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Frankenstein Green Jet Flame Lighter

00:00:00hey it’s Greek gadget guru here with a

00:00:03new lighter for my collection this is

00:00:05the Frankenstein lighter it’s not

00:00:07officially called the Frankenstein

00:00:09lighter but the reason is because it has

00:00:11a green flame and just so many gadgets

00:00:14that are really just thrown on they’re

00:00:18not really symmetrical or doesn’t really

00:00:21make sense but it’s still a nice lighter

00:00:24it still does the job and for somebody

00:00:27who needs a bottle opener or a corkscrew

00:00:31UV light you know two different lights I

00:00:34guess this is a good lighter and it also

00:00:37has the ability to be prone to keychain

00:00:39if you would want that I took mine off

00:00:43immediately because I thought it looked

00:00:44terrible with it but it’s a decent

00:00:48looking lighter I when I bought it it

00:00:51said Chrome I think it looks more um

00:00:57copperish I would have liked if it was

00:01:00the same color as this the whole way

00:01:02through this stainless steel and you

00:01:06know it has just a weird shape to it

00:01:08it’s just weird I don’t know not crazy

00:01:11about it but there’s your two different

00:01:13flashlights or UV light you could use

00:01:16that for checking bills or IDs or

00:01:19whatever and then this is just you know


00:01:23so there’s here’s the green light before

00:01:28you can see that yeah so you know

00:01:34Frankenstein lighter whatever picked it

00:01:39up off eBay for around eight dollars

00:01:42total that’s including shipping so not

00:01:46crazy about it

00:01:47you know aesthetically it’s not too

00:01:49amazing but it is unique and that’s why

00:01:52I like it for my collection so leave a

00:01:55comment below let me know what you guys

00:01:56think and thanks for watching