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How To – prepare butternut squash from curry rogan josh in 30-Minute Meals

00:00:04hello I’m Georgie and I’m from Jamie’s

00:00:07food team and today I’m going to show

00:00:09you how to prepare a butternut squash so

00:00:11first you want to cut your butternut

00:00:12squash in half lengthwise like this we

00:00:15haven’t got much time

00:00:16so we’re going to discard the old butt

00:00:19end wrap it in some cling film and then

00:00:22put it in the fridge and use it another

00:00:25time because of all the seeds and fiber

00:00:27it takes a little bit longer to prepare

00:00:29so you can use that for another meal

00:00:32then we’re going to just trim off the

00:00:35end like so discard that and then cut it

00:00:38in half lengthways now squash is quite a

00:00:41tough vegetable so be really careful

00:00:43that’s why we cut it in half like this

00:00:46one end first and that way that’ll stop

00:00:50your knife slipping turn it around and

00:00:52again down the other side that prevents

00:00:55any accidents then you want to put the

00:00:57flat edge on the board if you put the

00:01:00curved edge or slip around you’re more

00:01:02let’s cut yourself and again halfway

00:01:03down the middle like so flip it around

00:01:06and again

00:01:16now you want to cut it into one

00:01:18centimeter chunks so just like so try

00:01:24and keep your knife on the board and for

00:01:27this you want a really large knife to

00:01:35get through the skin push it to one side

00:01:46save time we’re leaving the skin on the

00:01:48skins really delicious particularly if

00:01:50you roast it I can actually time really

00:01:53sticky and sweet and crispy so there’s

00:01:56no need to discard it

00:02:34and they have it prepared butternut