’s so

01:02:10important that the local government

01:02:12support this and continue to support

01:02:14this and it’s all about the love

01:02:16it’s all about the love guys you know

01:02:19skin-on-skin locals on locals you can

01:02:22come back to me now because I am

01:02:24slightly self-important as you well know

01:02:26it’s all about the love thank you

01:02:29thirty minute meal recipes are online

01:02:31love tips which Apes which I love you

01:02:36thank you to all the dignitaries that

01:02:38came thank you to the press that came

01:02:41just good luck look guys you’re going to

01:02:43smash it you’re going to do a great job

01:02:45apes which will be an example for the

01:02:49rest of the country this is I can

01:02:52promise you the cheapest and most

01:02:54proficient way of empowering communities

01:02:57that need help desperately need help to

01:03:00change themselves

01:03:01save money by differently shot

01:03:03differently cooked differently and save


01:03:06honestly honestly so good luck I love

01:03:11you guys take care and that is over and

01:03:14out from me mister Oliver in England

01:03:16snowing at minus 17 back to you in the