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Jamie at Home – Channel 4 (UK) ad

00:00:00so I’ll say to the guys at channel 4

00:00:02look we’ve got to take things back to

00:00:03basics you know keep them simple simple

00:00:06ingredients simple recipes but Jamie

00:00:09where’s the conflict

00:00:11look guys stop trying to save the world

00:00:14all we got to do is show the public have

00:00:17really power relaxing how therapeutic

00:00:19and how damn simple cook you could

00:00:22really be I mean we don’t need gimmicks

00:00:24I just want to get people back in their

00:00:26kitchens you know I’ll get loads of

00:00:28ideas closer please job done no drama no

00:00:32conflict just good recipes and you know

00:00:36what I think they’ve got it in the Shamy

00:00:42at home darts Tuesday at 8:00 on four