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Outdoor Workout Guide for Men and Women – Calf Raise

00:00:00next exercise the calf raise now this is

00:00:04the lower part here of our leg now very

00:00:07important one of the most common

00:00:09mistakes people do is they go too low

00:00:12they’re going to stretch the calf before

00:00:13actually contracting it we won’t want to

00:00:16do this so even if you stray stay in a

00:00:19straight line your foot and then you

00:00:21could try going up maybe what you can do

00:00:23is just put yourself on the end of the

00:00:25stairs imagine that there’s snow blank

00:00:28space behind your yield and just push up

00:00:30with your butt if you can track your

00:00:33glute asst maximus which is your butt

00:00:35you’ll get it that extra inch and you’ll

00:00:37get an extra work out the second motion

00:00:39she’s isolating one leg at a time this

00:00:42could be also fun if you want to put all

00:00:44your weight on one leg so I could be

00:00:46actually interesting one or the two will

00:00:48do just great